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Digital camcorder batteries [02 Jun 2010|01:46pm]
Shenzhen nodinson is a manufacturer of digital camcorder batteries for Sony, Canon, JVC, Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp. All of lithium camcorder batteries are strictly test before shipping from battery pack factory in Shenzhen,China. We are devoted to supply camcorder batteries with excellent qualtiy at cheaper price from China.
# Digital camcorder battery

1. Sony digital camcorder battery
2. Canon digital camcorder battery
3. JVC digital camcorder battery
4. Samsung digital camcorder battery
5. Panasonic digital camcorder battery
6. Sharp digital camcorder battery

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Super-low Lifting Loop Chain Electric Hoist [02 Jun 2010|01:25pm]
Super-low Lifting Loop Chain Electric Hoist is typical of unique optimal structure in shortening the distance between the machine body and the beam tracks, applicable to operations inside fairy low buildings, especially suitable for use in temporarily erected plant buildings or on the sites where expansion of effective hoisting spaces inside the buildings is required.

Hot Products

* 300-500KG Electric Hoists
TXK specialized in Various types of electric chain hoist including super-low lifting loop chain electric hoist and related ass
* Electric Chain HoistsElectric Chain Hoists
* Shell: Light aluminum alloy shell shall be adopted which is light but hard and fit for the use in the terrible work environment with a high heat...
* Lifting Loop Chain Electric HoistLifting Loop Chain Electric Hoist
It is typical of unique optimal structure in shortening the distance between the machine body and the beam tracks...
* Wire Rope HoistWire Rope Hoist
The electric wire rope hoist have features of compact, light, small-sized shape and smooth operation. It can be uesd not only on the overhead reils...
* Lever BlockLever Block
TXK Lever Block have got ISO9001 Quality System Certificate,TVU/G Sand CE Certificates. Lever Block Capacity: From 0.25T to 1T.
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Folding Trampoline [02 Jun 2010|01:19pm]
We are one of the most experienced China manufacturer on trampoline. The folding trampoline is available in different sizes: mini tranmpoline, 8ft trampoline, 12ft trampoline, 14ft trampoline and even bigger size.

Folding Trampoline
【Item No.】: LF-TR001
【Product Description】:
1) Size (Diameter) : 36 inch
Packing: 1 pc / ctn
Meas.: 92 x 40 x 10 cm
N.W.: 6 kgs
G.W.: 7 kgs
800 pcs / 20' GP
1650 pcs / 40' GP
1800 pcs / 40' HQ

2) Size (Diameter) : 38 inch
Packing: 1 pc / ctn
Meas.: 98 x 52 x 10 cm
N.W.: 7 kgs
G.W.: 8 kgs
590 pcs / 20' GP
1140 pcs / 40' GP
1300 pcs / 40' HQ

3) Size (Diameter) : 40 inch
Packing: 1 pc / ctn
Meas.: 103 x 55 x 10 cm
N.W.: 8 kgs
G.W.: 9 kgs
520 pcs / 20' GP
1050 pcs / 40' GP
1150 pcs / 40' HQ

4) Size (Diameter) : 45 inch
Packing: 1 pc / ctn
Meas.: 115 x 60 x 10 cm
N.W.: 9 kgs
G.W.: 10 kgs
430 pcs / 20' GP
890 pcs / 40' GP
980 pcs / 40' HQ
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wedding bubbles products [02 Jun 2010|11:28am]
Bubbles are a great alternative to confetti! Add some ribbon or other embellishment to make them as unique as you are.
we can offer cake wedding bubble, glass wedding bubbles, fish wedding bubbles, boots wedding bubbles, Champange wedding bubbles, Bell wedding bubbles, heart tube wedding bubbles, Christmas bubble, Easter bubble, Halloween bubble, holiday bubble, wedding bubble, party bubble etc.
Products show:
cake wedding bubbles w-04
cake wedding bubbles with heart or swain 0.6ouncens MOQ:14400PCS If interest pls do not heistate to contact me
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Window Squeegee [13 Apr 2010|10:16am]

This scrubber is special for window glass cleaning


Window Squeegee YJ-6003

Window Squeegee,window wiper,window cleaner

1.material :PP size: according to customer requirement

2.used for cleaning window or car surface

Various styles and colors are available. We are specialized in cleaning product. microfiber mop cloth, Microfiber Mop, Microfiber Cloth, cleanig tool,mop head.
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Variale Attenuators connector [10 Apr 2010|03:40pm]
Variale Attenuators connector
Build Out Fixed Value Attenuator

