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Saturday, May 5th, 2012

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    More Handy French Phrases Whenever Travelling in France
    Whether on holiday, company, or apartment looking, it is helpful to be armed with some questions you might want to ask in French.

    There is a wide combination of keywords that will be needed in various conditions, plus there will be a small number of follow-up articles to make certain 1 can cover as much as possible.

    Y at-il quelque part une station Maintenance?

    Is there a petrol station anyplace?

    Y at-il un garage ouvert le dimanche ici?

    Is there a garage that is open on Sunday here?

    J'ai besoin d'un mecanicien regarder la voiture.

    I require a mechanic to examine the automobile.

    Un collision de la route

    A path accident

    La batterie est a plat

    Flat battery

    Combien de temps faut-il put Paris d'ici?

    How prolonged does it take to get to Paris from here?

    Pouvons- nous payer par carte de credit, nous n'avons pas assez d'argent.

    Can we pay by credit card, we have not got enough money.

    Y at-il des toilettes quelque piece?

    Are there any toilets anyplace?

    Le magazin est ouvert le dimanche?

    Is the store open on Sunday?

    Existe-t-il un motel pas loin d'ici?

    Is there a motel nearby?



    Un agent de police

    A policeman

    Il y avait trrop de bouchons sur la route

    There were a ton of delays on the road

    La voiture a cale'

    The automobile has stalled

    Une assurance maladie

    Medical insurance

    Une colonie de vacances

    A christmas camp

    J'ai un pneu crev

    I have a puncture

    J'ai besoin d'avoir le pneu re'pare'

    I need to have the tire repaired.

    Un permis de conduire

    Driving licence

    C'est pas loin dici.

    It is not not here from here.

    Pouvons nous avoir un medecin privee venir nous voir?

    Can we have a personal doctor to come plus view us?

    Y at-il un arret de bus ici queque piece?

    Is there a bus anyplace here?

    Y at-il des magazins pas loin d'ici?

    Are there some stores nearby?

    Quand arrive le prochain autobus?

    When is the upcoming bus?

    Existe-t-il un Maintenance de taxi ici?

    Is there a taxi Maintenance here?

    Nous sommes vegetariens, que pouvez-vous nous offrir?

    We are vegetarians, what can you offer us?



    Faire des achats

    To shop

    Une bonne affaire

    A bargain

    Il faut faire ainsi

    It needs to be performed this way

    Dans les alentours

    In the area

    Nous voulons un aller put Paris

    We want a individual ticket to Paris

    Nous voulons un aller retour put Paris

    We want a return ticket to Paris

    J'ai la grippe

    I've got the flu

    Ca va s'arranger

    It will exercise OK


    A cleaner cleaner

    Au dessus de


    Au dessous de



    The suburbs

    Le bistro du coin

    The local pub

    Un salon de coiffure

    A hairdressing salon

    La colique


    C'est combien?

    How much could it be?

    Une cabine d'essayage

    A fitted room

    La maison est situee dans un love cadre

    The apartment is situated in lovely surroundings

    Le cambriolage

    A burglary

    Le canard

    The duck

    Une crise cardiaque

    A hear attack


    Town centre

    Centre commercial

    Shopping centre

    Le taux de change

    The exchange rate

    Le chauffage centrale

    Central heating

    Attention chien mechant

    Beware of the dog

    Le chou-fleur


    Le citron

    A lemon

    La clinique

    Private hospital



    De bonne heure


    Se bronzer

    To sunbathe

    Le bruit


    La cave


    Il c'est casse lajambe

    He broke his leg

    Le bottin

    Phone book

    La boulangerie

    A baker's shop

    La boue


    Le brouillard

    The fog

    Y at-il un agent immobilier ici en ville?

    Is there an property agent here in town?

    Y at-il une banque ici?

    Is there a bank here?



