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Monday, February 9th, 2004

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    m'am,....let go of the rope......(jyl, honey, he's talking to

    dunk 'em~gregar,emily and tim

    keep going, past the blue lag~gregar

    that's the "nic" for the "doo"~gregar

    what are you going to do, hit me?~kenny

    i'll do what ever it takes~asshole in parking lot

    "basturd"? that's the only insult that DOESN'T apply to me!~kenny

    hey, drunk guy, follow my voice~jyl

    don't turn you head and shake your head at me!~jyl to tim

    3 adults, 1 adultress~kenny refering to jyl

    let's ask roy if he wants to shoot some pool~gregar and tim

    i'll meet you guys in florida~dave hiding on the beach

    don't be a cry baby, be a try baby~the tick

    mine? mine? mine?~kenny

    you've got to watch out for those drunk people~yale refering to kenny

    i'm going to spread my buttery justice over every nook and cranny~the

    brazil/isreal, 14/18....~yale's coworker

    could you run that by me again? i'm sorry, i forgot to listen~ the tick
    AND sue

    you guys must be from the norte~stranger during moped ride

    ....cuz yer a pussy~emily explaining why kenny's moped was always last
    in line

    are we going down bay?~nina

    shake it , shake it like a polaroid picture~outkast

    Current Mood: sleepy
    Current Music: Nothing Out There For Me-Missy Elliott-Under Construction

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