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[17 Oct 2003|04:26pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | mixtape - brand new ] i decided to get a blurty to just start over with...i used to post in ujournal but i couldn't really handle it anymore...if anyone can jsut understand that.

i`m ashley, i live in stony brook and i jsut moved here from california (santa cruz) and i love zach<3. yeah zach is my boyfriend and best friend but he is still in santa cruz =( soo who knows how long this is going to last...yeah so basically i`m just really depressed right now because i just had to leave everything that i ever had in california and right now i fucking hate it here in new york everyone is such fucking idiots...okay i`m crying really hard while i write this so i`m gonna go now...zach i love you so much &i miss you =( xoo

kari i love you so much &i miss you you`ll always be my best friend and sister no matter what i wish you and zach were here soo bad x3 mwahz ilu

love always | ashley

i <3 zachary

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