² Long haul telecommunication
² Fiber in the loop (FITL)
² Local area networks (LAN)
² CATV networks
² Network testing
² Attenuates continuously and precisely from 1240nm∼1620nm
² Attenuation accuracy: 0.5dB (under 10 dB), 10% (over 10 dB)
² Low PDL
² Low return loss
² FC, SC, ST, LC types optional
² Simple manipulation
² High power endurance
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1.5-5 ton Electric Hoists [10 Apr 2010|03:37pm]
Manufacturer and supplier of advanced Electric Chain Hoist, Electric Hoist, Chain Hoist, Hoisting Equipment, Lifting Loop Chain Electric Hoist, Wire Rope Hoist, Chain Block
1.5-5 ton Electric Hoists
1. Electric motor partial outer cover
They are made of high strength aluminum system through compression casting formation.
Features: Solid and light, Fast release heat, Continuous use, Enclosed structure. Can be used in the chemical plants, electroplating factories, and other places.
2. Side kind braking
This masterly structure ensure the hoist absolutly safty when the power off. And ensures it is safe when has excess load. Also it combine to the motor braking as the double brake system to strengthen security and durability.
3. Gear
The gear made of alloy steel and through the heat treatment
4. Antiphase protector
Advatages: When power-supply wiring mistake, the control circuit is unable to move.
5. Hooks They are made by hot forging and heat treatment.
6. Chain
It is made of FEC80 ultra strong heat treatment alloy steel.
Advatages: It is safely approximately when used in the rain water, the sea water, under the chemical and other bad conditions.
7. ISO: M4 /FEM: 1AM
Insulation grade: F
8. Protection class (hosit and push button): IP54
9. Powder supply: 3 phase, 200-600v, 50HZ
10. Noise (single/ double speed): 81dB.
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Toggle switches component [10 Apr 2010|03:34pm]
The components of an electrical system have very specific purpose. Toggle switches are one such component.

In discussing electrical use, the switch is defined as a mechanical device that allows or does not allow the flow of current. The switch is generally considered to have two positions. These are the on position and the off position. In a simple switch, when it is in the on position the electrical circuit is intact and current flows. In the off position the electrical circuit is incomplete and there is no current. The toggle switch is a type of switch that has two arms that are almost inline with each other connected by an elbow like pivot. The elbow like pivot creates a positive snap action bringing the two arms into contact when the switch moved to the on position.

In common usage, the term toggle switch has been used to describe any switching device that turns current on or off. In electrical theory, the switch is seen as a gate. The schematic symbol for a toggle switch resembles a gate. The gate idea is that when the gate is closed, contact is made and current flows through it. When the gate is open, contact is broken and no current can flow. There is no size distinction in defining a toggle switch. It can be very, very small or it can be incredibly large. Nor is it limited by function. A toggle switch can operate a single simple mechanism, or be connected to any number of devices. Turning on a toggle switch can institute a single activity or be connected to a wide number of devices causing multiple operations to commence.

The word toggle itself has come to mean the act of switching something from one state to another. Toggle is often used to indicate the action of turning something on and off in alternating sequences. A person could be said to be toggling a motor or toggling a computer program. This means they are turning it from an off state to an on state multiple times.

The concept behind the toggle switch is simple, but has far reaching implications in electrical theory. This gate theory deals with the idea that something is either in one of two states. Something is said to be on or off. It might be expressed open or closed. The open or closed gate idea means that current either passes through or it does not. Although this idea seems fairly simple, complex machinery including computers are basically run by it.

The most common types of toggle switches are simple devices used to turn on and off electric currents. Circuit breaker controls and even simple light switches are examples of toggle switches. The toggle switch is rated by the capacity of the current that flows through it in the closed position. It should be remembered how basic to the successful operation of an electrical system a toggle switch can be. It is usually not the best place to attempt to cut costs. The toggle switch puts the whole process into motion.
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RF connector & RF coaxial connector [10 Apr 2010|03:32pm]
RF connector, RF coaxial connector

Use in RF coaxial connector.Meticulous workmanship, perfect size, specialized detection means, reasonable price, supply in time.

RF coaxial connector


(1) Material:brass, phosphorus copper, beryllium copper, red copper, aluminium alloy.

(2) Excellent dimensional accuracy.

