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Interesting Day [26 Aug 2003|07:21pm]
[ mood | indifferent ]
[ music | "Stacy's Mom" Fountains of Wayne ]

Mwah. I had an interesting day today. Pretty much a normal school day. But I got a buck :D. I kissed Ben G. for a buck. He's not the best looking or anything...[think grayish brown curly hair, reddish cheecks, braces, CANADIAN] but cha know...a buck is a buck :D. He just sorta sat there [we were on da bus] and I sorta kissed the sideness of his mouth. It was the evil Rafi who dared me to do it. Rafi's cool. He n' his friends supposedly set an EVIL furby on fire. He he. Arg! There is fricking spaghetti sauce on my keyboard. [Yuck] I need a new crush. The guy I like still has a girlfriend and I'm too damn lazy to work on breaking 'em up. Every song reminds me of him.. Arg! EVERY! Any HOT 13-15 year old's out there ;). I'm sorry. I should not be personal adding in my UJ. But still.... ;) . Ok. I'm gonna go work on a layout for some girl. See ya.


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