Kurt's Journal
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Date:2003-10-11 13:45
Music:From Autumn To Ashes - Autumns Monolouge

::15 Random Favorites (in no particular order)::

1. friends
2. music
3. pornography
4. tattoos
5. sleeping
6. cuddling
7. being at a hotel
8. being happy
9. primus
10. les claypool
11. mike patton
12. night time
13. neon light when its dark
14. cigars
15. abandoned places/haunted places

::14 Favorite Foods::

1. bacon
2. apple pie
3. salads
4. chicken noodle soup
5. b.l.t
6. peanut butter
7. dominos pizza
8. bacon cheesburger from wendy's
9. spaghetti
10. orange soda
11. breadsticks from sbarro pizza in the mall
12. popcorn chicken
13. steak
14. baked potatoes

::13 Most Watched Shows::

1. cops
2. seinfeld
3. I obviously dont watch much t.v..

::12 Good Bands/Musicians In Your Opinion::

1. primus
2. fantomas
3. faith no more
4. tomahawk
5. mr. bungle
6. glassjaw
7. the blood brothers
8. nuclear rabbit
9. muddy waters
10. outkast
11. the used
12. oysterhead

::10 Favorite People (no particular order)::

Alright, I hate naming friends, because I always miss someone..This is soley based on the first 10 people that entered my mind...trust me, if there was more than 10, you'd all be named...
1. Ben
2. Nick
3. Derek
4. Dan
5. Brian
6. Brad
7. Kendall
8. Kevin
9. Jim Golden
10. Dave W.

::9 Things You're Looking Forward To::

1. Being out of high school
2. Hm....Possible relationship.
3. Leaving school for a week..starting monday.
4. Halloween
5. Christmas
6. Primus at the Aragon

::8 Things You Wear Daily::

1. a bunch of colored braclet things
2. underwear
3. socks
4. a random t-shirt
6. shorts/pants
7. shoes
8. the gay i.d, which is only worn from 8-3:25 on weekdays

::7 Things That Annoy You::

1. big clothes
2. some people
3. nick segers way of filling his gastank
4. how my bank closes at 2 on a saturday...do people not need god damn money after 2 o clock?! its a fucking saturday!
5. football
6. newspapers
7. trees

::6 Things You Touch Every Day::

1. clothes
2. a pen
3. keys on a computer keyboard
4. my hair
5. the air
6. my dogs

::5 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over::

1. pulp fiction
2. eyes wide shut
3. dont be a menace...
4. home alone 2
5. reservoir dogs

::4 Of Your Favorite Toys When You Were Little::

1. ninja turtle stuff
2. hot wheels
3. wrestling figures
4. legos

::2 Of Your Favorite Songs At This Moment::

1. outkast - hey ya
2. the mars volta - roulette dares(the haunt of)

::1 Person You Could Spend the Rest of Your Life With:: les claypool

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Date:2003-10-09 20:37
Mood: hopeful
Music:Dr. Dre- Aint Nuthin' But A G Thang

Today is a good day. I'm going on vacation in a few days...So I can finally get away from all you assholes in the nice state of Flori-fucking-da. Shit yea. Hm........I have a new crush. Haha, and I've only talked to this person once...I'm a fag. Anyways....................Homecoming is in a day, and I have no idea what we're doing afterwards...But, it'll be fun...Yea! I'm going to take a shower..Bye.

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Date:2003-10-04 15:36

Seriously...I have never been more pissed right now. My parents are gay. All they do is ground me anymore...I so wish I was 18, because I'd be out of this god damn house, and out of school by now. Im so tired of people...like Nick Seger. This is how it goes...He only is going out with Amy because he wants to get sex to feel better about himself. And he's already ditched me countless times because of it, and because he wants to "spend time with her", which to him, means try to get some. And Amy, you're a sucker for buying it, just because you think he's "so cute." You're all morons...And because of it, things I'd like to do cant happen. And as of now, I'm being very selective with who I hang out with for these reasons. Its funny when I think about it now, because I'm realizing how much people like Chris and Jan were right...

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Date:2003-10-02 07:51


is a Giant Bee that can Fly, spits Ice, and has Acid for Blood, Staring Red Eyes and Four Sets of Teeth.

