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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004
4:53 pm
oh, i never said anything about my bday party....
i cant actually remember much of it now... all i know is i was very drunk and lots of people came. um.. thats all i can remember. kris took lots of funny photos for me. rach helped me clean up. and i went home to sleep. then on saturday night tim was over from the coast so simon, tim, dax, phil and i went to neils (im sure ive already written about this...) and drank, then went to sommerset at the jetset. they were fucking awesome. i still actually have bruises on my shins from the "mosh pit". haha, "mosh" always makes me cringe. umm, some other bands played but we didnt really watch them, tim, karla, phil and i sat on the couches and thought about playing pool and simon stayed outside with dax who was apparently too drunk to get in. (he did finish an $80 bottle of whiskey before we came...) they went to get food or something and tim and i realised we were starving so went to mcdonalds. umm... i almost got "banned" cos i wasnt "respecting their glassware"... it was simon more than me anyway...

i just realised i had already typed this, but it was friends only, so here it is again... haha

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4:41 pm
so it turns out i have sinitus or something. whatever it is, it sucks but i have drugs now to get rid of it... hopefully by friday cos kris is playing at the dux :)

yeah, so ive been sleeping during the day a lot and missing classes and not getting any work done. i didnt finish my ergonomics assignment so i had to go get a medical certificate from the doctor :(

current music: Belvedere - Quicksand

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Thursday, July 29th, 2004
2:17 pm
history assignment back today - 86%

now i gotta do my building assignment. so long!

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Monday, July 26th, 2004
2:27 pm
ok, i'll update you all later about my bday etc.... but right now i think im going to die... im freaking sore... bruises everywhere... and my chest hurts a lot cos i have this weird cough thing :(

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2004
11:31 pm
hell yeah, i just got a whole lot done for my textiles assignment..... finished rendering the pattern repeat and 2nd colourway, wrote a whole lotta stuff about flax and weaving for the research part, and started on the concept development page. hurrah!

we are going out for dinner tomorrow night, doin' the ol' bday dinner at lone star thing. yum. lone star spare ribs = sooo fucking good!!! whoa, im almost 19... thats weird....

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5:27 pm
i didnt go to tech this morning... i had a killer headache, so i slept longer, but it didnt go away... so i got up, ate and had some panadol, which also didnt work, so i went in to tech in the afternoon cos i have to get my drafting done cos its due soon and theres sooo much to do!

anyway, im going to light the fire because its freaking cold!!!

current music: Transplants - Diamonds and Guns

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5:15 pm
bzoink... )

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Tuesday, July 20th, 2004
10:18 pm
blah blah blah... ummm... so im having my party at the hulk. yay. it just means i have to clean up in the morning.... meh....

i finished my screenprinting today, it looks pretty good :)
hahaha, i just made invitations/flyer things in word, cos photoshop isnt working, and then i wanted it in paint for some reason so i did the "print screen" thing and psated into paint... now i have printed the master out to photocopy at tech and it has the green underlined grammar check thing that word does. haha. meh, it can stay. and people will be like "why is the 'the' underlined??"

ok so im off to bed.

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Monday, July 19th, 2004
11:37 pm
first day back aye... it wasnt too bad.... heaps of our due dates got changed cos we have so many assignments due at the same time, so that was a relief. i stayed at tech till about 2.30ish and then met up with goo to go look at a flat on cashel street. it's pretty cool. i hope she moves in there. and hopefully it will be before friday so we can have a joint party - my 19th and her flatwarming.... otherwise i'll have a party at the hulk. i mean ye olde hulke. i just re-read that... a "joint" party... lol... it would be more appropriate to have a "joint" party at the hulk with the "green" team. ha! i am too funny.... :|

travis barker was on mtv cribs tonight. he is one hot piece of ass. haha... hot piece of ass... who says that?!? ive never heard him talk so much before, and he talked way different to how i thought he would.. it was hott. ha... hott.... :|

i did a bit of work on my textiles assignment tonight. hurrah! its looking good. since my screenprint is like a woven-flax fish thing, i stuck some flax on the cover. it look rather spiffy if i say so myself :)


current mood: accomplished

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Sunday, July 18th, 2004
2:13 pm
im going to goo's place to play point blank again... yessss :D

current music: The Postal Service - Nothing Better

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1:52 pm - last day of freedom
its sunday. the last day of my holidays. ive successfully gone through 2 weeks of doing no work. well, i wrote about two pages for my building assignment, but thats about it. i really have to get myself organised tonight, cos my work and notes etc are all over the house, and i cant even remember what course i have on monday....

you know, sometimes i really wonder about people.... there are some fucked up ones out there...

