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Neko to the launch [08 Apr 2004|03:05pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Today marks my first post in this journal. Hmmm... I have to decided to create this in order to post anything that comes to mind that I would scarecly be able to talk to to others and therefore wish to discuss these thoughts with myself. Sometimes I have to deal with so many problems and it's too difficult to comfront reality and instead of exploding on someone I'll just write away my problems here.

Problem One:

I have to work tommorow. it's not a regular job it's just tommorow. Now i would much rather work somewhere like a cafe or restaurant, instead i have to work at my mom's barn. Nothing too difficult or of which I wouldn't be able to handle but the problem is that it is going to be a good ten hour long day with no gaurentee of a ride from such place of boredom unless it is convnient for my mom. My mom is always late and will probbally disregard me to wait for her at a barn where I know nobody and my creativity will probabally get the best and most negative side of me creating such disgarce upon me in front of the strict high in command manager. this so not the job for me. Not to mention it is completly unorganized and no one even knows as of which time i'm suppose to start. my mom is only guessing that it begins at 8:30, which doesn't help me much. And I had plans with my bestfriend.

Well I feel better.

Neko signing out

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