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Erykah's Journal

19th January, 2004. 5:50 pm. What a weekend of broken things...

So...on Thursday night, my glasses broke and my contacts were already broken so I headed towards Indy with old glasses on my face...barely able to see...Friday night was a night of fun and adventure as we celebrated Nathans' birthday and his upcoming trip to Europe...Josh Garrels was outstanding and being with Bait and her roomies was so exciting :) Saturday was nice and cold with freezing rain but fun times with Cat and Bait and Ben and Dan at their mexican restraunt...
But back to breaking Rob Alan broke my sanity with the Breakfast at Tiffany's song...and then on Sunday, my watch wonderful walmart watch...and then after that, my tooth broke after Liz's elmo attacked my mouth...unbelievable and what's worse...Peter Chang broke my heart with the news of his gf at school...can you believe all of this brokenness...

well, an update will tell you that my glasses are being fixed currently and will be replaced on Thursday accompanied by new contacts...and my tooth was fixed today and looks as it did heart remains broken and i still need a watch but other than is good :)

Current mood: broken :).
Current music: dido.

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