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Date:2003-08-06 19:37
Subject:Been a while

I haven't updated since what..sunday...The wedding was boring just like i thought...but the thunderstorm really helped things out....monday i forget what happened it must not have been important, or maybe it was...who knows...tuesday i woke up and went to work at 5;30 kickin huh....a bunch of people came to visit...i'm starting to bum tho cuz i haven't seen bria in a while....last night i went back to java js and brett was workin haven't seen him in a while he got a chance to play a show but couldn't get off work and i wasn't doin it today iwoke up at 11 it was nice....i strolled around the house...then got dressed and moseyed up to the lake, still bummed cuz bria isn't working and i forgot....then swim practice was cancelled....cuz of thunder...o well....i came home and my grandparents offered to go to dinner and i was like yeah i'm in...and we went and i had paella its really good...i came home and sat around i'm pretty bored i played my guitar for a while but my brother was buggin me cuz it was bothering him i turned it up for a few then stopped
thats about it...hopefully i'll get to talk to bria tonight or soon...i'm starting to really miss her....i may go to the FIVE IRON FRENZY show on september 17th that'll be kickin but its in port monmouth i'd go with kevin from justfor fun....its gonna be amazing if i go i can see it now.......yup
alright i'm done i'll prolly take a ton of quizzes on quizzilla cuz i'm mad bored

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Date:2003-08-03 13:28
Subject:Doot doot doot
Mood: blah
Music:here comes the bride

Alright...lets start on friday night.....i was talking to bria online...it was really nicole...things were said....called them nicole was giving birth to Ace S. Snyder. Next morning i had to get to work....i woke up at 5 to 7 and had to be in at 7 so i ran...it was slow...boring...erg...made like nothing....came home and basicly did nothing then i had band practice...that was pretty good...we don't have a name yet but the songs we have are tight...i wrote lyrics for one of em...bria called me but it was too late for me to go meet her cuz i was like loading gear into the durango. I went home and my parents went out and i couldn't do anything.....then i'm online and nicole says something that sorta spooked me...and i got a little jumpy but its good now....i went to bed......woke up today way to early........i got to work a half hour early to open up....jay got there at 8......it wasn't that great i made 10 bux cuz jason forgot about tips....i'll split it someother time.....o well now i gotta go to a wedding that doesn't really count cuz they are already married.....i like them so i'll go cuz they are nice...but other than that its hot humid and its outdoors erg

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Date:2003-08-01 18:27
Subject:yesturday and today
Mood: sick

Yesturday was pats birthday we didn't do anything special....but we went with the counsulers at park and what not to camel beach. It was pretty great there. We went on a ton of slides that was suprisingly mighty fun. Spent like the whole day with Bria, Nicole, Alyssa, pat, Bria, Bria....mainly it was great. I didn't bring a towel tho so i was pretty cold... but when i got home i noticed that i was so sunburnt.It hurts...alot....owell....today i had to work from 12-6 and i didn't think i was gonna be able to go to the movies with Bria but they didn't go any way so i'm not happy they didn't go but i mean i'm less dissatisfied cuz i wouldn't have gone anyway. I'm not doing anything fun tonight cept try to cool off from the sunburn. Tommorow i'm working for brett cuz he wanted to get a weekend to himself, i figured i like him i might as well...then band practice at 2. It should all work out, maybe even see bria. But this sunburn is so bad its making me feel sickish.

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Date:2003-07-30 19:43
Mood: loved
Music:Eh Steve-JFF

This morning i woke up late for band practice... I woke up my mom and was like i need a ride...she stalled andwhile i loaded my equipment...then we went...bria couldn't come cuz of some other reason, but thats ok....it was a good practice we forgot alot of stuff and had to create to make up for it....so as i'm leaving pat gives me a call and says he locked us out. I yelled at him and walked down to the lake...he was gone getting us keys...i went up to brias house and met some of her extended family and stayed there for awhile...then my dad was all like u gotta be home by 630 so we left at 6 30 he wasn't home so i don't get the big deal. Then pat wanted to race me home and he had the longboard and i was wearing sandals...but i won...cuz i'm awesome...o well thats basicly how the day went...not much more to say other then things are great...tommorow i was invited to go to camel beach and its pats birthday so it should be pretty good...spend the whole day with bria thats a recipe for good stuff. alright i'm out

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Date:2003-07-28 16:04
Subject:Mi novia
Mood: ecstatic
Music:The Temptations- My Girl

As of yesturday I am no longer single. I asked Bria out yesturday and its great. I love her more than i could ever say. Other than that joyous announcement i've been pretty bored lately. I woke up today after sleeping in a little and took a shower...then decided i wanna wear all of my guinness stuff....so i grabbed my boxers my shirt and my party button down. I thought i looked good...then i sat around the house till about 1:30 and i went to the lake. i longboarded for a little while then sat down talked to john and brian then went again and ended up seeing jeff and elizabeth walkin dogs. i went around with them came home and realized i gotta eat before the swim meet...i tried to call for chinese but like no where is open and i'm not ordering from number 1...i'd rather starve...so i prolly will i gotta go put on a speedo now and look at myself in the mirror untill the meetthe two

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