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    Sunday, July 6th, 2003
    5:12 pm
    *~01~* ~New Poem~ *~01~*
    *Last night, Noah and I had a arguement. We resolved the problem we were coming across and finally both got off the phone. I wrote a poem though to express to him how I feel. I haven't been able to share it with him yet because he has still ceased to call me, like he said he would :( So I figured I would put it in here.


    You were once everything that made me happy,
    Now you're everything that makes me sad,
    And everthing you used to be,
    Is everything I wish I had.

    Often I wish we didn't argue,
    More so I wish that I didn't go to sleep with tears glazing my cheeks,
    But now everything you say seems to be hurting only me.

    The pain I can't cast away with another's touch,
    And if I've learned anything from you,
    I've learned at least this much.

    I also can't hide my feelings way deep down inside,
    So maybe thats why I turn off the lights and cry.

    I love you so much and I hope you know it's true,
    I just don't want you taken away by someone new.

    Even though times are tough and I mostly focus on the bad,
    I try to look at how you make me so happy and then I'm always glad.

    I never thought I'd find a love quite like this,
    And even through the perils it's not one I'd like to to miss.

    I love you so much, honey, words can't even explain,
    I just hope that one day you'll end up feeling the same way.

    *I really hope he likes the poem. I put my heart and soul into and if he doesn't.....well lets just not think about that. I feel so bored, sitting in my house all day. Granted I talked to like 7 different people on the phone/net, but that wasn't quite fufilling as getting out and going somewhere. Blah!!! I'm gonna go make myself a bracelet. TTYL!

    Current Mood: blank
    Current Music: **Antigravity Love song- Incubus**