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stop [18 May 2003|12:14pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | there there by radiohead ]

what do i really have to say now. i dont know. everyone, including me, has been very imature. and as usual i am central to so much chaos. again. i just want to be alone alone alone. quiet. thats how i am around family. thats how it really should be. its how i was at the beginning of the year and throughout middle. back then i thought, i want to be the center of attention and i want to be noticed. i dont now. way back when i was also suicidal so maybe this is good that im not all withdrawn. people die when they are alone. its my phobia and now i have so many friends that i never will be. and i do love my friends. the majority of them, unless they are fucking me over, are awesome. o listen my mom is yelling again....whats new. eh, im so tired of this world. i should have stayed gone when i went. it would be better. i loved it when i was out there. as a matter of fact it was the best when i was with angel and jason...but i didn't know then what angel would do. nor did i know what i would do. my life is by far too interesting now for my own tastes. maybe ill follow thru with the new york thing this summer. maybe when me n my family go up there ill just stay there. but i prolly wont. its not the answer. and i am not a coward. i know that at least. later all im gonna go ridding the horse again perhaps. o nvm its my dads party today. :) yesterday was the actual b-day.
luv ariana

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tomorrow is a new day [18 May 2003|11:43pm]
yes the subject is correct. tomorrow is a new day and a cance and im going to take it. i dont bloody fucking know how anyone got her journal or anything but prollyoffa me buddy list. thanx to all mygood friends for being here for me and also for the illegal narcotics i have done this weekend. ha ha ha. i dont even know if im mad enough to kik anyone's ass right now but probably angel's still. hmmmm...ill see him soon at the various places. and it has nothing to do with jess its just that he betrayed me and is acting ike a little bitch about everything. im kind of okay now. im really wired and all im on speeeeeeedddddd....ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. well g2g aunts is gettin pissde off...ttyl all
love the world
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