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[31 May 2003|05:38pm]
*Sigh* I really haven't been doing anything lately. *Shrug* Nothing to do I guess. I went shopping today. Bought four pairs of shoes. Lots of clothes too. I haven't done that in forever. Sorry..another pointless update. *Nod*.
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[27 May 2003|09:37pm]
Heeee. I like Aaron. But I can tell that him and Evan..well they like eachother. *Shrugs* I guess I want them to be happy, Evan is so nice. *Sigh* Anywho..I talked to Anna. *Giggle* Shes still alive and kickin'. ;D.
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[22 May 2003|10:46pm]
Hey, I'm Faye! *grins* Hi. *giggles* IM me!! babyxfaye. Thankies!
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