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Wednesday, March 10th, 2004

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    The Man Who Cried
    Just finished watching "The Man Who Cried" with Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci. What a sad movie. Sigh. Yes, there are tears in my eyes. To counteract that sad movie I am now watching atleast some of "Benny and Joon". Even though it is 1am. I don't care. Can't sleep on a sad note, I'd wake up sad. Okay... gave up on the movie, it needs too much attention. More than I have. I went for the junk food of T.V., cartoons and stand up comedy, kinda like chocolate for PMSing women.

    Quotes from Comic View:

    "President Bush. It is upon you to stop the ruthless killing of squirrels in South America. There will be no peace until you stop this killing."

    "There's alot of beautiful women here tonight, but not one of you is gonna get me buck naked and dancin in the rain. I don't know what they do down here in New Orleans but back in Chicago that's 30 days in Jail. 'Can I have my clothes back?' 'Nope, you wanted to dance naked in the rain. Turn left please.' click."

    God I love Cowboy Bebop. You should watch it sometime. It is on Cartoon Network at 1:30am mon-thurs.

    Current Mood: sad

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