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    Saturday, January 31st, 2004
    8:56 am
    pablo is fat!
    hey my peeps! pablo is fat, and emma is not your babycakes OR sweetypie! cody is not hot, like the lead singer of maroon 5! emmas phsyco and a strobe light pimp! well had to get that out!!!! well im still single, but so is emma! so im not alone! cant wait to go to the perfect score today! and the mall cya!

    PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Saturday, January 17th, 2004
    12:05 am
    howdy!!!! fattyjunior2 here! howz it?? well my friendish person marlis is getting on my nerves! she hasnt really talked bout me, but she has bout my friends, and that pisses me off!!! she is being soooo mean to my friends, which is effecting me because she is totaly ignoring me. like she acts like im not there! so im kinda pissed bout that. my friends all have boyfriends and i dont, so i feel like the odd end! which isnt very good at all! well ttyl!

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