Strength: 4 Agility: 11 Intelligence: 6

To see if your Giant Battle Monster can
defeat Kurt, enter your name and choose an attack:

fights Kurt using

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Date:2003-09-27 00:59
Subject:A night.
Mood: irritated
Music:Nuclear Rabbit - My Girls Got Guts

Overall good day...Hung out on Ridge for a bit with people, watched porn in the Seger van. I tried some Black 'N' Mild cigars today, they were pretty good, but I'm still all for the White Owl vanilla's. Hm..........After hanging out on Ridge went over to Wicker park and sat around a bit. I was having fun until a certain someone showed up who really had no reason to be there. At all. Who wants a person around when all they do is laugh. Sure as fuck not me. So leave, ok? Thanks. Bye.

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Date:2003-09-24 08:16
Mood: pissed off

I see: people around me
I need: to find myself
I find: ?
I want: to at least be happy for a little while out of each day
I have: nothing to be happy about right now
I wish: that people I dont like would leave my life...now.
I love: my family, a very select few of friends.
I hate: alexis orr, erin mach.
I miss: elyse
I fear: death
I feel: weird
I hear: talking
I smell: air
I crave: love
I search: for any reason to be happy
I wonder: what will happen to me tommorow
I regret: most things i do on a daily basis

When was the last time I ...

Smiled?: yesterday, from a joke derek told me.
Laughed?: see above.
Cried?: a month or so ago.
Bought something?: yesterday, some candy corn from target
Danced?: yesterday
Were sarcastic?: 2 seconds ago.
Kissed someone?: about a month ago
Talked to an ex?: a few weeks ago
Watched your favorite movie?: a few weeks ago
Had a nightmare?: months ago

Number: 19, 23
Color: blue
Place: any hotel
State: nevada
Country: canada
Book: i dont read much.
Game: monopoly
Drink: boddingtons pub ale
Pop: pepsi vanilla, cherry coke, sunkist orange
Drug: nothing
Condom: whatevers good
Movie: pulp fiction
Store: meijer
Person: ben clark
Internet activity: im's

---Do You---
Cut urself: no
Take meds you shouldnt: no
Pick your nose: no
Lick urself: no
Whine a lot: yes
Yell a lot: at seger, jokingly.
Hate a lot of people: 2.
Have too many friends: no
Want to die: no.
Go to church: pfh.
Love school: no
Have a bf/gf: no
Have sex: no
Wear dark colors: sometimes
Try to be different: not on purpose
Have any peircings: no
Break bones a lot: never
Watch porn: i used to be way into it, but its lost its fun.
Dye your hair: yeah
Shave strange places: no. only sluts shave.
Sweet talk people to get what you want or just because: if i need to.
---Have you ever----
Kissed someone: yes
Had sex: no
Frenched someone: yes
Given oral sex: no
Attempted suicide: no
Killed someone: no
Been raped: no
Masturbated: yes
Shopped for condoms: no
Gotten Drunk: no
Worn rainbow: no
Talked on the phone for over 3 hours: not 3, maybe 2
Left the country: yes
Had a party with over 30 people: yes
Taken nude pictures: haha, yea.
Taped yourself having sex: no
Stolen something: yes
Broken a bone: no
Ran away from home: kinda
Burned yourself: no
Caught something on fire: yes
Made out in the movies: yes
Done *stuff* in the movies: no
Cheated on someone: no
Wanted to cheat on someone: no
Fell in love online: no
Asked someone out: yes
Been dumped: yes
Dumped someone: yes
Had a dream then the next day it happened: yes
Watched porn: yes
Called a porn hotline: yes

Pick One:

Cat/Dog: dog
White/Black: white
Hot/Cold: cold
Far/Near: far
Water/Land: land
Kiss/Sex: kiss
Online/Phone: phone
Beer/Book: i hate both
Novel/Poetry: novel
Music/Silence: music

--Dream Mate--
Short/Long Hair: long
Tall/Short: my height, or shorter
Preppy/Dorky/Druggie: cool
Freckles/No Freckles: none
Hair Color: blonde...maybe brown.
Hat/No: none
Fat/Thin: thin
Makeup/No Makeup: makeup
Dressy/Casual: casual
Sex/Kisses: kisses
Holding hands/Holding 'other body parts': body parts.

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Date:2003-09-23 08:18
Subject:At school again, bored...
Mood: pissed off
Music:Outkast - Hey Ya

What does your name mean? Gay.
How old are you? 17
How old are you mentally (as in are you mature?)? 3
Describe yourself in 5 words: no.
What are your worst qualities If someone pisses me off enough once, I'm not as forgiving as some people. So, if you do something bad enough, like a certain someone just did, I'm done with you. And I mean that.
What are your best qualities: I'm cool.
How long does it take you get get ready in the morning: half hour.

