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Tuesday, January 31st, 2006
3:13 pm - yup.
No longer updating.

sorry loves.


Monday, January 30th, 2006
11:30 pm - my effen' liFe!
i swear i should write a book. id probaly sell a million copies. my life is sooo much fuckin drama its sick! well this weekend OFFICALLY suxed! friday i got horrible news about a lawsuit i was in. no good- then saturday i found out my parents want to move from the house i have lived in for the past 10 yrs!!!!! so they are buying something new... like 5 miles down the street. so i dk how i feel about that.... THEN.. i go down to ft.lauderdale to have dinner w/ louie and then go out w/ dani and the girls for her 21st b-day! so i get down there louies in a horrible mood... we go to dinner and actually have a wonderful time. get back to the apartment..chill drink had a good time. then at like 1am my EX boyfriend who i havent spoken to in months.. sends me a random text message saying he is thinking about me. so louie reads it and FREAKS out. so we fight for 2 hrs... and he goes to bed.i sit on the couch and talk to shawn for an hour b4 i go lay in bed w/ louie. the next am wake up and doesnt say a word to me! so i leave.. he says he is going to his LSAT class. but goes to the casino. i call him and we fight. its just UGHHH i cant believe were doing this again. i always told myself i would NEVER do this!!!!! but i am and im sick over it. i cant sleep AGAIN or eat or do anything. i swear..i feel like such an ass. i just wanna scream.

ok so im venting.... sorry.

im going to bed now.. or trying. leave some luv.. i need it!

current mood: depressed
current music: neyo so sick

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Wednesday, January 25th, 2006
11:51 pm - DiEt!
Ok so I am going on a major crash diet.... MAJOR MAJOR!

I found this web site called its awesome! it keeps track of everything you eat. plus if you work out and stuff. it keeps it all.. kinda like a diet journal! its amazing.


Sunday, January 22nd, 2006
9:15 pm - Been a long time!
Ok so I haven't posted in f o r e v e r. Ive just had soo much going on. I was going to delete my blurty for a while.. but then i realized its kinda good to have when i need to vent! L0L. Anyhow.. i hope everyones holiday was nice. Mine was wonderful - stayed at home with the family. It was nice. =)~

For those of you who know me.. me & louie are doing good. Were both just really busy lately with school and stuff! But were getting there. <33

Im back in school at PBCC. Taking a fulll schedule which is causing me to go insane! But im almost done.. thank goodness.

Umm right now im just trying to save money.. lose weight.. finish school & get though my crazy life!

Please leave comments... i feel so unloved! x0x0x

current mood: bored


Sunday, November 27th, 2005
6:02 pm
so I finally stopped working on my paper around 8ish. I got ready and went to louies before going to dinner. It was nice, we all went to this resturant its japanese.. where they cook @ your table. ya its awesome! we all were takin sake' bombs and stuff! such good times. then afterwards we went back to his friend house and just all talked and stuff. me and louie ended up driving back to ft.lauderdale at like 1am.. bc we didnt want to stay up here.. apart. lol yes were nerds. i just got home a bit ago... gotta work on this paper. i am like stresin out.... BAD.

back to work tomorrow... yuCk. this break has been so nice.



Saturday, November 26th, 2005
1:42 pm - yuMmy..
so ya instead of doing this paper.. ive been shopping online. OMG i want it all!

i need a digi camera.. bc mine is horrible and i hate it. so i want this:

guess we'll see what santa brings! yEa.

Ok back to my paper.. i gotta get this done. Yummy din din tonight w/ louie


11:24 am - so over it...
Ok so now I am sitting here trying to do my 10pg book reveiw for american history. please someone just shoot me... ugh! I am so over school right now. and yes this is DUE thursday december 1st. I am never like this.. waititng until the last min. but i hate history and havent wanted to sit down and do this paper for like weeks. so i have 4 days.. way to go me. haha

mom & dad started there xmas shopping today. have to make my list soon. w00h00 =)~

um.. havent spoken to dani or T in awhile. i 'heard' they have been chillen this girl alana. (that ya i kinda cant stand!)

louie said something tonight about going out to dinner up here in WBP with a few of his old friends. UGH.. i dont want to do this paper.


Friday, November 25th, 2005
4:11 pm - wh0a.
Thanksgiving was great. Crazy family.. yummy dinner... good times. It was nice & I had a good time. Wed. night I stayed @ louie's we didnt do much of anything just some QT time ♥ then I woke up and came home to be w/ the family. helped make dinner.. watched the parade and ate. so yummy. then louie came over and chilled for a bit. Then he took me down to ft.lauderdale with him. me, him, shawn, jana and a few other people went downtown. it was soo much fun. kinda dead @ first but we had a good time. yummy 3-4-1 thanksgiving baby! lol

here's some pic.'s from yesterday & last night....

me & jana at ArtBar

me & charlie being silly.

so ya i was suppost to go shopping today.. but i am so NOT in the mood... last night we drank a little too much! haha. so today im just relaxing. ive been sleeping all day actually. ok well hope everyone had a good one.



Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005
2:36 pm
So I didnt get my car back yesterday.. they didnt finish it. So my mom had to take me to work today. I fel like a little kid. hehe But we had a HUGE office party with a turkey dinner and all. So ya i am starting early... ugh. i am so full right now. im sure i wont eat dinner tonight. but i cant wait for tomorrow. Oh ya my family decided to stay here bc everyone is sick... so were doing @ mi casa. how fun! im at work tonight until 6pm. doesnt that sux? but i think i might go down to louies tonight. i havent seen him since this weekend. =*( were doing very well by the way. yEa!

ok well gotta finish @ work...



Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005
6:02 pm - eww.
wow! my family is freakin mental.. now they might not being going out of town bc my dad is sick. isnt that great? bLah! ... anyways tomorrow is my last day of work for 4 days! thank goodness.

today i went shopping w. my momma. and I got the cutest silver sweater/coat from bebe. i <3 it!

um.. still havent heard from A&F. how nice =/


9:33 am - heyyy!
Well I have today off! Yea no work... and then I go back tomorow for just 1 day & have off the rest of the week OFF. and my parents leave tomorrow @ 3! Oh I am soo excited! I have to go bring my car into the shop.. i need an oil change and a new battery. Then probaly go shopping with my momma for clothes bc her and my family are going away tomorrow for thanksgiving. They are going to my grandparents house in north florida. and louie is going to come stay with me. Oh its going to be fun <33 Im suppose to go to his house for dinner and stuff.... should be nice. I just want to relax.

ok well im going to $h0p! ttyl.


Monday, November 21st, 2005
9:27 pm - w00 h00!

house all myself! AND louie of course..... oh i cant wait.
ok going to bed.... class in the am.



Sunday, November 20th, 2005
12:21 pm - umm...
Ok well I went to a&f this am... and they want to pay me NOTHING to work there. So I dont know how this is going to work out. And plus my boss seems like a total bitcchhh. lol Its weird thinking about having a boss bc right now Ido what I want when I want and no one says anything to me. They said that they would call me sometime this week to let me know when I start.. woohoo! lol so ya.. kind blah right now about it.

but im going for a pedicure with my momma.. x0!


Saturday, November 19th, 2005

yes you love it i know. they just called... have to be there tomorrow at 9:30 am! OmG... im soo happy! =)

current mood: ecstatic

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Thursday, November 17th, 2005
11:46 am
no class. no work.

feel like crap today! sneezing. coughing. neck hurts. sore body.

im a mess.

hello bed.... good night world.


Wednesday, November 16th, 2005
1:41 pm - . . . .
went to louies last night @ watched 'white noise'. um ya NOT a scary movie. we made fitijas and drank wine. it was fun, kinda like old times. but im not feeling soo good today. i think i am getting a cold. ewww.

and this book i am reading for class SUXS. ugh. so ya tonight is all about reading and feeling better. class tomorrow. i find out my test grade!


Tuesday, November 15th, 2005
6:34 pm - oh my!
ummm :) went to the mall with my mom and i was in a&f trying on 2 cute skirts. well i walk out of the dressing room and this girls walks up to me and asked me if I wanted a job! she wanted to know if id ever work at a&f. umm HELLO. that is only my fav store ever! so i filled out an application and stuff. she said she would call me friday. omg could you imagine? me workin at a&f. how awesome would that be? ya i know i have a job now.. which is really good. but i am soo burnt out and i have been looking for something new. maybe this it is? who knows.

kinda excited =) change is always good.

ps- going to louies. xo


9:02 am - yEs. Yes!
woohoo no history class today! teacher wont be in, isnt that nice? and i dont work either! =)

so im going to breakfast w/ my mommy and to do some errands.
maybe a little shopping! ♥

might go down to see louie tonight.. later on tonight. x0


Monday, November 14th, 2005
11:05 pm - awesome
laguna beach is amazing!
loves it.

night dolls. 0


11:27 am - mondays = sux
did I ever tell you how much i hate monday mornings? well if i haven't i am right now.. and trust me i hate them! lol. Ok moving on....yes my weekend was FABULOUS in case you are wondering. babysitting was just great, $50 for babysitting from 7-11pm! loves it.

and Saturday.. let me tell you. I felt like freakin' wonderwomen. me and dani seriously drove all over town looking for random things for this girls party. first party city, then the mall and ALL 500 stores inside it! then the dorms to drop everything off. then the ice cream store for her cake. the liquor store. of course mc donald's for our tummys. lol. then... back to dani's. dorms again! Ugh it was craziness! but it all worked out wonderdful and she had NO idea. all day long she called us asking where I was? and when I was coming down? (bc she had NO idea was alreay downthere) and Dani told her she had to work. which totally played out! ohhh it was soo amazing.
so we took her out to dinner. cheesecake factory- yummy! and then went back to the dorms and suprised her w/ the party! she was soo shocked. it was great! =) so ya we took her to chinawhite downtown and had an awesome time. *giRls niTe 0uT*! we didnt get home until like 4am! awesome. awesome. awesome.

then sunday i went to louies. we kinda just chilled around his place didnt do much. umm my parents a/c broke @ our house so I ended up stayin down there last night too. me and dani went to see Derailed w/ Jennifer Aniston. AMAZING movie..i must say. and we went to coldstones. yummy.

so ya i had a very busy EXICITING weekend. now back to work. bLah!


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