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Tuesday, October 12th, 2004

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    Fuck you, Kodak!!!
    Ugh. I have PSAT tomorrow, tons of HW tonight, and now my fucking camera wont work... AGAIN!!!

    I hate KODAK lol Oh, and you know whats ironic? A lot of people in Sammie's family work at Kodak. I still say fuck Kodak. Their 'EASYSHARE' software is a peice of fucking shit.

    Their tech support fucking sucks too.

    I feel bad cause I feel like Sammie wasted her money on a product that doesn't even work. No, its not even the fucking product itself. Its the fucking SOFTWARE for it. Thats the fucking kick in the pants right there.

    Oh ya, and I want some fucking ass. Just gotta wait till December when Sammie comes down. Grrr. But she's got a lot of kinky stuff planed out for us when I get home from school each day while she's visiting ;-) Not that we don't already have tons of sex lmao this is just an addition to try some fantasy like stuff.

    She said something to me last night on the phone that had me cracking up for a while:

    "You could kill a horse with that thing" (I think you can guess what she means by 'thing')

    The Red Sox are playing the Yankees tonight in the first of a seven game series. GO SOX!!!

    Current Mood: horny
    Current Music: KMFDM - Anarchy

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