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    Sunday, March 30th, 2003
    12:13 pm
    Sparkle & Shine Suit
    What You'll Need:
    *Black Bikini Top
    *Rhinestones (either white, red, pink, or yellow)
    *Glue (In a fabric store ask a clerk for a glue that
    will glue down rhinestones)

    Step 1:
    Begin by drawing a pattern on each side of the bikini top.
    For example a star. Draw the star using a pencil.

    Step 2:
    Glue the bottom of each rhinestone as you apply them to the
    suit. Make sure you stick to a solid color to prevent the suit
    from looking tacky! Once the rhinestones are complete follow
    Step 3

    Step 3:
    Allow the glue to dry 24 hours. After the 24 hours you will have
    a totally cool new suit, right off the runways!

    Have fun!
    Saturday, March 29th, 2003
    10:56 pm
    Create Your Own Louis Vuitton Bag
    What you'll need:
    *A Plain White Tote
    *Two Rubber Stamps
    (Choose Any Shape)
    *Fabric Paint
    *Material For A Bow
    (Leather Or Satin)
    *Fabric Glue
    *Needle And Thread
    *Studs or Rhinestones

    Step 1:
    Use a pencil to draw a grid of three-inch squares.
    Dip one stamp in fabric paint and stamp the bag
    once in the center of each square. Using the other
    stamp,stamp once at the corners of each square.
    When the paint dries, erase the pencil grid.

    Step 2:
    After you have completed step 1 follow by making
    your bag fully original, add rhinestones for shine
    and glamour and add studs for a punk flair. Attach
    the rhinestones with the fabric glue or attach the studs
    by pushing each stud's point through the bag, bending
    the end on the inside to fasten.

    Step 3:
    To finish off your bag add a bow, which will give the bag a
    great finish! Use your fabric glue to glue on the bow. Fashion
    the bow as neatly as you can.