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Wednesday, April 5th, 2006

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    PULP FICTION (1994) by Quentin Tarantino
    What planet did this film come from?

    This movie crosses so many boundaries and film types. It plays with time, character and philosophy. It definitely is not your TYPICAL gangster film. It plays with your brain while still 'causing you to shriek with laughter. Explain precisely what makes this film so different from other films you've seen.

    How many scenes are in this film...count them in your head. It helps to put the film in "order". Why does
    Tarantino switch the time sequence...what was the point?

    Show how this film doesn't exist in our "real" world and why Tarantino wanted to set it there. Why so much philosophy throughout the film? What is swith all the black/white dynamics throughout the film? What code of honor do these gangsters adhere to (you might want to recall RESERVOIR DOGS here as well)? And go deep into how HUMOR and VIOLENCE constantly play off each other in PULP FICTION.

    For a real treat, i printed the link to the screenplay. Take a look at any page and look how Tarantino LOVES dialogue! This screenplay has been studied by everyone writing movies in Hollywood.

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