(3) Specialized testing equipments

(4) High quality and competitive price

(5) Supply in time

(6) Various kinds of types

(7) Use: RF coaxial connector

(8) Require:Concentricity, roughness, hardness, inserting and pulling out strength,frquency,electric performance, reach high-frequency serviceability.

Notes:We manufacture metal parts in compliance with customers' design. Special requirements are also welcomed.


Band width: DC~1GHz
Return Loss: > 25dB@ 1GHz
Insertion Loss : <0.2dB@ 1GHz
Temperature Range: -40~+60°C
Impedance: 75 Ohms
Interface: Meet SCTE IPS SP 401

As the industry's premiere connectors the F Connectors remain the most cost-effective line for the satellite and jumper market.
Ordering Information
Part Numbers;Cable;Type;Color Code
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Hydraulic pusher [10 Apr 2010|03:31pm]
Hydraulic pusher for heavy objects with rails(pusher for short), composed of 2 units: clamping jaw and pushing unit, has been widely used in LOGISTICS INDUSTRY. Assisted with ultra-pressure electric pump station and other assistant equipments, it can realize the pushing function. The user by himself need to prepare the heavy rails(38kg/m,43 kg/m,50 kg/m and the driving skip shoes. When pushing heavy objects, two sets of pusher are required to get a stable movement. Suggestion: pls lubricate the contact surface between skip shoes and rails before moving operation. It can reduce the friction and better the working condition, but when do this, you should absolutely avoid to stick the greese to the contact surface between jaws and rails just prevent clamping jaw from skid and slide to avoid accident. In normal condition, 2 sets of SCM30-600 can be able to push 400T heavy objects.

Suggestion: pls lubricate the contact surface between skip shoes and rails before moving operation. It can reduce the friction and better the working condition, but when do this, you should absolutely avoid to stick the greese to the contact surface between jaws and rails just prevent clamping jaw from skid and slide to avoid accident. In normal condition, 2 sets of SCM30-600 can be able to push 400T heavy objects.

see more: hydraulic tools

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Nodular iron(GGG) casting [10 Apr 2010|03:29pm]
Supply various of nodular iron(GGG) casting as per the client's drawings,samples.We are exporters of earth moving equipments spare parts heavy moving equipment spare parts and construction equipments.

Construction Equipment parts Specifications:
1) Lost wax process
2) Soluble glass process
3) Design and alloy selection flexibility
4) Materials: carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel
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YUJIE Microfiber Mop [26 Mar 2010|08:40am]
Our company was founded in 2007, specializing in all kinds of cleaning tools and commodity, such as Microfiber Mops, Window Squeegee, Microfiber Dust,Microfiber Cloth and much more. our products sell well in America, Canada, Germany, France, England, Italy Norseland, Denmark, Finland, Australia, Korea, Japan and other 20 more counties and areas.

There are 6000m2, among which the existent construction areas are 5000m2. There are 150 workers and 20 managing people. We have set up 5 workshops: mold, injection, punching, sewing, assembly workshops. Regarding the injection machines, we have 15pcs, which can produce articles from 160g to 1000g. In our punching workshop, there are 10 punching machines, whose weight is 10-100 tons. Also in sewing workshop, we have 50 sewing machines plus 10 knitting machines. At the same time, in assembling workshop, we have 2 automatic following lines.

Concerning our managing system, we have erected up seven departments. That is, R&D Department, Sales Department, QC Department, Financial Department, Production Department , and Purchase Department as well as Human Resources Department.

From foundation of the company, we always depend on high quality, advanced technique, strong employees and perfect service.We will walk in the front of the world forever, and also build a world-class cleaning products manufactures that warmly welcomed by customers from home and abroad.
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Biological Microscope, lab equipment [01 Mar 2010|10:15am]
Multi-Purpose Biological Microscope(China (Mainland))
Multi-Purpose Biological Microscope
MRJ-127, Multi-Purpose Biological Microscope..

