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Friday, February 17th, 2006

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    URBANIA (2000) by Jon Shear
    The first question Charlie in Urbania starts asks you: "Heard any good stories lately?" We then see a couple well-known urban legends played out, and this sets the tone and theme for the rest of the film, which starts out to be about a man trying to come to terms with recent past events, while pursuing a potential love interest (but you don't really learn much about this man until the plot unravels.)

    Urbania utilizes a bleak urban setting to weave this popular horror folklore with the story of one man's real-life horror story of what happened one cruel night. the film details his struggle to deal with what happened and finally gain control of his life. Fantasy and reality become difficult to separate, just as it is with urban legends. The film jumps back and forth in time leaving you to have to "figure" out the story. Examine how the filmmaker uses photography, editing, sound and structure to "trick" you. There is even a fantasy sequence between Chris and Charlie that never takes place but is the true emotional heart of the film. Why is it included?

    Urbania is a tragic love story but maybe, finally, at the end, Charlie learns how to deal with what happened.

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