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orientation [13 Aug 2003|07:18am]
[ mood | melancholy ]
[ music | merrrr...die? ]

meh...hello all. tis so damned early. normal ppl do not rise this early. y? Y? Y?!!?! u ask? o because of skool orientation...woo fucking hoo. someone can take my fuckin picture. and then i can go die. i should let them take a picture of a penticle sewn into my hand and safety pins piercing the skin on my wrist! ?MEH? y must they have orientation. like i want to see the shit hole before skool starts. and everyone is gonna be like...oooo i gotta tan im fucking special now and maybe the cool kids will like me now. meh. die skool die. i hope it gets bombed at orientation. meh heh heh....that'd be really funny. ee hee hee hee hee.....perhaps i shall be the child to do so. nooo i wont ...cuz i wanna see amber again and i would like to have a good life. yes. so many fucking restrictions...i should be able to blow up a fuckin skool if i damn well please. poo on them all...damn them in their asses. DIE. and stuff. lets count how many times i have said die? way too many. o well..:) ITS HOW I FUCKING FEEL RIGHT NOW!!! yes but amber shall be home thursday/ friday depending on whether or not her cunt bitch father allows her to drive. NO HOTELS! DO U ALL WANT LICE?!?!?!?!?! wow im slightly hyper now. but in a dark and evil sorta way. mwa ha ha ha ha. seriously sux ass. i hope im late for orientation. gah...fuckers. me n amber had a good amount of time to talk last night...yay! i miss and love her soooo much. i am sort of disliking the words "love" and "miss" right now because what i feel has much greater meaning and i feel somewhat confined by the words. bla! i love u with all of my heart is as close as i can come in words to how i actually feel. its good when i have the ability to show the physical part holding her. kissing her..etc...but i dont even have that. meh...depression needs to die. well im off to get ready to bomb i mean go to skool. WEEEE...not
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