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Tuesday, July 13, 2004


hey! hah wassup?! nothing much here waiting for yong and just a little tired from practice hehe :-p it was still good to get away from the house and have a little fun/exercise hehe :-D and a chance to hang out with some of the craziest ppl OoOO SHARON!!! Tammy came by the band room today hahaha shes still crazy as always :-p so did Teriyka haha we marched today 8 to 5 like a million times hehe and we have new calls.. like when apey says "band ten hut" we have a different stance .. horns up is the same.. did a few things with marching haha cant do too much cause of the freshmen :-p i think we are doing backwards march on Thursday hahah new thing for the freshies :-p but im glad Apey's the drum major shes awesome!!! doing a great job too!! haha :-D the band doesnt sound TOO bad hehe Preston was there today i dunno if hes staying or what.. but the band just has little kinks to work out before we can actually start playing some music.. Rhythms.. intonation..discipline.. just.. a few things here and there.. :-p *sigh* soooo.. anyone care to tell me about THEIR day ? hehe OoOoO sharon!!! registration is tomorrow!!!!! for the W's .. *sigh* i miss yong.. hehe ive been missing him like completely soooooooooooooooo much today especially since i had to leave in a hurry when my dad came home and told me to get ready for practice and started complaining. SORRY YONG!!! i didnt mean to leave in a hurry but i really didnt have an option :-\ *sigh* well i think im gonna go lie down for a few or something.. ttyl biebies! <3JNeL

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Sharon <3 ????
Janelle <3 Yong

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Monday, July 12, 2004


hey hey!! haha wassup?!! haha just talking to yong!!! :-D:-D who's about to take a shower haha :-p haha sharons crazy.... read that blurty yup yup haha and whats this about Yong's cam?!! haha :-p hahah "o" ing my dads "l " huh?! hahaa go ahad i dont really give a shite! haha just to tell ya he doesnt deserve anything that good *ahem* hahaha :-p so whats this about Ji-Young?! haha if its something thatr Sharon KNOWS im gonna get pissed about , i HAVE to know hahaha cause Sharon knows me well enough to be able to tell what will piss me off hahah :-p hmmm... i hope its not something to the extent of what you told me about you and Brian Thigy in his truck outside his house hahahaa :-p YONG"S BACK!!! yayaya!!!*sigh* listening to some country music hehe *sigh* so pretty haha i love Shania Twain she's just AWESOME!!!!!! haha fave country singer haha :-p well i dont think this entry is gonna be long hehe talking to yong is just so.. umm.... mind grabbing ?? hehehehee ;-) *mwuahz* ttyl !! biebies! <3JNeL

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Sharon <3 a guy?! haha WHO!!!
Janelle <3 Yong

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Saturday, July 10, 2004


hey hey! haha wassup?! nohting much here just listening to some music woop woop 107.3 Q!!! haha and just easting a ice cream cone whic i havent had in a very very very long time haha :-p im trying to type and hold the ice cream in my mouth which is very very cold haha *BuRR* haha CTS SOMEONE *ahem* sharon*ahem* haha wrote some crazii stuff hahah SWATON? i know i asked you about this in the email haha.. well why did they have to write it with their butt?! haha i could have sworn you were there for school hahaha :-p haha wowzers go get that ice cream haha get a good one ;-) no cherry topping with *(secret guy)* hahahah! jk jk :-p i luss you!!! :-D *mwuahz* hahah :-p well only about a week and 3 days til i leave hah grrrrr o better talk to everyone amap (as much as possible) haha OoOoO Yong i know you're gonna probably kill me.. but i didnt save the convo last night.. i was turning out my light and BAM it hit me that i forgot to save it .. i just said OMG and knocked myself a good one haha >.< after i said i would have saved it and i didn grrrrrrrrrr bad jnel baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad *clonk* *sigh* well atleast i can remember it hah i know i wont ever forget it :D:D:D it was still sooooooooooooooooooo suweeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how it all unfolded ugh! just so precious and suweeet..>,< *sigh* well after all said and done haha im bored haha think i might grab another cone haha :-p grrrrrrrrrrrrr this could be the perfect time for me to go practice my driving but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo my parents are asleep!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.< *sigh* well there arent really any updates on my momma shes still sickly.. :-\ and i still think abot what i told you yong.. everynight >.< *sigh* well i guess i better go.. ttyl! LUSS YOU MISS YOU GUYS!!! <3JNeL

Sharon -n- Janelle BFF AAF
Sharon <3 yo momma suweet a$$ haha!!???
Janelle <3 Yong

P.S~ do i think i wanna knwo where that came from sharon ?!! haha :-p hmmmm... maybe you should join those guys writing SWATON with their butts haha ! :-P LUSS YOU!!!

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Friday, July 9, 2004


hey hey ppl! hah wassup?! nothing much here just HoTT! haha yeh i dunno how hot it is but oh well haha i just know it is haha THEN my momma has the oven on haha whooo!!! today has been alright.. today when i talked to yong.. i felt awkward.. like i was intruding on something? hah i dunno why.. haha weird :-p yeh.. just awkward..:-p well CTS haha :-p oh yeh..gots to pray for yongerz.. going through stress.. poor yong *hugs tight* it'll be okesi ;-) no worries :-Dwhoo just got done unpacking a BUTT LOAD of grceries haha got a little hot headed cause my brother was lagging ace and in my way haha grrrrrrrr >.< hahah i dunno guess im just irritable when it comes any guy besides yong hahah dunno just a tension well except Jeremie too... haha maybe its caues those are really the only guys that care haha well CTS Yong just got on!! woop woop!!haha :-D if you havent noticed, some of the songs ive been putting on here are Country :-D haha i guess i got that from SOMEONE!!! hha oh well.. haha my 2 fave types of music.. punk.. and country now haha i guess i like a little of everything :-D haha especially that one song.. BECAUSE IM WHIIIITTEEE DA DA DAT DAT DAT DAT!!!! hahahahah!!! whoooooo i miss that song!! hahaha :-p and there's only ONE person who knows where i got that from hahaha!!!! :-p awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwies!!! yongerz is making me blush like crazy !! >,< Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D me loves my yongerz!!!!!! haha well i guess ill go i just wanted to update and say hey and stuff so ttyl!!! biebies <3JNeL

