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.:*:.PR!N(3$$.:*:.'s Journal

30th November, 2003. 11:40 am. *i hate the human race*

omg! humanz are so retarded!!!!
well n-e wayz...the deal is so many damn pplz talk SO much damn shit!
i know every1 envyz me *wink* but damn!
wtf is the point of making me the center of their world!
well n-e wayz...i hate this bitch named CHARNEY!
i hope she burns in hell n rotts there!
hehe i love being mean.
well moving on...o CHARNEY....
dont you think itz kinda sad dat youve been trying 2 take my men away since the
damn 6th grade!?!?!? lmao you're pitiful!
well n-e b-day is in exactly a month!!! hehe
im so excited! n my party is on saturday! how fun!!!
well j/ wanted 2 write 2 pplz letting them know wtf i have so muhc hate in me...
n well itz bcuz of pplz! i hate the human race!
every1 is so stupid n slow!!! well love ya lotz!
n-e hot guyz...holla!!!!!!

Current mood: cynical.
Current music: *yo quiero bailar*.

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12th November, 2003. 6:08 pm. *~*c0nf0si0n*~*

life is have friends here n there.
but never are they really there.
everything is j/ one big test!
every1 is better off by themselves!
people are nice 2 you to your face...
but once you turn around,
the first thing they do is talk!
why are people so stupid!?!?!?
i will never understand!
One minute i feel like living...
the next i want to j/ die!
well g2g peaz holla!!!

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10th November, 2003. 8:17 pm. .:*:.lalala.:*:.

i'm bored out of my damn mind!
i aint got no kind of life 2day...
well howz every1 doing?
hope better than me.
nuttin really 2 complain about.
life is treating me real good.
well im hoping to find myself some guyz who are interested...
well g2g j/ felt like ryting a lil' something!

Current mood: flirty.
Current music: GET LOW!!!!!.

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