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[06 Jul 2003|01:25am]
[ mood | tired ]

This is my first entry in this journal i have another..but i kinda wanna start over a little..
i dont know today was a shitty day.. sorta of.. me and my boyfriend josh.. broke up..i broke
up with him but i did care about him alot.. so it still hurts..i moved back in with my family.. because we were living with his cousin.. in gulfport.. but now im back in diberville .. which kinda of sucks because now im really close to his job....i went to the store earlier.. and he stopped me and wanted to talk....for a mintue..
he said he wanted to get back together.. i dont know.. i seriously doubt im gonna go back out with him we fight way to much.. if its not about one thing its another.. he just called a second ago.. asking what i was doing i hung up on him.. he just gets on my nerves so fast.. it just seems we had more bad moments then good..
i just gotta move on.. im not gonna jump into any relationships any time soon i need a break from men..
way to much drama.. well i guess im gonna go for now pretty tired...

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