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Sharon <3 ..??
Janelle <3 Yong

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hey hey! haha wassup?! nothing much talking to yong..:D:D:D who just told me hes bleeding and he doesnt know why?!! Ahhh!!!!! call 911!!!!! >.< Ahh!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha Yong got his hair cutt!! he just reminded me haha.. woop! haha i dont think he likes it tooo much though haha awwwwwww poor poor yong.. :-p.. havent heard from sharon in a few days.. grrrrrrr! haha its called UPDATE!!! hahaha gosh .. i think... yeh i will... here let me spell it out...U-P-D-A-T-E.. hahaha!! jk jk . you know i luss my SNooKeMS hahah :-p well todays practice was alrighty haha we are playing a song called "Topaz" one called "Malaguena" * known to the flutes as "yo momma" cause no one could pronouce it hahah* and im not sure if we are playing this one but its called " Tiger of San Pedro" haha yeh all spanitish tunes haha you like my word?! Spanitish hahaha!! :-p but they are pretty tricky on some rhythms haha sharon ya better hurry back hahah they arent easy haha the songs are like some of the hardest mills says haha but i guess some people just have easier times hahah yeh not all that hard for the flutes as long as you know how to count and play rhythms.. haha :-p after that PIECE-O-CaKe!!! haha :-p especially Topaz and San Pedro haha:-p but CTS..OoOO guess what?!?!? ok 2 things !!! ( i did this to yong earlier ) hahah!! ok thing number one!!.. IM WEARING SOCKS!!!! hahaha!! and NO thats not the ONLY thing ahaha!!! ok ok thing 2! I LOVE YONG!!!!!! haha course you probably already knew that hahaha!!yeh well you better!! haha cause its gonna stay that way!!! :-Dhaha i cant forget my SNooKeMS!!!! hah I love my SNooKeMS!!!!!! haha both so precious haha :-D well i think im gonna go spend the rest of the night sleeping with yong in my arms.. oh wait thats a dream S###!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sigh* well i guess ill go DREAM about it then.. grrrrrrrrr...ooh wait.. ou can do anything in dreams.. hehe muhahahaha!!!!! *lightning flash with loud booming thunder* hahaha!!! :-p well ttyl biebies!! <3JNeL

Sharon -n- Janelle BFF AAF
Sharon <3 Music? or *(secret guy)*
Janelle <3 Yong

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Wednesday, July 7, 2004


hey ppl! hah wassup?! nothing too much here jstu playing around on the keyboard.. ahah and just finish reading Sharons CRaZy journals haha wow they were an adventure.. aplomb? haha cockroach? haha bllllllleeeehhhhh i idnt wanan hear about that haha..well todays alright.. hotter than hades!!! but its alright.. not pissed off at my dad.. yet.. haha.. but theres this one part about today that sux so much !!!! ugh! well Yongerz is coming to town today.. and it sux because we'll be just a few miles apart but we still wont be able to see each other.. he said te right words when he said" so close but so far away" it sux that we are just minutes away and we cant even see each other just grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! >.< *sigh* gods making us be patient.. hopefully for the greater good.. haha wowzers i said that and look whats on sage's profile --**"If it is meant to be, our hearts will find each other when we meet. And if our hearts melt together so will our bodies and souls. Then every word and every touch will fuel our passion flame. I will be yours, you will be mine, and we will be one. well CTS .. sharon wanted me to write in ALL detilas about practice yesterday haha so here they are haha well i got there and i saw bubba on the loading dock so i said " BuBBa!!!" haha then walked up the steps and gave him a big hug hah tnen we noticed brooke pulling up afterwards.. haha then i gave her a hug .. haha then we walked in the abdn room then i see Sam's head as he screams " Janelle!!!" haha i was like oook? haha saw sarah .. Ryean was there too!!! haha she looks really well.. she has to use a walker :-( but shes a real trooper!!! shes was playing with the pit..thats our girl!! TRooPeR!!!!! well i saw heard her saying my name and i was looking around to find her but i didnt see her til i looked up at the podium haha :-p i gave her a hug.. it was great to see her doing better :-D um then after a few more heys mr mills called it time.. so we set up...and sat down .. he introduced himself for the new ppl.. and stuff aha then we listened to the marching music haha i heard freshmen going " whooo man!!" i was like what?! haha the music SOUNDS hard haha but its really not haha like when we played The Holst Suite and Rolling Thunder and pirates of the Carribbean haha we were all like omg.. haha but when we started to play it we played it rather well even on the first try!! haha well then we passed out music and made sure ppl had books.. haha practiced warm ups ( ugh!!!! ) haha but they help.. then we tried to play one of the marching songs i think the name was "Tupas" ..? haha sounds sorta like a spanish tune i think ..then he caled for a 15 (12) minute break haha so me and the unforgettables all packed outside and chilled haha i had a fanta drink we were kicking around (me bubba titan and jarrett) haha someone kicked it so hard the top flew off then i kicked it and it spun around and hit bubba and i with juice haha there were little spots on my shirt haha.. then titan kept slapping me like always so he and i were going back and forth i stole his hat haha and he jumped on me ( like he used to ) haha then i threw it towards brooke but she was sitting down on the dock so it went over her head and jarrett grabbed it and threw it back to titan who then slapped me again .. ugh!!! i hate when he does that !!!! >.< then he wonders why i get ticked off.. but after that we kinda chilled haha binkis car alarm was going of cause katie and anna were leaning on it haha so ppl were dancing to it haha then binki told bubba to turn it off and bubba started humping the back of the car to the alarm hahah!!! we were rolling then he turned it off and we chilled some more.. hah then i had to run away from sean cause he kept trying to do the " heimlich" manuever on me ugh!!! he says hes trying to bring me back to life so i was trying to get away from him haha.. then we went back inside.. passed out schedules and all that info.. and started talking about all the stuff.. haha and abo FRESHMAN INITIATION!!!!! hahaha!!! the freshman have to wear white shirts for the week that we have all day band camp all week haha!!! so we know they are rookies haha! and i think he said that they are gonna write words on the shirts so they have to wear the same one everyday!!! hahahah!! sarah and i were like " yessssssss!!! we skipped out on ours!!!" haha! but then they do the traditional, freshman leave last.. pick up .. last to get water.. all that haha.. talked about uniforms popped a few jokes about Josh haha! then about preston!! hahah which reminds me we dont have a real drum line!!!! :-O haha the only ones we have that are realy worth a flip arent there.. except well josh .. >.< think preston moved or something haha!! we need Chris C. back quick and fast haha!umm.. then my dad came and picked me up haha so i missed like the last 45 minutes hah grrrrrrrrrrrr!!! but my mommy was ill so.. yeh... blah..hahah i had written this all before but my dad HAD to get online for some damned cards.. ugh! >.< so i had to write this all over again haha cause i tried to copy it but i guess it didnt copy all like i wanted... grrrrrrrrr haha well i guess ill go.. and write some emails ;-) haha to YOU KNOW WHO! hahah :-p ttyl ppl! biebies!! <3J'NeL

