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    Friday, December 26th, 2003
    12:25 am
    Happy Christmas!!!
    Yesterday was the holy day. Yes, even though i'm not associated with that religion, it doesn't matter. I'd have to say that it is the most odd day of the year. I have mixed feelings every time i come across this day. I either have the overwhelming sense of excitment or i have this agony that i'd have to see relatives and act like i'm an angel. I'M NOT.

    i spent some time in the den at my uncle's house in SD, and left after everyone began to discuss MY future. its not up to them what happens to me, its up to me. its my decisions and my responsibility to mess up or become successful. Whatever.

    i received lots of money. needless to say, i want a telescope. i'm weird and i find that having a telescope will tend to my needs to look into space. Its a wonderment for me. i'd weirdly want to know whats up there and know that i can at least see a planet when its close to earth.

    okie, so i'll sleep now. g'nite.
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