Do you dream at night? Sometimes, I used to alot more.
Do you remember your dreams? When I have them.
Describe one. I dont have the time.
What time do you go to bed usually? Anywhere from 9:30-11:00
What time do you wake up normally? 7:15
What time do you wake on weekends? Whenever I feel like it.
Do youfind waking late nice or annoying? Nice
do you sleep with one pillow or two? 2

Do you like school? no. If I were 18, I'd be out of here by now....As if I'm going to amount to anything anyways?
Why/why not? They teach me things I'll never use...What they need to teach us is how to deal with people in the real world..Not some american literature bullshit.
Whats ur fave subject? Lunch
Most hated subject? All of them
Do you have a fave teacher? not now.
Ever had a crush ona teacher? No, I've seen some hot ones though..
Are you a maths/science person or an english/drama person? A gay person.

Do you have heaps of friends? I did, I'm done with most of them now.
Do you have more guy friends or more girl friends? No.
Do you ever get annoyed at any friend? All of them
Have you ever lied to a friend? yes
Have you ever stolen a friends boyfriend/girlfriend? no

Do you like your parents? sometimes
Ever run away from home? Kinda
Ever thought about it? see above
Do you have any siblings? no
If so, do you like or get annoyed with them?
How old are they?
If not, do you mind being an only child? No.
Do you feel your parents spoil you? no
Do you not get along with any of your family? shut up.
Do you have big family get togethers ever? No
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? haha...never again.
If so, are you in love with them?
Do they love you?
How long have you been together?
Most romantic thing theyve ever done for you?
Do you have a crush? nope
If so, are you in love?
Do they know you like them?
Is it serious or playful?
How long have you liked them?
Ever done something stupid to impress them?
Have you ever experienced unrequited love?
Do u find it romantic or hurtful?
Even know what it is?

Ever had sex? no
believe that a person shouldnt have sex before marriage? whatever you want.
Believe in casual sex? sure
When do you plan/when did you lose your virginity? i dont care.
Did you regret it?

Do you have a religion? pfh. no
Do you practice it i.e go to church? no
Do you believe in God? sure
Jesus? sure
Satan? sure
Heaven? i dont know
Hell? i dont know
If you died tomorrow what do you beleive will happen to you? that i'll die.
Does death scare you? its the scariest thing in the world.

Have you ever been drunk? no
taken drugs? no
stolen? yea
shoplifted? .
tried to commit suicide? no
Lied to a boyfriend or girlfriend? maybe
gotten into a fight? yea
are you more innocent or guilty? guilty
Would you date a drug addict? no
have you ever had to look after someone who was a drug addict? no
Are you racist? sure
Are you discriminatory to anyone? yep.
Have you been a hypocrite in the past? yep.
Do you have an open or closed mind to other peoples beliefs and feelings? closed. as long as they arent my feelings...why should I care? exactly...

Do you watch tons of tv? kinda
How many times have you been to the movies in the past 6 months? 2
Do you listne to the radio often? no
Do you read the newspaper? No
Do you read magazines? no
Are you a couch potato? No
Do you use the internet too much? Yes

Whats your fave style of music? Anything different.
Do you play an instrument? Not anymore
Do you sing? No
Whats your fave band? Primus
Why? They arent Linkin Park.
Have you met them before? No
Name 3 cds that youve bought in that last year. Ludacris, Blood Brothers, From Autumn To Ashes
Why did you buy them? I wanted to.

Whats your fave sport? None
Whats your fave sport to watch? Womens soccer
Do you have a fave team of any sort? No
Do you play a lot of sport? No
ever won anything for sport? No

Are you funny or serious? both, at the same time.
Creative or not? i can be when i want to.
Logical thinker or lateral thinker? 19
Are you outgoing or shy? shy
Are you lazy or active? lazy
Have you ever been hyperactive? a few times
Are you a naturally hyperactive person? no
Are you happy with the way you look? Haha, no.
What would you change? Everything.
Do you wear makeup regularly? No?
Do you have a large wardrobe? Its decent.

Do you have a job? no
Do you like it? no
Are you a saver or a spender? spender.
Do you work hard or slack off? slack off.
Have you ever been fired? yes
In trouble at work? yes.
Made a major mistake? yes.
Ever had money stolen from you? no
Are you always broke? most of the time.

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Date:2003-09-22 08:49
Subject:At school...
Mood: aggravated
Music:The teacher talking

What the hell is going on?! As of right now, I'd rather be somewhere else...You ever just get pissed off at people at what they dont say, instead of what they say? I do. And I'm not too happy about it. I'm confused too. Seriously, whats going on?! Fuck.