Sharon -n- Janelle BFF AAF
Sharon <3 MUSIC!! haha!!
Janelle <3 Yong!!!! :-D

P.S~ i want to see yongerz!! haha i need him !! ugh 1 this sux balls!!!!!!! he's probably in town and minutes away but noooooooo i cant drive yet cause SOMEONE!! hasnt had the time to teach me .. haha grrrrrrrr! as soon as i can drive sharon you and i are or me or what ever are gonna take a little trip.. haha.. :-p well what do you expect!!! hahah :-p

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Tuesday, July 6, 2004

9:00PM - "He hast not forsaken them that seek thee..."

**The LORD shall also be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble. And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou LORD, hast not forsaken them that seek thee. ( PSALM 10: Verse 9 & 10)**

hey ppl.. today was the first day of practice.. it was awesome .. well for the time i was there.. i had to leave like maybe 45 minutes early because my mommy is really really sick and shes not getting better it seems except her headaches have stopped for now..but shes still retaining a lot of water.. her ankles are swollen really really bad.. she coughs like crazy and you can tell shes in pain.. she starts choking more often now >.< my dad picked me up from practice early cause he had a meeting what time?! 9 o'clock! the time i get out of practice.. so my mom was feeling pretty good earlier to she said she would pick me up at the end of practice... but shes got too sick .. so my dad picked me and brought me home...]>,<[ im scared to death..i keep thinking that one day im gonna wake up and see her.. ad shes not gonna come home.. ever.... it scares me a lot.. cause... Yong knows how much my mom means to me.. to lose her?! OMG! i would be so depressed >.< i would cry for days and days.. i know it..my mom and i might not be the closest bunch in the world, but we share some happy times.. i can always make her smile..god im about to cry now >.< it was just this early early morning my mom and i were sitting at the kitchen table eating sandwiches at 4 in the morning just laughing at who was snoring louder my dad or my brother...>.< god >.< i can hear her coughing now.. my mom has been through soo much pain and crap and stuff she deserves a break!!! shes been working ,if not all , most of her life! i think im the only wan BLOOD RELATED to my mom that she doesnt have a problem with or hates.. she told me that one day.. i was like dang talk about a little pressure cause i was a little naive but now i know what she meant.. hmmm.. wowzers.. so to anyone who reads this please i beg you please pray that she'll get better or if it be in the will of the lord to let her rest her last rest in peace.. i dont want her to feel anymore pain >.< *sniffle* i need to go now and lay down or something.. >.< please pray for her thank you ..bie now <3JNeL

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Sharon <3 *(secret)*
Janelle <3 Yong

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hey hey ppl! haha woopwoop! tomorrow is the first day of summer band practice!!!! yayayay!! haha finally i get to leave the house!!!! hahaha~! :-p hah wowzers so excited!!! XD hehe wowzers! haha today was ugh tiring hahah we went from the Walmart in Valley which took a few hours (ugh) haha to the Walmart in PC which took even more hours haha.. i dunno how many ppl have stopped us and been like.. Hey!!!! how are you :!?! then that takes about 5 minutes hahaha today was crazy :-p well right now im talking to yong!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D hahaha sooooooo happy :D:D:D:D haha i would put the poem i wrote him in here haha but i think its kinda a sacred thing to share.. especially with something so precious and deep hehe .. yeh i know before i put some in here.. well then i wasnt thinking hahaha i was being spontaneous like always haha and now i think that somethings should just be kept at the heart and sacred haha.. sorry to those who wanted to read it! haha awwwww dont complain haha some unread poems are better left to be...haha.. :D:D:D:D grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr sharon is baaaaaaaaaaaaad haha shes gonna miss practice haha baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad haha but ill tell them what you told me to.. haha ;-) haha ill be waiting in the drum room hahahaha jk!!! haha wowzers weird and crazy ppl haha :-p haha ppl from band are gonna be like .. " you havent changed a bit!!!" haha so ?! haha i like the crazy way i am haha my friends seem to like it hahah im happy with it!! although i might alter a few PHYSICAL details hahah :-p i know wht your thinking ..*like what?!* haha hmmmmm.... dont htink i should answer that hahaha might piss off a few special ppl hahah :-[ :-p and its only a few more days til Hawaii.. haha hmmm Yong says i should be happy and enjoy it.. but i dunno its kinda hard going miles and miles away to an island where no one knows you and not being able to talk to your friends .. hmm.. guess you can say i a little scared? haha dont wanna lose my life anymore... and espcially dont wanna lose the ppl in it!!!! that would be like dying all over again!!!! ]>.<[ and i know ive said that before and sage and katie have told me it'll be ok.. but i have my worries.. haha yeh.. so please pray for a safe trip :-D i would appreciate it..hah thanx :-Dand pray for sharon's safe return too!!! aww heck while we're at it haha .. pray for everyone!!! so everyone is safe, sound, and well!!! :D:D:D haha ;-) *sigh* wowzers .. hmm.. lets see what else?! hmmm.....i dunno haha.. :-p well besides some ppl need to update their blogs!!!!!!! *HINT HINT* hahaha!!! yes you and NOT ONLY SHARON !!! hahah! :-phahaha wel you dont have to haha i just olike reading ppls thoughts and stuff haha... umm...hurmmmmmmm... ugh i cant wait til SUNDAY!!!!! hahah AUGUST 1ST!!!! hahaa see yong hopefully!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D well i guess ill go now haha go talk to yong!!! :D:D:D:D ttyl biebies~!!!! <3JNeL

Sharon -n- Janelle BFF AAF!!
Sharon <3 **(secret guy)**
Janelle <3 Yong!

