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14th June 2004

10:04pm: Check Out Motion City Soundtrack they are sure to rock your head
Hey – Wanted to let you know about MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK, a great band on Epitaph records. Here are a few links, so you can check them out.

Free MP3 downloads and more at Motion City Soundtrack’s site
Download free MP3 versions of “The Future Freaks Me Out” and “My Favorite Accident” at the Motion City Soundtrack page at

Motion City Soundtrack Featured Artist @
Read about MCS, watch videos, listen to songs, and much more over at, as Motion City Soundtrack is a featured artist in the “Breakout Artist” section.

New Epitaph “Punk-O-Rama” Volume 9 and “Warped Tour 2004” Compilation OUT NOW
Check out Motion City Soundtrack, along with Rancid, Hot Water Music, Atmosphere, and tons more on the new, low-priced release from Epitaph Records. The release also includes a bonus DVD that includes the video for “The Future Freaks Me Out”... Also, be sure to check out the “Warped Tour 2004” compilation that features Motion City Soundtrack, along with Yellowcard, Good Charlotte, Anti-Flag, and more than 50 artists in all on this new, low-priced double CD! BOTH RELEASES ARE ON SALE NOW and specially priced this week at all Best Buy & Target stores for just $4.99! Check it out.

Motion City Soundtrack debut album “I Am The Movie” on sale NOW at all Target & Best Buy stores.
If you’ve checked out the above links or releases, be sure to hurry out to your local Target or Best Buy store and pick up a copy of “I Am The Movie”, the 13-track debut cd from Motion City Soundtrack — ON SALE NOW FOR JUST $9.99 AT MOST TARGET AND BEST BUY STORES!

If you like what you see and hear, check out the band’s official website and message boards

And, if you like what you see, sign up on our email list by sending at email to

7th February 2004

12:29am: missing minnesota
well we have show this tuesday at earls with some bands from out of town...meand amy are doing is fuckin tiring err my legs hurt...been there for a week and i am already sick of sick people....seen some gruesome mommy is coming home next week cant wait feels like its been years since i have seen her...i miss minnesota i wanna move back some day such a fun place to raise a kid hopefully i will get to some standstill is a bad ass band....i cant wait to get paid it will be nice to have money....i was just thinking about thrift shops today...ok thrift shops are for the needy right i think its fucked up that all these kids that have money go and buy up the place and dont leave much good stuff for people that need to shop there for good stuff dont have a good selection...its kinda fucked up...its just something to think about....i am getting kinda tired of seeing kids do that shit...its like lets see who can find the trendiest thrifty stuff to sport at a show...i dunno i spend to much time on my hair so we all have our faults hha i dunno why i said that...but anywho im tired of typing on this thing so yeah laters...go see a show if your from around here there are plenty of them...
Current Music: standstill

23rd January 2004

12:47am: Back in tha Game
Well the 24th is the day i get my edge back my convictions have eaten me alive....I have to hold true to what i really am and that straight edge...and i am vegetarian again this is where i should be its where my heart i am back in tha game fo schizzle...oh yeah we have a show at hispters 23rd jan its starts arund 8 30 its us and slim slow project we will be playing some new songs ........

1st January 2004

3:40pm: 2004.......... and i want her more
well last night was the best new years ever..i got it started off with a bang....haha..i bought some parrot bay wenta dn picked up amy....went to eat drove around till jay got home went to his house got a little drunked up went to spend new years alone with amy for awhile wow my first kiss on new years jammed out to some bright eyes for awhile then went back to jays had some champagne...watched some weird ass circus thing for awhile took a shot of bicardi evil evils tuff i tell you....jammed out to some old school saves the day it was fun ...took her home got bitched out for not buying some people beer...but other than that an amazing night with a very meaningful moment...

29th December 2003

10:29am: love has found a new home
Wow what a week or actually last couple of weeks..well we have been hard at work recording our new disc we are gonna send these off to various record labels...i think we have created a great disc layered it with cool stuff extra vocals and guitar parts.we have a couple of songs down....but we got more work ahead...well last night amy said three words that made my heart melt...just out of the blue she said them...i never thought iw ould hear her say them at least not yet...but she did and it was amazing....i feel really good about our feels like this one could really last for a long time if not beautiful amazing girl she is...she is such an inspiration along with lily.....amy amy my sexy supermom

22nd December 2003

9:56am: let us be lovesick just to need someone
well the show last night kinda blew we wacthed the video and we actually sounded good and everyone said we did good....i got to see my homeboy tony he looks so good i hope he doesnt have to go to iraq....and then i went and hung out with amy and josh for a while...joshy boy has a girl its great to see that she seems really sweet...amy said she was cool...amy is so sweet and wonderful usually when i think things rae going great its usually a pitfall...but im not gonna think that way...her lips are deadly...makes me think of that band these arms are snakes and how me and shay use that at a metaphore for every thing so these lips are snakes...haha...but she told me she loves my lips so i am gonna use them against her haha...but amy is the bomb and she blew up on me...and what cooler named chick could i have than one that has her name in a get up kids song word......i went out with her a few years ago and we never kissed or anything...she says look it took you two years to kiss me...but it was well worth the wait....cos it seems more meaningful and passionate now....i love being her rockstar.....shes such a sexy supermom....;-P....hehe