Technical parameter:
Optical System: Finity corrected optical system
Eyepiece:Wide field and high eye-point plan eyepiece:PL10X/18mm
Focusing mechanism: Coaxial coarse and fine focusing knob, both coarse and fine focus knob on each side,range 28mm precision 0.002mm
Binocular tube: 30 degree inclined binocular tube, interpupillary distance adjustment range 54-75 mm, diopter adjustment ring for left and right side
Nosepiece: Quadruple nosepiece
Stage:mechanical fixed stage:140 X 132 mm, travelling range:76mm [X] x 50 mm[Y], front loading specimen holder for one standard slide
Condenser: Abbe N.A.1.25 condenser with iris diaphragm and filter holder
Objective lens:achromat objective 4X/0.1010X/0.2540 X/ 0.65 100 X/ 1.25
Illumination Built-in wide range voltage(90V-240V) , 6/20W halogen bulb,with continuous intensity control
Biological Microscope
Professional Microscope
Stereo Zoom Microscope
digital Microscope
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Hopper Dryers [22 Feb 2010|10:37am]
Hopper dryers has double layer construction for heat preservation and power saving with elegant appearance.

Application & Features:
1. Hopper dryer Adopts a molecular sieve and moisture absorber silica gel even spreads on the basic material of ceramic fabric wheel.
2. It has strongest moisture absorption ability.
3. The pressure loses little and the touching area is large.
4. The weight is light and it is firm and durable.
5. The air dew-point after dehumidified is -46-56, the dew point is steady.

6. The touching screen is controlled by PLC; It has auto alarm for trouble super-high temperature and auto breaking protection;
7. It has advantages of fire proof, acid proof
8. Use-life is long, the common use life is over 10 years.
9. Delivery Lead Time: 48days
10. Certification: ISO9001: 2000

url: http://www.granulator-china.com
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Polyurethane wheels with cast iron centre [24 Dec 2009|02:24pm]

Detail Product Descriptiom

polyurethane wheel with cast iron centre

colour and hardness: as per request


load capacity:180-3500kgs

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glass bracket [22 Dec 2009|10:12am]

Corner glass bracket for fixed glass panel 90 degree against wall

Various brackets of the glass clamps can be offered by RUICAN company

You just tell us your needs,and the main
dimensions,RUICAN can design the different shapes' glass clamps for
you,and supply the parts to you within 15~20days.

At the same time,RUICAN offer the different
surface finish according to your requirement.Usually,the offered finish
is satin finish and mirror polish.

You just tell us your need,RUICAN will try our
best to offer the good quality parts ,good delivery time and good
service for you.

RUICAN are waiting for your inquiry and welcome you to visit our factory.

Hot Keywords:Stainless steel Glass Bracket,double layer glass bracket,glass bracket shelf,glass railing brackets,glass shelves brackets


  • glass bracket

    glass bracket
    Material: stainless steel 304

    stainless steel 316

    Finish: Mirror polish

    Satin finish

    Plating chrome

  • supporter


    Finish:plating chrome

    Satin finish

    Mirror polish

  • corner bracket

    corner bracket
    Material:zinc alloy with plating chrome

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steam room manufacturer [14 Dec 2009|09:13am]
The benefits of the steam room have been known for thousands of years and throughout history countless people have been using steam to enhance 

their sense of well being and improve their overall health. At the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st a huge influx in health conscious 

individuals in western society has fuelled a vast growth in the health industry. In the past, steam rooms have been restricted to health clubs and gyms, and many think steam rooms are only used at home by the wealthy; however top 

steam room specialists have made this wonderful past time available to everybody, not just the rich. With cutting edge technology at affordable prices, 

countless people are now enjoying all the wonderful benefits of a steam room.
Brief Overview of Steam Room Benefits
In a steam room, wet heat opens the pores of your skin to aid body detoxification. A steam generator is used to create water vapour at high 

levels of humidity. The heat and humidity may bring health benefits ranging from aiding stress relief, to body cleansing, to soothing aching muscles or 


Steam Room

Steam room and Massage bath tub are our main products, especially steam room, we have achieved great success as a professional steam rooms man.


Shower Room  Steam Shower Room  Massage bathtub

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Wireless smoke detector sensor [28 Nov 2009|04:06pm]
This detector is armed in 24 hours status. When it detects smoke, the main console will alarm and the auto-dialer is activated. If the smoke level decreases to limit, the smoke detector will come back to detecting status. Specifications
1. Detector sensor:Photoelectric chamber.
2. Sensitivity :Comply with UL 217.
3.Operation temperature : 0-50 celcius

Detailed Product Description
Wireless smoke detector /sensor
Detailed Product Description
Wireless/wired smoke detector