P.S~ sharon did you tell him yet?! hahaha jw!!

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Friday, July 2, 2004

10:39PM - Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!!

wasssup?!? hah nothing just finished talking to the crazy sister of mine hehe ;-) shes knows who im talking about :-D haha wow i cant believe summer's almost gone already .. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! well atleast band practice is in a few days hehe :-D gonna be awesome to see everyone again..and pass along messages out the wahzoo.. hah talking about Sharon's to band ppl and band ppl to Sharon haha im gonna be one working kittie ]^;^[ hehe
(me yawning haha)oh well haha :-p those poor poor freshman.. gotta deal with me and sharon hahaha! ugh! i just remembered something .. ]>.<[.. well besides sharon going ot refresh my memory on how to make a b***** go away..*ahem* i remembered we were playing SLAPS! before we left school uh oh ! im gonna hide my hiney around those guys haha. they are deadly haha ugh..when i talk to people probably later on that night *HINT HINT* hahah hopefully lol.. ill probably not be able to sit down..then you should know what happened haha >.< and plus im the only girl in the SNooKeMs group that they hit beofre that would be there unless they attack brooke now too haha gotta watch our backs haha gonna be backed against the lockers again ugh ! haha :-p OoOO i just tilted my head forward and ugh!! i got this really really STrOnG pain in the back of it.. ugh >.< *sigh * haha well i guess i better go then haha just thought i would update like i knew someone wanted me to haha :-p well yttyl biebies! <3JNeL

Sharon -n- Janelle BFF AAF
Sharon <3 *(secret guy)* hehe
Janelle <3 Yong

P.S~ earlier i was gonna write about how my dad pissed me off hehe but never mind im too happy to haha..:-D

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Thursday, July 1, 2004

8:01PM - heeeeeeeeeeey!

hey hey! haha wassup?! haha nothing much here just having an "OTAY" day haha yuppers.. started out great and it looks like its gonna end the same way hehe :-D well right now im playing my keyboard and i came up with a new song hehe not exactly finished yet but im working on the ending heheh havent even thought of a name yet hehe :-D oh and i need to find more paper so i can write to sharon in "Destiny" (the notebook) hehehe yeh i call it destiny.. i dunno just liked that name haha :-p wowzers 5 more days!!! and its GO TIME!!! haha (talking about band) hahaha! >.< get to see eurrbody again woop woop! well except 2 of te greatest people grrrrrrrrrrr haha :-p hey yong! i found another lead pencil! hahah im not breaking this one i NEED this one hahaha! the other one is still in 5 pieces! hahah :-p haha sharon you know how birdyman ( my parrot) is alway sqwuaking while im on the phone in my room..? wel shes sqwuaking now!!! ugh!!! hahah > -_- < (me covering my ears) hahaha shes LOUD!!!! she seems to be a little more quiet when i sqwauk back haha :-p *yawn* whooo nope cant get sleepy now hehe i know i need to recollaborate my sleeping habits and my exercise habits cause i need to get ready for band camp.. hehe.. last year was a new deal with the suicides (ugh!!!) and the push-ups and such hehe i didnt mind the push-ups tho :-p wow im talking to grace!! haha i think its grace hehe pretty cool havent talked in a while hehe..hmmmmm... getting a little bit of info hmmm...:-|...*sigh* what to do what to do ...i thin im gonna pratice on my song and talk to grace for a while then.. ttyl bies! <3 JNeL

Sharon -n- Janelle BFF AAF
Sharon <3 JMaN ?
JNeL <3 Yong

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Tuesday, June 29, 2004


hey hey !! hah wassup?! hah nothing too much here..:-p *sigh* well today was.. okay i guess.. i dont think the ppl from goodwill came to pick up the furniture we were giving to them..i dunno haha woke up a little late hahaha then i ate breakfast which made me sleepy again! and i went BACK to sleep hahathen i woke up again at about 3 haha yeh my mom woke me up talking about something about her license i dunno i might have been dreaming haha but after that i she told me to get ready to go out cause she was hungry haha so i did we ate at O' Charley's for the SECOND day in a row!!! hah well yesterday was just my mom and i.. today was my mom, dad, bro, and me heh the sevice today sucked tho.. yesterday's was a whhhhhoooooollllleeeeee lot better haha my mom was pissed off haha cause first my dad brought up work.. then the waitress didnt really know what she was doing haha my mom was getting ready to swing haha i was like omg!! haha yeh it was pretty bad.. ppl who know my mom know shes not always like that unless she has to be.. haha! but all in all today was ok.. after tat we went to the videowarehouse by my house and i had a few guys staring at me again well i dunno if it was my face or what hahaha!! man.. >.< i saw Jon and Lord Byron today sharon!!!! haha at the video store haha!! i was like HEY!!! i know you!!!!! for some reason when i talk to jon he either smiles and picks on me or just smiles haha hes cool tho..crazy.. lord byron and i dont really talk haha except maybe if i see him at church up the street from my house haha but i havent been in a while..haha ugh i was writing this earlier but my dad wanted to get online so i had to copy it and wait haha grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! but now im talking to my yongerz so im happy haha feel mucho better hehe ;-) I MISS YOU SHARON!!!! haha i miss someone waking me up in the morning by calling my house early in the morning hahah!!!! woop woop!! :-p miss that!! band practice starts in a few days!!!! yayayay!!!!!! haha its kinda good and kinda bad hahah! good that i get to see my peoples!! but bad that i wont be able to talk to yong or sharon unless its like late at night ..:-( hmmm.. haha my body still hurts from not stopping to rest for 2 days haha well i rested last night talking to yong thankfully haha felt good to actually breathe and sit down at the same time haha well i breathed SOME of the time the other part was going crazy over yong and screaming cause i was happy i got to see him on cam again for the first time since i got this freak WALMART CONNECTION grrrrrrrrrrrrrr hahaha!! yeh its called download free JUNO hahah!!! *mwuahz* yong is such a smarty!!!! :-D well im gonna go and talk to that smarty right now haha!! MISS YOU GUYS!!!! WUV YOU!!