    C'est bien termine

    It worked away OK

    Le sol

    The floor

    Les egouts sont bouches

    The drains are blocked

    Le tuyau d'ecoulement

    The drainpipe

    Un jus d'oranges

    Orange juice

    Le rez chaussee

    Ground floor

    Au premier etage

    On the initial floor

    Le contractuel

    Traffic warden

    La contravention

    A parking ticket

    Le cours du change

    The exchange rate

    Tout droit

    Straight on

    L'accident a eu lieu hier matin

    The collision occurred yesterday morning

    Laver la voiture

    To wash the car

    Unevoiture d'occasion

    A utilized car

    La date de naissance

    Date of birth

    Faire demi-tour

    To turn back

    La pression des pneus

    The tire pressure

    Le pneu



    No through road

    Heuresement, il n'y a eu de blesses

    It was lucky nobody was hurt

    Un courtroom de tennis

    A tennis court

    Le Maintenance n'est pas compris

    Excluding the tip

    Le cuteau

    A knife

    Le trimester

    School term

    Donner un pourboire

    To give a tip

    voiture taxi paris
    The Advantages of Renewable Wave plus Tidal Energy
    The renewable business is a greatly growing sector and with its terrific prospective for the long run it has certainly managed to capture the interest (and the wallets) of many of the global oil and fuel businesses. Although this might seem to be a conflict of interest the benefits which these industries can provide not just in funding but also in expertise is invaluable.

    There are numerous regions of the renewable power sector that are of specific interest to the North Sea oil and fuel business including techniques and services including carbon capture and space. However, not surprisingly, the highest regions of their interest are offshore wind and wave and tidal energies.

    Wind power has been gradually growing in recognition over recent years and it is very expected which installations can produce 5.5Gw total capacity by 2015. Currently representing 25% of Europe's total resource it has an increasing demand so marketplace chance within this sector. As a result even though offshore wind sector has not developed a lot in recent years this is set to switch with its growth in recognition in the North Sea sector alongside sea power creation.

    To date the UK has installed 2.4Mw of sea power that has produced over 2,500Mwh to the national grid. This contribution is only set to develop with its growth necessary to the UK achieving its 2020 and 2050 renewable power directive goals. Being an land Britain has a riches of access to right regions for sea and wind power creation and is in an perfect position to exploit their position in the renewable power sector. Currently Britain's sea power produces around 20% of the UK's and 15% of the EU's power needs representing a appreciable proportion of the marketplace. As a result the UK's sea power is expected to be worth around £6.1 Billion by the year 2035 employing over 19,500 persons in the renewable power business alone and contributing £800 Million to the UK economy.

    Theadvantages which the renewable power business can provide Britain in the long term can have a appreciable impact towards the having the ability to recover from its economic recession, providing a more solid and lasting form of export revenue.

    Tidal Energy
    Tidal Energy
    Resolving iPod Error No iPod Connected
    iPod is the most popular handheld online media player that comes along with a drive from Apple computer. To connect an iPod to your Windows or Mac computer, we require a FireWire or USB port. iPods are popularly known for their user-friendliness. However disk structure problems are not an exception of them. When it happens, your system could are not able to recognize the iPod plus report it as not associated. To solve these problems, you will want to restore your iPod and employ your latest information backup to retrieve the lost information. If due to any issues, your information backup fails to provide complete results, we should utilize commercial iPod Recovery tools.

    For an instance, whenever we click your iPod under Preferences alternative of iTunes, we are not able to access it with all the like mistake message:

    "No ipod connected"

    You cannot access some of the files or folders that is stored in your iPod.


    Possible factors for the above mentioned mistake to happen are:

    Improperly associated or bad wires
    Faulty USB or FireWire port
    iTunes problems
    Disk structure corruption issues


    You must try resolving the above mentioned behavior by following these steps:

    Make sure that all the wires associated to both your system plus iPod are correctly connected. Detach plus attach them again. Also, make sure these wires are healthy.
    Try using a different USB or FireWire port. If it resolves the existing matter, substitute the damaged one.

    Sometimes, the iTunes software or operating system could introduce these behaviors temporarily. So, we can try resolving the issue by detaching your iPod plus restarting the system.
    Try upgrading your iTunes software with all the current variation available
    If all above measures fail, restore your iPod. Since the procedure deletes all information, we should restore the lost files plus folders from backup.

    If we restore the iPod whilstno neat and valid backup is available, utilize iPod Recovery applications. These are effective iPod Data Recovery utilities that utilize safe scanning formulas to examine plus restore the lost information from logically crashed iPods.

    Phoenix iPod Recovery is a fully-competent information recovery tool that recovers lost information from iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Mini plus iPod Classic. This is a safe tool that recovers all lost songs files, videos, documents, graphics, podcasts, audio books along with other contents from iPods. This iPod Recovery tools is available for both Mac plus Windows systems.

    Get Back Itunes
    deleted itunes
    Lego Kingdoms Medieval Lego for a New Generation
    Lego Kingdoms is a new range of medieval-themed Lego sets released in 2010. This follows on within the top-selling Lego Castles sets plus similarly revolves about knights, castles, struggles plus princesses.