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Date:2003-09-21 16:16
Mood: curious
Music:Fantomas - Page 21

Hm...I'm not in a good mood, I'm not sure why though. I really wish I wasnt grounded, I wanna watch the WWE PPV tonight really bad. Stupid foods teacher calling my parents, I should cut her. Anyways, yea. I havent updated in a while, so I just kinda felt like doing it cause I'm so bored. Bye.

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Date:2003-09-10 17:03

Its been a good while since I've updated....so here..
x. name = Kurt
x. birthday = 7/23/86
x. piercing = none
x. tattoos = one
x. height = 5'11, around there...
x. shoe size = 11
x. hair color = dark brown
x. length = kinda long?
x. siblings = none
x. pets = 2 dogs


x. movie you rented = House Of 1,000 corpses..
x. movie you bought = taxi driver
x. song you listened to = fisticuffs - primus
x. song you've had stuck in your head = short stories with tragic endings
x. song you've downloaded = saturday - ludacris
x. cd you bought = black eyed peas - elephunk
x. cd you listened to = brown album - primus
x. person you've called = brian
x. person that's called you = ben
x. tv show you've watched = insomniac
x. person you were thinking of = hm......they know who they are...actually they probably dont..lol

do you...

x. you have a boy friend or girl friend = nope
x. you have a crush on someone = i do
x. you wish you could live somewhere else = cana-fucking-da
x. you think about suicide = no
x. you believe in online dating = only if the person sends pictures of themself naked...then yes.
x. you want more piercings = no.
x. you want more tattoos = definately
x. you drink = sodas
x. you do drugs = nope
x. you like cleaning = no
x. you like roller coasters = yes
x. you write in cursive or print = actually it turns out to be a mixture of both
x. you carry a donor card = no

What do you think of:
x. long distance relationships = gay.
x. using someone = good, if they are using you too.
x. premarital sex = its not that bad.
x. gay/lesbian relationships = its cool.


x. food = bacon
x. song = those damn blue collar tweekers - primus
x. thing to do = lots of stuff
x. thing to talk about = sex organs.
x. sports = hopscotch
x. drinks = apple juice
x. clothes = nothing at all
x. movies = i hate listing them, just ask me.
x. bands = see above.
x. holiday = christmas is badass.
x. cars = anything that will get me somewhere
x. ever cried over a girl/boy = many times
x. ever lied to someone = sure
x. ever been in a fist fight = no
x. ever been arrested = kinda
x. shampoo do you use = vanilla
x. perfume do you use = none
x. shoes do you wear = anything cool
x. are you scared of = grass

x. of times I have had my heart broken?: once
x. of hearts I have broken?: none
x. of boys I have kissed?: 2
x. of girls I have kissed?: plenty
x. of continents I have lived in?: this one.
x. of drugs taken illegally?: none
x. of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends?: lots
x. of people I consider my enemies?: a few.
x. of people from high school that I stayed in contact with?: im still in it
x. of cd's that I own?: 910
x. of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: none
x. of scars on my body?: none
x. of things in my past that I regret?: 19

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Date:2003-08-15 03:21
Subject:Survey I forgot to add...

1. What's your first name? Kurt

2. How old are you? 17

3. What is your best quality? I'm pretty sure I dont have one.
4. Favorite movie(s)? ....Pulp Fiction, Eyes Wide Shut, Fight Club, Punch Drunk Love, Dont be a menace to south central...., Reservoir Dogs, lots more...
5. Favorite Song(s)? I'm tired of filling this one out.>
6. Favorite Group/band(s)? See above.
7. What do you look for in a person? Um....Usually friends should have the same interests as me, same kinda sense of humor, able to take extreme sarcasticness...For g/f's, about the same, minus the sarcastic part...I've learned from my mistakes.
8. Pierceings or Tattoos? One tattoo..>
9. If You were stranded on a island what are the 5 things you want with
you? 1. a robe 2. a decent looking 9 year old girl 3. swedish fish 4. fruit punch 5. One box, full of 1,000 bars of soap.
10. Coca-Cola or Pepsi? Coke