Sharon -n- Janelle BFF AAF
Sharon <3 JMan ?
Janelle <3 Yong

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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

8:41PM - :-D

hey ppl.. i know i havent updated in a little while.. heh well i decided to.. hehe yeh..today was a little rainy weather wise :-) which i love haha.. good rainy day calms me down..:-D... yeh and i just got hom about 30 minutes ago haha yeh..took me a whle to think i had to update this thing..email yong.. check.. OoO gotta email sharon hah yuppers :-D cant forget my SNooKeMs.. i think i might even write J-Man and see how he's doin' haha :-p yeh.. *sigh* i dun realy know what to talk about haha..i just want all the ppl i know and love to becareful especially bam bam and SeenYo.. little dangerous over near South Korea right now.. and its raining down here.. so.. yeh be careful please :-) im listening to the radio.. i think its Jessica Simpson..not sure.. talkin about " lovin' angels instead".. not sure if thats her or not hehe i know im lovin angels :-D i need to find something to do during the day besides clean haha i think my mom wants me to actually go have fun for a few hours for once cause she keeps asking why i stopped going out and stuff.. ( which really isnt all tat true cause everytime i asked to go out they said they were tired or something haha) plus i dunno who to go with .. i would go with some ppl but i dunno i guess i would just feel weird with out sharon there..:-\ haha i would love to go with Yongerz!! :-D haha but seeing as how everyone seems to be working like crazy or busy it would definitely take sometime to plan haha :-p still awesome haha.. i dunno exactly how much of the movie we would actually see but..haha ;-) *sigh* well i guess ill go and talk to you guys later.. let me know of any news of anything haha :-) *mwuahz* biebies! <3 JNeL

Sharon =N= Janelle BFF AAF
Sharon <3 J-Man
I <3 Yong

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Sunday, June 20, 2004

4:09PM - Oh Happy Day.. haha

hey ppl..yeh the last few days were stressful, but thankfully Yong always seems to bring a smile to my face. :-) i cant thank him or sharon enough for what they've done for me..love 'em both like crazy :-) ooh and update on te church thing yong..well today my mom walked into my room and she looked me dead in my face and asked " are you ok?" with this really sincere look on her face..i just looked kinda confused for a moment then shrugged my shoulders and said " i dont know" she started laughing..then i asked "why?" she goes " i was just wondering cause you havent been to church in the last few weeks.." *she walks out* so that kinda gave me the idea that i might be able to actually go that sunday .. it looks like a RRREEEAALLLLYY good chance..now i just have to ask sharon.. lol..but about that trip... im not too sure.. lol..i mean my parents had a problem with me staying over at sharons house ( because we wouldnt be able to return the favor cause they are never home) but it seems that things like group outtings, they tend to be more lineant.. so theres a chance but its not as high as church ..lol.. =-P i think mainly cause its farther away than a 15 min drive.. and plus.. im goign with my bf haha..yeh i think they would kinda be like.." WHAT WOULD YOU TWO BE DOING WHILE THE OTHER PPL SHOOT FIREWORKS?!" lol.. i know if i go they would ask a million questions before and a million questions after.. haha but it would be worth it haha.. it would completely awesome..just awesome lol.. *sigh* - that vision again :-D lol..lol wow.. for the first timein a long time my room is actually a mess haha.. yeh i need to pick up before my brother gets here.. haha =-P wel brb then its 4:23 PM now so .. be back in a few min...ok woop woop im back haha... yeh i had a little detour thing *ahem*trash*ahem* haha yeh.. had to take out the trash . and get my mom an onion for the some of the food shes cooking..dang my dad says my mom works hard and stuff and that other ppl need to do something.. but hes not stopping her today huh? dang.. grrrrr bad daddy baaaaaaad.. but anyways.. yaya!! my oldest brother Jose ( the one who caked me at the party) is coming with his gf Vanessa.. yuppers..get to see them after a little while..usually i tend to wanna stay away haha..ooh yeh and yong.. the only ppl who hasnt seen you before(on cam) are my parents haha..well and Vanessa.. but both my brothers have.. haha..=-P woop woop! lol yeh.. dang its HoTT!! my rooms the hottest room in the house.. it sucks haha..whoooooo.. well anyways.. yeh todays going ok for now... cant wait til i see and talk to my yongerz and SNooKeMS again lol.. hold bam bam in my arms again .. *deep sigh* :-) or do something complete crazy (normal for us) with SeenYo EL Duke .. haha i think thats waht im gonna call you sharon.. SeenYo.. almost sounds like a mix of Spanish with Korean lol..wow.. haha..cant wait yong!!! 50 days and counting!!! and another thing,.. guess what?!?! tomorrow our 1 month!! haha WOOP WOOP!! the longest we've been together..well..we never really left each other..but.. technically hahah..yayayaya!!!! really really really happy about that!!!!! its the longest i think.. haha woop woop!!!!! sooooooooooooooooooooo happy!!! if my dad were to lighten up right now, ill be completely content..haha..but i doubt he will but hey its wishful thinking hahah..=-P well im gonna go..*mmmmwuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaahhhhhhzzzzzz* to BamBam and SeenYo !!! the greatest ppl in the world!!! <3 JNeL

Sharon luss J-man
I luss BamBam

P.S~ let me know if you heard anything on sarah..hopefully shes alright..