18th December 2003

10:36am: imma sucker for a short haired girl with a preety smile
Well its been a while since i posted the band is going well..shows shows i have come back into contact with a chickie i went out with for a brief time...she went to the show with me last weekend...and after the show i kissed her...and it was amazing i actually got light headed...ive never felt that way when i kissed a was the most amazing thing feelings have always been there but i pushed them back but they have cme back...every tim ei am with her i feel so much joy....even though my life is shit right now she makes me feel so much better..shes got tats and piercings too which is sweet..and she likes my kinda music as well which rocks my socks....shes amazing....but anywho we got a new fucking pa i am so stoked its nice...and five stars red, famous last words are coming back with soma ahhh soma they kick so much ass...jan 10th if im not mistaken check our website for more info oh and we are playing sunday at barn a check the site for details and ticket info too....keppin it sad and low

4th December 2003

4:49pm: Loveless
Well i quit my job yesterday and the other day our guitarist /other singer quit but we are pushing on without him i have been looking for jobs the past few days no luck yet but i applied at alot of places......thats all i have to say right now i guess......

2nd December 2003

1:51pm: moving on
I think i am going to quit my job today........
10:11am: so sick so sick of being tired and oh so tired of being sick
I woke up in the worst mood ever i think....and now i am at work and i am in an even worse mood i have been so snappy at the customers...damn and tonight is gonna be so bad ass i dont knwo what my problem is...i feel like telling everyone off on our message board i feel like telling them to go fuck themselves and that i never wantto play with their bands except for the bands that cme from out of town....i am just tired of all these bands from here an alot of my friends except for my closest ones....fuck i am tired of this dead beat twon and the people in it....well i talked to porsche last nighta nd told her i feel numb to here she said she feels weird to but still wuvs me but when she said that i felt nothing....i dunno i just feel very sufficient to her i do still have deep feelings for her but they are numbing...i dont knwo what to do with myself i am such a mess dont get much sleep i was looking at my eyes in the mirror and they look like hell....i truley think i am falling apart....days run into nights without any notice to me....

1st December 2003

11:21am: 1000094984
haha the way back from pinwell with shay after we played it seemed like hours
i shouldnt kiss and grandma for making me some delicious cheese cake
a few months ago thats usually what happens when i get involved with chickies
texas chainsaw masacre
had to be a karl marx book
dr pepper fool
some turkey and dressing leftovers
i hate being crushed so i stay away from them
received: josh placed: josh
the big 03 it was on vh1 last night
this morning
blue and white steve maddens
north star-is this thing loaded
hatebreed tickets
a local coffee shop not letting us play because we were bringing 4 bands
big red
about a month ago
a week ago from my boss
black coheed and cambria
1. northstar
2. facedown records sampler
3. bright eyes
4. starflyer 59
5. thursday
1. playing out of town shows
2. recording new songs
3. moving to san marcos
4. getting another guitarist or playing bass
5. finding love that is real mature and unconditional
6. buying a new book
7. seeing adrian
8. the hatebreed agnostic front show tomorrow night
9. getting a new apartment
1. my as i lay dying hoodie
2. my tommy jeans they are so comfortable
3. my vans
4. my steve maddens
5. my thursday shirt
6. my contacts
7. my jogging pants that i sleep in
8. my hair to the side
1. kids that front like they know music
2. stuck up rock star types(but adrian carillo is the coolest rockstar i know
3. this town
4. having a broken pa
5. not having wine everyday
6. girls who lie
7. being broke
1. word
2. pinch the god damn snuff
3. say nig
4. say girl
5. are we practicing tonight
6. wheres joe
1. wake up
2. hateing work
3. listen to music
4. blurty
5. pinch the snuff
1. seven
2. adrian
3. the girl of my dreams whomever she may be
4. my mom
1. the crow
2. suburbia
3. requiem for a dream
1. lover i dont have to love-bright eyes vinyl
2. april in paris-frank sinatra vinyl
adrian-rock star mentality

