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AH HAVE A FUCKING HOUSE!!!!!!! [26 Oct 2003|01:28pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | warning by incubus ]

thats right motherfuckers. i have a fucking house. thats fucking right! AH HA HA HA HA..back in the township...yay! AMBER AMBER AMBER!!!!!! eeeeyay! there shall be a party! a fucking party. you may all come! everyone on my friends list. of course it will only be a stupid straightedge party. but oh fucking well. bwa ha ha ha. im happy. soo happy. now amber's dad cant fuckin bitch anymore and she wont have so far to drive...yay! but she doesn't know yet...i would have called her right away but noppers cuz her dad made her go up north. GRR! if u get this b4 u talk to me then try to call me amber! mmk i must go.

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eeeyay [26 Oct 2003|04:15pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | RARW SUCK MY NUTS! ]

yes. i am happy now. soon i shall be departing for the anneversary party. wonderful. there is yet again absolutely no candy here....or good food that i haven't cleaned out. i like food he he. i eat when im bored. oh well. im not fat. 118. i AM slightly proud of that sadly. lol. well then

hmm. after intenses paranoia and being freaked out about my parents showing up. me amber and kitty decided to depart from the red eye. no one was there they were all at the hall show anyway. i am for sure allowed to go there for halloween. lovelyness. at any rate...we then went hence forth to thee hall show. III thought it was fun but not everyone kitty got a headache and i felt bad....she wanted to go home so we took her there. we never actually returned to the hall show that night lol. oh wait. but earlier i upset amber somehow and she was afraid i was gonna be mad at her and she was saddened. thus my heart broke to see her face. i was so sorry. i told her i was not mad at her at all and that i would no longer fight with jessica reed and accept that that is how she is. it was all very sad. i never want her to be sad. all happy!!! for she is the most beautiful person i know and have ever known and no one should make her sad goddamnit. especially not me. i try not to eh! *pouts*
but the night became good because after we dropped kitty off....well we got caught at the boat launch by some man belonging to a law inforcement agency...but he was nothing like the aforementioned mr. mook. he was nice. he said," are you all here cuz u want to?" and of course we replied yes. he asked our ages and told us we could do whatever we wanted to. he said he didn't expect us to be two girls. he said that hurts the men's competition. it was funny. i was freaking out. ha ha ha. then too amny cars were comming so we went to camelot. we were no longer bothered and were out for a total of aproximately 2 hours until i had to be reluctantly returned to the hell which i loveingly call HOME! my mom smelled my breath and shit but its okay cuz i am too careful...i carry minty shit everywhere. so yeah

today suked ass in the early hours. it was all crying and we hate our parents. i hate her mom. i hate her dad. and i hate my mom. if only i could save her....
well then this lovely man called and told us that we get a house!!!! yay!
i share the basement room with my sister and its big. we also posess our own bathroom. i get a bed guys!!!! and room for my own shit! YAY!!! soon i depart. then after that i go henceforth to the movies. at the quad.

amber- if you read this befor talking to my mothers cellular telephone. in the case that u dont remember it is-- 992-3908 he he. I LOVE YOU!!!
i hope your day was better than you morning.

alas i depart!


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