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Saturday, June 19, 2004


i know i updated earlier.. but that was when my parents were home.. yeh.. they left for a while.. my dad has been as ass for te last few days..>.< about everything.. even my brother says hes being an ass to both of us..just ugh!!! >.< i cant take too much more of him..he starts complaining about EVERYTHING >.<.. hes started complaining yesterday that my mom busts her butt to do everything and that it wouldnt hurt for "someone else" to do something..Mofu!!! everyday they are at work it was me (when my brother didnt live here) and my brother now that he moved in who picked up and tried our best and stuff.. i helped my mom cook yesterday too.. i try to do what i can and still get no credit.. that BS!! >.< im really tired of my dad.. most of the reason i get soo pissed off and stuff is cause of him.. and that just added to the fury that one night...he seems to try to blame everything on me or my brother.. everything is our fault... something happens its our fault.. god i cant take him..>.< i stay out of trouble, i do what i can...yet he loves to just be an ass..>.< ive talked to my friend ben about this.. everytime we turn around hes at it again..ben basically knows the drill by now..my dad is just an ass.. i hate him >.< he turned his back on me... so im gonna turn my back on him.. a lot of ppl dont really know how my dad is like.. sure in public he seems "cool" and sometimes i admit hes okay..hes funny sometimes.. but mosts of the time.. i cant stand him >.< this is the only place i can come and write down my thoughts cause "someone" might try to read them if i wrote them in a diary or something at least here i can let ppl i trust read 'em....>.<.. i need to get away..soon..i already told my bro.. on that trip, im gonna be around him or my mom .. not my dad.. hes alwasy critizing me...he thinks the stuff i do is a waste of time and money (band particularly) and that since i dont have a job or its because its summer, that basically i dont have the "right"to feel stressed..or bored or be lazy.. >.< ive been asking to get a job!!! Begging!! and yes its sumer but ive been working my ace off all year making sure i passed my first year in high school.. geez cant he just be proud of me for once? it seems like nothing i do or not matter how great ... it means nothing..i got a national honor roll thing.. he said it was a waste of money to get the yearbook thing...or a college interview letter he started complaining that i start college stuff too early..i mean geez >.< lay off! my mom says my dad love me dearly..well i dont believe it..i think my dads just using me as a tax write-off ... my mom basically takes care of me.. i guess thats why i love and respect her soo much.. i dont dare question her or anything. its like not even a thought for her..but for him.. ugh!!! *sigh* well if you wanted to know why i dont lie my dad heres a taste..^^^ my dad basically puts on an act in public.. makes things seem perfect i guess.. but once he gets a chance he gets an attitude quicker than a hornet..>.< i know to some ppl it seems like im just venting or stressing but you guys dont live with him.. if you want to know and have a chance and dont believe my dad is an a** ask my brother ..my dad can be a real big one..*sigh* i just wanted to put this in here and get it out before i do something stupid again..>.< well ttyl biebies <3 JNeL

Sharon -N- Janelle BFF AAF
sharon luss jeremie
i luss yong

P.S~ the next journal entry wont be so crazy..

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2:17PM - Update!

yeh someone wanted me to update..haha..hmmmm... i wonder who that could have been...haha..well.. its Saturday yup yup..i tried to wake up early today but when my alarm clock went off i just turned it off and went back to sleep.. haha..doesnt really fit the purpose of an alarm clock haha..=-P.. yeh well i think my sleeping pattern is just throw out the window.. haha.. i sleep most of the day then im up all night haha..vampire *rawr* haha "i vant to suck your blood!!" hahah yeh im that bored haha..well today looks kinda sunny..my mom was planning on going to pick up our plane tickets today but i didnt get up in time..:-( OoOo and another thing i noticed..i have to find out when crazy is heading for texas.. cause we might see each other haha..yeh our plane goes from atlanta to texas then to hawaii.. haha i might just see crazy haha.. that would be awesome.. someone i know and wouldnt mind talking to for a few hours haha..yeh..i think we both wouold be like.. WHOA HEY!! if we saw each other.. haha.. totally stoked..=-P wow.. my lingo is terrible haha.. its a mix or slang/country/surfie/weird hahah! wow. bad part is...*looks aroud mysteriously* everyone here understands me quite well ..hahaha!! whoooooo im losing my mind...oh yeh sharon.. i need to take a pic for yongerz haha i showed him some but they were like *bleh* haha he said it was kyoote.. but i just have doubts haha especially since it was that one that my dad took while i was about to take a shower .haha..yeh i think you have it on your computer from the b-day pics haha..that day was NuTz..haha >.< pics were still *bleh* haha..they always are.. and a few months back, (remember this sharon?) we were trying to take a pic together.. it would have been fine if he actually tried taking a pic of us and not our chests!! haha! all the guys were like - LET ME SEE!! LET ME SEE!!! >.< it was funny.. .well not really but yeh haha..hmmmm.. wow..memories..hahaha!..but CTS.. yongerz im really sorry about Sarah..>.< its terrible..i really hope she gets better and soon...we all know you care for her a lot..so ill pray and EVERYONE ELSE BETTER PRAY TOO!!!! Grrrrrrrrrr on you if you dont!!! ..yeh..hmm.. i dunno what to say after that..:-I .. Bam Bam has been stressed lately..:-( poor guy..i try to help as best i can but i know theres just a lot of stuff he deals with..>.< not to mention probably what a disappointment I am..ugh.. he deserves better..yeh..he says im not a disappointment.. but i just.. i dunno.. grrrrrrrrrr i know one thing.....i love him very much...whether im a disappointment or not..and then i read that comment talking about the phone cards.. so i kinda felt responsible for that >.<.. im sorry!!! >.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