current music: Brand New - Jaws Theme Swimming

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Saturday, July 17th, 2004
11:44 pm
argh, back to tech on monday.... i dont wanna....

dammit. photoshop isnt working cos the scratch disk is full or some bs... i dont even know what that means.... and i have ideas...

me and goo stayed up till 4am last night playing point blank and bishi bashi... now those are two great games...

current music: The Bleeders - All That Glitters

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Friday, July 16th, 2004
8:01 pm - listen to these albums ok?!
right now im fucking loving a few albums that i feel i must recommend to anyone who reads this....
1. Audio Karate - Lady Melody
2. My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge
3. Authority Zero - Andiamo
4. The Postal Service - Give Up
5. Streetlight Manifesto - Everything Goes Numb
6. Thrice - Illusion of Safety

c'mon people, you know you wanna check those out!!!

current music: My Chemical Romance - To The End

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7:40 pm - tim's bday party
i always have trouble starting entries.... and it usually ends up being something lame like, well, um, or some other word that isnt really a proper word...

yep, so i'll just start with "i went to timothy's birthday party last night". how about that... (oh my gosh, i havent heard this song in ages... it brings back memories....from when i was like, little....) anyway, so we went to "ye olde hulke" (it had to be renamed as it is no longer green, but grey) and had to wait for goo to get off work, which took a million years. no shit.. a million years. yep, so it was pissing down. rach's dad drove us all over there and we saw a crash on the way - a car and a truck had collided and the truck was completely black from fire and the drivers side of the once white car was burnt too. when we got to tims everyone was pretty fucked already, so we had to catch up quick :P everyone left pretty early and we retired to bed soon after.

today i slept in while tim cleaned up his house a bit... i kinda felt bad that i didnt help... we bussed to town and he went to work so i met up with goo (who had gone back to ye olde hulke and puked her guts out, haha) and we ate sandwiches in the sunshine by the bridge of rememberence, and watched the ducks. it was so good to sit in the sun... :) cant wait for summer....

current music: Good Riddance - Steps

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Thursday, July 15th, 2004
11:50 am
um um ummm... i got up early this morning and washed the windows for mum. arent i a good girl?... sure

i got 4 more films from the trip developed.... yay! set me back $35 though... but its about time i got them done.

tim is having a bday party tonight :)

oh, i went 2nd hand shopping yesterday and got great stuff - black shorts, a little red corduroy skirt and checkered leggings! yeah!! what a find. they are pretty tight though... haha oh well

current music: dubwize

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Tuesday, July 13th, 2004
1:06 pm
if you couldnt tell, i have recently reinstalled the blurty client.... my entries are getting shorter and more frequent. heh.
im gonna go do something. what i dont know. maybe ill go and hang out with mary in town... or i could do some work....

current mood: okay
current music: Strung Out - The Kids

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12:47 pm
argh, im so bored... actually, im talking to dee, who i havent talked to in ages. she is doing good...
i cant get hold of tim, i think he is at his dad's place... :( and i have a birthday present for him....

current music: Knockout - Leaving Chicago

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Saturday, July 10th, 2004
4:44 pm
im trying to find stuff to put on alex's bday card... im not getting very far. i keep getting great ideas and then i go off on a tangent... dang.

current music: Blink-182 - dumpweed

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Friday, July 9th, 2004
4:46 pm
mother fucker its cold! ok, so its kinda sunny, but its still fricking cold. as soon as ive uploaded this animation thing (and worked out where to put it) im gonna go light the fire. oh, and i better get in my washing too...

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12:13 am
well im bored, so i'll tell y'all bout my week... well, my last couple of days anyway...

umm, goo was off on her south island extravaganza, so she came and stayed on, jeez, i cant even remember what day that was... let me work it out... ok, i think it was monday. yeah, so goo came and stayed and we stayed up late giggling and making up stupid words. ha, it was great! and on tuesday we met tim in town and... ate $2 rice and had a look in some shops and played eye-spy on the crossing. then goo had to go to work, so me and tim went home. mum made us cheese toasties for dinner. yum. we went and got dvds and went to kris's. we got pi (i wish i had the pi symbol), misery and jabberwocky. i cant believe i used to watch misery when i was 10....

next day... (what are we up to??) wednesday? we slept in till like... 2, it was great :) and watched dennis the menace on tv and then went home. i went to eastgate to return the dvds and i got a chicken burger from the crazy kebab for dinner and bought this cool "puffa vest" that ive wanted for a while. it was 30% off... so its ok :D

so now tim is tramping with his dad in like, abel tasman park or somewhere and he wont be back for a few days... *sigh*

theres some random thing on tv right now about quentin tarantino.... its almost like a mock-umentary or something.... i might watch it :)

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