feldy's Journal

Sunday, July 11, 2004


so. summer. here we are. interesting. i have to pee pretty bad.

i just went to the paul miller audi with dan and goddamn i want an A8L.
when i get audrey fixed i think i'm gonna sell her (i'll keep a memento of course),
sell my quad and then buy this.

then i'll get a k&n air filter and tighten the waste gate screw to get the "FWWWWWWTTT KAAAAAAHH" noise back.

i feel like partying. i probably shouldn't. too much of a good thing...

man its been a fucking long time since i posted.
i wanna go to the shore, do what we did the day after prom and visit the
fucking extreme absolute and utter sleaziness that is the seaside boardwalk.

so bored with everything as awesome as everything is.

Current mood: !!!
Current music: mos def - umi says
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