10:56PM - Wednesday

* if you truely love the someone and want them to know before you never get that chance again, copy and paste this to your journal*

hey ppl wassup?! well let me go ahead and get the bad news out.. my mom went to the doctor again, she has to stay home for another 6 days.. yuppers..]>,<[ <~~~ my kitty (lol sharon) some more bad news.. well.. i know this going to hawaii thing is supposed to be fun.. but the more i think about it the more depressed and scared i get..thats why i out that above.. i gonna miss my bam bam..]>,<[ he wants me to have fun.. but i just cant picture having fun without stopping to think about him or my SNooKeMS!.. im kinda scared..i dunno whats gonna happen on that flight..i wanna make sure i make it back to my yongerz..to see him again.. hold him again..and my SNooKeMs as well..im just tryin to figure out a way of telling you guys that i made it there ok..:-\ *sigh* well yong, hopefully i can suweet talk my way into going to church that sunday hehe..to both my momma and my SNooKeMs sharonius..:-D..lol..*sigh*hahah i wonder if sharon got what i ment by " my rescuers"..?? hmmm...lol..if it wasnt for yu,.. i probably would be at the end of my rope or looking at that hard plasic comb right now.. getting ready to do something terrible... so i thank god for the 2 ppl in my life that i love sooo much!!!! *mwuahz* they are my rescuers!!! haha..well i think im gonna put the poems that yong and i shared hahah his was adowable haha i was like awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! yeh sharon this is mostly what we do when we talk hahaha well sometimes.. haha! lol well here ya go ..haha enjoy!!!
chsfluteplyr15 (8:33:40 PM): everything about you, seems so right..i htink about you all day, i think about you all night
*~My poem to him~*
chsfluteplyr15 (8:34:02 PM): every hug i wish i had, and every kiss i want to feel..you make up for it daily by the things you make me feel
chsfluteplyr15 (8:34:30 PM): i wish to see you everyday, every moment that i breathe...everytime i hear those 3 words, i can not feel my knees
chsfluteplyr15 (8:34:56 PM): everytime we talk, i get butterflies... i want to see you smile, i want to see your eyes
chsfluteplyr15 (8:35:21 PM): i think about that day, we will be together..and know that with you, good feelings last forever
chsfluteplyr15 (8:35:51 PM): through tears of pain, and joy the same.. i smile like a reflex, everytime i hear your name
chsfluteplyr15 (8:36:18 PM): so hold onto my heart, and forever keep it safe..even til that special day, when the wedding bells ring

*~ his poem to me~*
TheMagicBishop (8:43:42 PM): What J-Nel Means to me...
J-nel is so much to me! she is my
Angel, she looks out and protects me!
Necessity, she's more importan than FWS (food water and shelter)
Everything! without her I have nothing
Life partner, I truly believe we will
Last together forever and always for all
Eeternity<3 she is so amazing and
Wonderful! so helping and modest, looks out for
Others rather than herself, the most sweetest,
Loving, kind person ill eer meet! only
Time will tell if we will be together AAF and
Ever and ever and ever haha I love her and she is the
Reason i live! I thang god for her! and lastly she is
Sexy!!! hmmm...LoL*wink* you know you are;-)

Awwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!! he soooooo suuuuuuuuwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!! haha
maybe this will give you a little taste of why i thanked you "out of the blue" sharon hahaha!!! oh yeh!! sharon, whats it like in malasia?! hmmm.. i wonder...well i hope you're having a good tiem chic!!! ;-) be safe and GoD BLeSS you!!!well i guess im gonna go..ill ttyl biebies! <3JNeL

Sharon -N- Janelle BFF AAF
Sharon <3 J-Man
I <3 Bam Bam (lol that rhymed)

P.S~ dont forget to update blogs and add that message if you want!! haha *HINT HINTS* to eurrbody!!!

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

3:21PM - Memories and Dreams

hey people..today's just been a little boring..lol..humm.. my mom stayed home today..the doctor said she'll probably be home til atleast Thursday..which is pretty good.. she needed some time off of work and now she can finally hang with her family for a little bit..lol..hmm.. guess thats good..i talked to yongerz online yesterday!! lol woop woop!! (lol sharon) its always awesome talking to him.. :-D always look forward to a smile..=-P..hmmm.. yesterday was a little different than most days..i just sat and thought about memories for most of the night..like (key one i smiled at the most) the day at church with sharon and yong.. and how nervous we were and stuff..being at Mr. Welburns work firm....always seeming to get in trouble somewhere near a Walmart with sharon...yeh im talking abut the hub-cap thing too..how i could have died that same day almost going through the window..(which was more funny than scary..) how titan got taco meat in his pants..El Vaquero games with ice, lemons, and chips...thinking you lost $2o but it was really at the bottom of your shoe...blasting music, going about 70, with the windows down screaming at ppl....2 words.. thong,and chandalier(sp?)...(lmao!!) gosh so many memories and all that happen in a short time period..lol sharon and i.. boy... such memories.. yong too!! lol salagasms...hahaha!!!! that church better have thick walls..lmao! cant wait tho >.< gotta be awesome! :-D memories and dreams..we have a wwhhooole other year together guys.. im gonna try my hardest not to screw it up by worrying about or doing stupid things..i dont have to wory about guys anymore cause i already found the perfect one... i dont have to worry about friends cause i have the greatest friends in the world... just gotta focus on band, grades, and keeping the ppl i love, happy..lol.. yuppers. that'll be the year..NO MORE BAD HABITS!!! linkin park came out with a song about that..about cutters and suicidal stuff...i just sat there in awe..i think i dropped a few tears..i think ive cried more this year than my whole life..but i gess i have to go back on what i said about not worrying so much.. im always gonna be like that.. i worry all the time..cant help it..grrrrrr.lol.. well this year HOPEFULLY will be better..and im gonna try my hardest to get o you yong..hmm.. maybe one of these days.. you can come over and chill with my family or something..would be awesome..sharon too!! like if we ever get our pool cleaned out.. go swimming or something..well you guys ill watch lol..*im not made for swimming anymore not age just.. body...lol if ya know what i mean* you know im right!! lol.. well.. i guess ill go for now..ttyl biebies!! <3JNeL

Sharon- N- Janelle BFF AAF
Sharon <3 Jeremie
I <3 Yong

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Monday, June 14, 2004

4:51AM - Pray for everyone!!

