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    Saturday, July 12th, 2003
    8:08 pm
    Started Karate today
    Well, I don't know why I'm starting an online diary, should be interesting as I tend to forget to update, but hey I can try.
    Still very tired and not sleeping properly. Managed to get loads of andrenaline for my first Karate lesson, though. I was brilliant, it was so good for letting go of stress. I got nearly everything wrong though and did things like forgetting to bow when I left and entered the Dogo, but I'll get better. Learnt the first stance of the Cata (or part of it anyway). I've never known how to block before so that was really cool. We learnt how to take descent steps forwards and backwards, how to defend yourself if someone grabs you by the neck, arms and head. Pretty cool. Often I don't like sport because I don't see the point, but this was great. Didn't know I had to bring a drink for the break though and so got very thirsty. A bunch of kind peeps offered me some of theirs, but I was too embarassed to accept. No one my age as they were all off at a competition today. Pretty nervous about when they come back (will they be snobby about being my age, but much better than me as I'm only a beginner?).
    Bought Dad his birthday present (a sand creature and Vinegar Joe Album) and Mrs Strevens (my English teacher) a leaving present. Wish with all my heart Mrs Strevens isn't leaving. She's the only teacher who has really pushed. I wish so much I'd listened to her properly, and that I hadn't written on the end of that story '581 words - prooving how awful I am at short stories' I dread to think what she'll say when she finishes marking it. Oh, I feel so bad.
    Dad wouldn't let me go out in my leather jacket as it was too hot, saw some very cool boots while out. May ask for them as a birthday present. However, they are very long up the leg and I refuse to wear skirts so... maybe not.
    Have horseriding assessment this week, very nervous as have not been on a horse for three weeks (my old stables have retired).
    Having difficulty writing my story, so many ideas jammed up, but they can't get out properly.
    Really worried about having to perform that stupid circus thing on Monday. We had these activity days, I chose the Bigfoot Theatre workshop. The workshop was like 1 hour long, the rest of the two days was spent making a circus. No one wanted to, it's what the teachers told us to do. I'm a ringmaster and I have too much to do. So many things are going to go wrong, and I have to insult Harry Potter on stage. My friends are going to kill me and the whole school will be laughing at such rediculous performance. Why did they choose a circus? The stuff we're doing is way too young for us, if they really wanted us to do it right they should have got some professional circus people to teach us. GRR.
    Mum and Dad out on Anniversary dinner, I am home alone. Can't find any descent fanfics to read.

    Current Mood: discontent
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