    The background goes which the favorable King has reigned justly plus fairly, nowadays he or she is up against a threat in the form of the evil Dragon Knights, who have designs on his kingdom. He must defend it at all bills!

    As you are able to accumulate, there are good men plus bad men - the former boast many fortifications, in particular the biggest blow the Lego Kingdoms range and also the heftiest yet many worthwhile investment, the King's Castle, which includes no not as much as 933 pieces - enough to keep the children busy till upcoming Christmas!

    The Dragon Knights, the bad men, largely have offensive features, with siege equipment including a catapult that flings Lego stones up against the King's strongholds (or into Dad's cup of coffee)!

    Castles, kings, kingdoms plus princesses - these are evergreen Lego themes for a new generation plus it is very hard to fail with this range.

    Here are several of the key sets in this series:

    Lego Kingdoms King's Castle

    The valiant King must secure his castle against a marauding adversary. As revealed earlier, the castle is the major blow the Kingdoms range, at 933 pieces, plus should you are getting to purchase 1 set for your children, going to the 1. It will keep them going until they go off to college!

    Lego Kingdoms Prison Tower Rescue

    The King's Knight on his white horse is tasked with saving the Princess within the clutches of the Dragon Knights in their Prison Tower Stronghold (currently the only 'bad guy' fortification), avoiding a cauldron of cooking oil plus a catapult because he does thus.

    Lego Kingdoms Advent Calendar

    The Advent Calendar counts down the 24 days of December before Christmas (for any year) plus offers a different Lego develop every day to keep the youngsters busy throughout the vacations.

    There are equally many other smaller sets providing other situations plus pieces, including a horse plus carriage plus a court jester, and numerous other minifigures.

    This range may well not be an absolute classic from Lego. There have been several criticisms that it range is no wonderful advancement over its precursor, the Castles range, it is appears improbable which Lego would reinvent the wheel when they have a successful formula, plus no question Lego Kingdoms are snapped upwards by a new generation of Lego fans plus become a fondly remembered part of their childhood.

    lego kingdom sets
    Exercise That Does Not Include TimeWasting Long Hours of Workout in a Gym
    A wise exercise inside a fitness that covers exactly the fundamentals and improves a strength and eliminates that 'chubby' extra fat tissue takes about 1 hour. Naturally you may have to do some dieting inside order to make it work. But when a week will never be sufficient, thus we finishing upwards generating a method to the gym at least twice a week to have the minimum progress covered to get toned and following that to 'stay' toned, thin and also to feel sexy.

    The sad truth is that this hour is deficiency of as we absent out on cardio-training that should be performed for at least 26 moments or more to take potency. And and the extra time you should spend in having a party following a wise exercise. So we end upwards spending upwards to 4 occasions a week of your leisure time inside a fitness should you merely offer an hour and a half maximum every time to spare. Because the cardio training could be performed inside a at least two occasions a week as the weighttraining should you want it to be powerful at all.

    It gets worse once you have to do cardio to get a body into the fat-burning process should you want to get rid of weight as you'll end upwards doing your 26 moments of cardio initially before we do a machines and weight session directly following to have the most effective fat loss performed. And without excessive workout hours we keep almost the same form we had before except everything feels 'a little' bit more toned and you may fit a small better into a clothing as the 'chubby' waist has slimmed down a bit.

    But lets face it, should you have never performed much exercise through a existence you'll merely view your needs to see when hunting into the mirror before we dress.

    On top of everything you'll lose a nicely toned body when we go on christmas. Because should you have never performed a regular exercise through a lot of a existence merely a chronic exercise over month' and years usually let we keep what we worked difficult for inside the gym! The same matters for ordering pricey weights and exercise machines to fill a own personal fitness area someplace inside the house.This really is even more boring as without any destruction of observing and speaking to others we become aware of what an endless-hour signifies.

    So shortly after that we stop doing any exercise at all or go back to excessive hours inside the gym. Doing these numerous, numerous hours inside the gym following a long trip to work and adding the time you should shop, prepare food and eat we absent out to meet with your loved ones and neighbors, that you could catch up with at the weekend should you to not tired or need to squeeze inside one of your regular fitness sessions for the week.

    A program where we only need to exercise a 'bearable' 15 moments 3 occasions a week appears to function as the best answer to keep up to date with work schedule.And on top of that, the exercises can be achieved anyplace we wish and don't require pricey and room losing fitness equipment. You will lose these unwelcome extra weight-bags about a body and usually nevertheless eat delicious foods. Free info and testimonials for this best today's lifestyle fitting course is found at:


    Life Style Fitness

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