11. Chocolate or Peanut Butter? Vanilla

12. Favorite Candy? Those gummy sharks.
>13. Long Hair Or Short? In between
>14. Best Friend(s)? They know who they are
>15. Who Do you look up too? Hm...No one really...I try to make up my own values and beliefs, then I can look up to those.
>16. Crush? no.
>17. If so who? Elys....hahahaha, that was a joke...ha. ha. ha. or not....I'll just cry about it later.
>18. Best feeling in the world? Finally realizing I'm not what I thought I was.
>19. Favorite TV show(s)? cops. the most clever idea for a show EVER.
>20. R U metal, EMO, Punk, or a MiX? gay.
>21. Favorite thing to do with your B/F or G/F? Anal sex. unprotected.
>22. Had enough of this Survey? no

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Date:2003-08-15 03:14
Subject:Decent day.
Mood: anxious
Music:HIM - Pretending

Hm. Pretty much did something with Jim, Brian, Abe, and Dave all day. Jim Golden stopped by for a bit, but I came home earlier, and was too tired to go out again. Fun stuff though, made a short movie, threw stuff at cars. Hm. I was supposed to work tommorow, but I dont know, instead I work on Saturday. Theres a possible band practice with the newer band tommorow....or maybe not so newer, its just Francois, minus the metal part. I have a feeling it'll work out. It just probably didnt before because Oasis 160 isnt a very good place for a bands first show....especially when your singer is drunk...hahaha. Also, tommorow for Jan's birthday we're seeing Freddy vs. Jason, and then going to explore that old abandoned house. Im looking forward to that. Well, I should be getting to bed...ttyl...bye.

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Date:2003-08-12 02:07
Subject:Long day.
Mood: exhausted
Music:At The Drive-In - A Devil Among The Tailors

Work sucked today. My boss is back from his vacation, and today was 5 hours of nonstop bullshit. I really dont wanna work there anymore, but until I find another job, I have to. Jan did call me today, she was getting her tattoo re-done....sucks that I had work, I wanted to pay Chencho a visit...LOL...Well I'm gonna go.

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Date:2003-08-11 03:03
Subject:Good meal.
Mood: accomplished
Music:Primus - Kashmir(cover of Zepplin)

Went to Pepper Jack's today to have a meal and visit Seger, and it was worth it. Although I didnt eat my meal there, I took home my chicken strips, and had em around midnight. They were very good(Nick, tell Angel I said thanks for the good food). So yea, good day, hung out with Dan, Jim, Nick, Alexis, and Kendall. Met up with Kevin later, hung out on ridge, talked a little, went home. Well I'm kinda tired, so I'm gonna go to bed. Shit, I've got work tommorow too....

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Date:2003-08-09 01:54
Mood: stressed
Music:Tomahawk - Capt. Midnight

I shouldnt be tired...But I am.
Fight Club!

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
brought to you by Quizilla

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Date:2003-08-04 01:44
Subject:Good day.
Mood: sleepy
Music:Primus - Over The Electric Grapevine

Good day for the band, actually got something accomplished. And I'm the most picky person when it comes to that stuff, for me, it has to be perfect. I really dont wanna be in a half ass band where shit is just rushed together. It took us about 2 hours for 25 seconds of music today, which to me, is a good thing, because its quality music. Well, I'm tired again today, I had to wake up earlier than usual, so I'm gonna go now. Goodnight.

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Date:2003-08-03 02:16
Mood: tired
Music:Bad Brains - I Against I

I'm tired. I'm about to go to bed soon. But, I'll explain to you my day, or....uh, day yesterday. Which was yesterday 2 hours ago. Yep. I went to a few places, band practice, got some hair dye, dyed my hair. It came out cool, its almost a blackish brown, but still brown...I like it. It doesnt exactly match the cheap blonde facial hair I have....but, what can I do? Well, I've got work tommorow from 12-5, so that means getting up at 10. Which is GAY. I hate waking up not on my own time....Oh well. I should go to bed if I want a decent nights sleep. Goodnight!
Kisses 'n' hugs to all!

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Date:2003-08-01 14:59
Subject:Going to work soon...
Mood: cheerful
Music:Mr. Bungle - Ars Moriendi

Well I'm feeling better than yesterday, luckily. I'm about to leave for work in 2 hours, which isnt too bad, cause the boss wont be there for another 2 weeks. Hm. So, I dont know, maybe I'll have some fun tonight.

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Date:2003-08-01 03:20
Mood: aggravated
Music:Murder City Devils - I'll Come Running

No joke, I seriously think I'm going insane...For the reasons below. And it SUCKS.

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Date:2003-08-01 03:20
Mood: aggravated
Music:Murder City Devils - I'll Come Running

No joke, I seriously think I'm going insane...For the reasons below. And it SUCKS.

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