Damn today kinda had its downfall (momma news)..well its gets worse..just really bad bad stuff..( wont be told due to unapproved personal reasons) well this "something" happened..and its just really made me think... i need to tell everyone i love that i love them really soon, cause i might not have another chance-:-(- >.< i realize that now- you know what, when all my friends meet up for band practice once again and we have some free time, im gonna do that.. like a big group discussion >.< i need to just tell people now so when i die, they will know..yeh..something really sad or depressing is going to happen... i can feel it >.< i need to seriously take a vacation and calm my nerves..i dont sleep anymore..i donteat anymore, all i mostly do now is think..about my friends and everything..and of course you know i think about yong..all the time *sigh*..what would happenif i were to die right now?.. have you ever thought about that? like who wouldmsmile and who would miss you and stuff? sometimes i just want to know who truely cares..well sharon, this is gonna sound weird, but i know j-man does for sure..i remember around the last few days of school, he and i were talking on the floor about..well, life in general..and he found out about my scar (for ppl who dont know, dont ask) and he said something about about that and my guy dilema everything.. i almost started crying..i mean no offense to anyone, but for those few minutes, for the first time, i felt like someone was looking at ME.. the real me.. the she -really-does-have-issues version.. my soul..and he actually cared for me...more than a friend almost like i dunno..family? i dunno..hmm..Jeremy green also said something to me about that..he said " your life's too precious to waste" i didnt really believe him or understand him at the time..>.<.. so i want everyone i know to know that i love them and thank god for them (except my dad sometimes)..yeh there are times when we bicker or are so close its scary (telepathy symptoms i swear-sharon!), but just know that i love you guys and i would die for anyone of you in a heartbeat..:-) i care for all my friends..so even if you wouldnt return the favor, thats alright..maybe someday you will change your mind.. if not.. oh well..ill just die knowing i did a good thing for someone..yeh..wow..felt good to get that out..hmmm..well i guess ill go for now..i love you guys!! <3 JNeL
Sharon -N- Janelle BFF AAF
I <3 Yong
Sharon <3 Jeremie

P.S~ Ppl need to update their journals and blogs..lol **HINT HINT** that just goes to 2 very special ppl that i cant live without.. :-)

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Sunday, June 13, 2004

6:30PM - Pray For Her Please!!

Yeh you can tell by the title this entry isnt gonna be a good one :-( well i actually got to talk to my mom today (since like forever it seems) well i dunno if she realized but she and a co-worker were talking about whats wrong with my mom ( specifically) and my mom was telling her...:-( >.<.. well she told her co-worker that when she went to the doctor they told her that her blood pressure was really high and that it wasnt dropping..( thats why she has a severe headache all the time now) and then she told the girl that she was retaining a lot of water.. and they said it was her heart.. >.< omg i almost started crying when i heard that..my eyes welded with tears.. so i gave the phone to my dad and just ran to my room as fast as i could.. omg >.< her blood pressure alone can cause a severe stroke (medical history fyi) just imagine blood pressure plus the strsin shes putting on her heart..plus a headache and shes terribly sick omg >.< sharon, i see why my brother and dad didnt tell me everything... >.< omg..then my mom is taking aallllll these pills blood pressure, anti-depressants..everything under the freaking sun.. so she gets high..literally... im scared she might overdose and not wake up again or pass out.. or something judst horrible..>.<...i hardly see her.. we hardly talk anymore.. we're moving apart..>.< i miss my mom!!! having fun, hearing her laugh, racing to the car from a super market,.. gosh everything >.< if you gus only knew some of the crazy things my mom and i did..heres a pic.. imagine what sharon and i do and its a little bit less crazy but just by a teeny bit.. yeh ..so please pray for her.. iknow god watches over her...>.< thanx for you ppl who do i really appreciate it..:-) well im gonna go.. i need to take my mind off of things.. >.< biebies!! <3JNeL
Sharon -N- Janelle BFF AAF
I <3 Yong!!
Sharon <3 Jeremie!!

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Friday, June 11, 2004

8:35PM - woot woot!!

lol hey ppl !! you can see im kinda happy from the name..lol.:-D.. well i talked to yongerz today and yesterday .. it was awesome! :-) our convos are always hilarious and crazii..lol..oh yeh i was FINALLY able to view your blurty sharon(cause the last one had unexplicit language) lmao! wow.. the things ppl talk about lol!! tulip of sunshine?? awww..lol.. and i was lauging so hard on the josh rogers ad 10 fingers one ..lmao! wrinkles??? hahah!..wow..*sigh* im really gonna miss ya chic..so be careful so that way i can jump on you when you get back lol..lol SNooKeMS!!..lol =-P..hmm..lets see..uhh..well i talked to yongerz today for a long time about 5 hours lol.. but i loved every minute..:-D...buh right now im just sitting in my room (yes its clean sharon lol) just typin here..probably gonna listen to some music or play some..hmm.. dunno yet..oh which reminds me ..lol sharon i still have that pillow you gave me..lol.. the one that said "Sweet Dreams"..lol yeh its like the main show piece of my bed..lol i love it! so cute with the sparkly things on there lol.. and the little kitty..awwwies..lol.. tht reminds me of the kitty i drew..hey i just realized that.. WHOA! lol.. slooo i know..lol..oh yeh an i read your email sharon..lol they were hott as hell huh? lol!!..hmmm.. i was gonna write ya back buh i didnt kno what else to talk about or bring up.. i couldnt think of anything lol.. and im having trouble now ..lol..im gonna miss eurrbody..my SNooKeMS.. my Yongerz <3....eurrbody..(lol eurrbody-sharon) hey yong! i still wish it would rain..lol ;-) even tho on the phone the sound just came out TeRRiBLe.! lol!! hmmm.. band ppl..scary..mm..lol..=-P well i guess ill get going.. i really cant think of anything else to say lol..well ttyl biebies <3 JNeL $/\/ôô|<£|\/|

Sharon -N- Janelle BFF AAF
I <3 Yongerz!!!
Sharon <3 Jeremie ;-)

P.S- The song on this page is going out to all my SNooKeMS.. my friends and my YoNGeRZ!!! I miss you guys!!! *mwuahz*

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