It adopts Ion smoke detector element, with siren. It can work individually as well as with other alarm systems.
Technical parameters:
currentStatic current <10mA
smoke sensitivitySuitable for UL 217 standard
Humidity 10%90%
Alarm voice: Within 10 inch can be 85 db

smoke detector, wireless smoke sensor, smoke alarm, smoke sensor
Widely used for room, hall, kitchen, party, no smoking place, Hotel, Factory.
Alarm mode: while smoke density reach the limited, it gives off alarm warning as well as
sending wireless signal to alarm panel, High sensitivity, interconnect up to alarm. Unique
battery missing lockout. Customized.
1.Battery operated: DC 9V.
2.Rechargeable lion battery 10 year 9 DC battery.
3.Photoelectric sensor.
4.Red LED indicate alarm. Green LED mains indicator light to confirm battery power

website: www.china-siter.com
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Our equipments of Plastic Granulator [28 Nov 2009|04:05pm]

  Our equipments include Plastic Granulator,Plastic Crusher,Hopper Dryers, Vacuum Auto-loaders, Mixers, granulators,dehumidifiers,temperature controller, industrial chillers and the central feeding system.

These granulators often work with stainless steel dryer(RDM series) and set beside plastic molding machine to collect the sprues and scraps produced while injection molding.The regrinding is then conveyed by the blower to the mixing chamber of hopper dryerwith vigin material proportionally and melt in the plastic-melting chamber.Therefore,the waste materials are reclaimed right before their characteristics changes, so as to keep the quality,lower waste and production cost.Moreover,if these plastic crushers equip with the manipulators,they will be more effectively than before. They are also applied to crushing various shorts,reuse and semi-finished products made of plastic and rubber materials such as soft PC,polycarbonate,nylon,ABS and so on in sheet,twig or mesh shapes.

Plastic Recycling Granulator / Plastic Recycling Machine

can reuse waste material to make granules 3*3mm, specialized granulator.
The plastic granulator is especially for PE PP flim and solid material granulating and amp.recycling.it can realize Automaticly crushing and baiting through the powerof blower.it enables the crushing ,baiting and extruding all-in-one automaticiy.

Plastic Recycling Machine is specialized for PP, PE, EPE, polystyrene and ABS extrusion, pulling and granule cutting.  

Ningbo Beilun Rhong Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Address: Dong Gang Qi,XiaoGang Subdistrict,Beilun,Ningbo,Zhejiang,P.R. China

Tel: +86-574-86190788

Fax: +86-574-86192527

Mobile: +8613777239417

Contact person:Leysa

E-mail: rhong188@granulator-china.com


Website: http://www.cnplasticgranulator.com

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Glass Clamps-How to make your own Home Gym Machines [26 Nov 2009|01:49pm]
Exercising is one thing that’s on everybody’s wish list. {However the costs that come with it for e. g. Joining a gymnasium on a constant basis or perhaps purchasing new and dear Home Gym Machines periodically might not be everybody’s cup of tea. But there’s a way out to it. Using a few tools and creativity one can make his/her own home made gym equipment. This process is definitely less expensive to go through rather than buying those not so Discount Gym Equipment from the market. Using plumbing stuff, quite easily found in a local home improvement shop, one can use one’s creativity to make most of the home made gym kit. The thing is that the stuff used for preparing the equipments would be of top quality selected by you itself. For instance, a chin up bar which can be easily hung up from the ceiling is a matter of connecting a tiny metal pipe and a few nuts and bolts together cleverly. Resistance Home Made gym Equipment But one may barely knows the proven fact that they are quite taxing on the pocket. For isometric exercising one can go in for ropes and pulleys that are the best exponents for training with weights since they oppose one’s own body muscles in the act of exercising. Just mount over the rope on the puller in a way that you can pull it through both ends in opposite direction and then using one arm one can pull it along while crane shall give stiff resistance to the other arm. some other stuff that may be used for preparing home made gymnasium equipments include rubber tubes and springs. The idea of using rubber tubes is quite like ropes and pulleys re resistance. However for giving that extra bit of stretch rubber tubing is good way and the method is the same- just pull it across both ends. Similarly, shops that sell off material for vehicles can provide you with springs which can be used for resistance exercising. Modifying existing Home Gym Machines to make home made gymnasium equipment If one has a collection of hand grips existing at his/her place that one uses to work off a spring, then one can just strengthen the grip of hose clamp looped within the springs for shaping up for that extra bit apropos levels of resistance. Not only does it do the job for you to get extra resistance, it also saves you that extra amount that you would have spend in procuring a new grip for a similar task.

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