30th November 2003

8:18am: Man And Wife, The Latter (Damaged Goods)
I'm growing out my hair like it was when I was single it was longer than I'd know you I had no money then I had no worries then at all but with such a high standard of living I just feel like I'm dying I would start an argument but you can barely even talk but there is always good reason for your silence you have to take care of some business so I fix your plate and I stay out of the way and you will stay like that forever right in front of your computer you'll look up one day but you won't recognize me so now you want to change you read a letter from a lawyer want to take me out to dinner want to bury me under a mound of shopping bags like it would really make a difference or make up for your disinterest I'm a bill you pay I'm a contract you can't break and it is like I'm under water or on an endless escalator I just go up and up but I don't ever reach the top and it reads just like the bible twenty centuries of scandal, I guess it all depends on how you interpret it the word is love the word is loss the words are damaged goods that I what I am a lifetime gets chalked up to an experience coincidence we are chained to the events
Current Mood: sad and low
Current Music: Desaparecidos

28th November 2003

6:31pm: your eyes an tell so many lies
well im at was busy as fuck...god i cant wait to get another job................this town is so unsettling...makes me want to quote a line from a soundbite on a reaver goes"im just passing through".....i wonder if that is ho my life is gonna feel from now on...minnesota felt the same way...i am holding onto what i feel as i have left as tight as i can...and that is a few of my friends and my band....and my friends consist mostly of my band....the more i find out hwo people are the moe i wish i never knew them...i am just looking forward to moving i think the whole band is in fact i know they are....i really missed my mom this holiday...more so than last friends from minnesota called and wished me a happy turkey day it was nice to hear from them..makes me miss them though they were having a huge house party...gosh i miss those...ahhh last night i larned one our new songs on bass it was tight but i have a blister on my finger i wanna see adrian and tony before they leave......keep it sad and low

27th November 2003

2:10am: you got time for everyone but me....for everyone but me....
well today was ok in some ways and in some not...on the lighter side shay bought me a mineral cd which is kick ass...i got a copy of our show from josh...and he headed off to hobbs he wanted me to go but i didnt feel like going out of town....saw mr powell at the mall hes a cool mofo....on the not so light side people have been talking mad immature shit on our band on our own fuckin board... which is super fuckin gay....i dont even wanna play shows with bands from around here they say our crowds and fans are nothing but a bunch of preps and jocks...well then dont play shows with us or come you dip shits ...but yet they still wanna play shows with us.....i think we are gonna start bringing in more bands and playing less with bands from around here which is cool with me and plus it will get us more exposure and hook ups to play out of town with....and i think i am gonna stay off of the net more like on messengers for alot of reasons....too much shit talking and bull with chicks going on....and the other reason is i wanna see if how much certain people want my company and friendship to see if they will actually call me to spend time with me and all that... i am just tire dof being dicked this one person says they wanna hang out and then never calls back and others are like i wanna get to know you more and hang out more but then they go and do stuff with other people when they could with me so therfore how could you get to know someon more to actually move on and have something.....i am just tired of having to be the one to take the intiative tod o things... so i am gonan stop and just do my own thing if they want something more then they will take the intiative and make things happen cos i am just tired......i will see their true feelings by this ....well i hear the bed calling......
Current Mood: melancholy
Current Music: folk implosion-someone you love

25th November 2003

10:38am: april in paris
man shows shows shows.....we have tons to set up...its almost overwhelming.....i dont wanna be at work right now i wish i was at home listening to frankie sinatra....sipping wine and staring into the eyes of a beautiful gurlie...that would be so nice....oh well at least i can go there in my mind....with whom ever i want...but yeah ya know ihate making decisions about hurts you feel one way about someone and you feel one way about someone else and then one person is weird around you and the other is heart is being torn in hurts so bad....both are so wonderful...and equally beautiful.....and intelligent..and heart is breaking...and the sad thing is neither want to be with me right now....its like with a situation like that and neither want to be with me it shouldnt even matter....but it does and it hurts....
10:38am: april in paris
man shows shows shows.....we have tons to set up...its almost overwhelming.....i dont wanna be at work right now i wish i was at home listening to frankie sinatra....sipping wine and staring into the eyes of a beautiful gurlie...that would be so nice....oh well at least i can go there in my mind....with whom ever i want...but yeah ya know ihate making decisions about hurts you feel one way about someone and you feel one way about someone else and then one person is weird around you and the other is heart is being torn in hurts so bad....both are so wonderful...and equally beautiful.....and intelligent..and heart is breaking...and the sad thing is neither want to be with me right now....its like with a situation like that and neither want to be with me it shouldnt even matter....but it does and it hurts....

23rd November 2003

1:53am: pin my heart to your chest
well we played the penwell race show sucked ass hardcore...i feel so weird about alot of things right now...i feel really sad heart feels like its torn into....god this is so monotonous or however you spell it but..its like i dont feel comfort in anything...i wanna feel the comfort and warmth of a gurl...her touch her smell i want it all....i feel like i cant have it and its eating away at me....when is it my turn to feel the joy and happiness of it all....without something fuckin it up....this sounds like i am feeling sorry for myself....but its just the way my heart feels...and i want to give my heart to a gurl so bad....i dunno i am fuckin tired im out

22nd November 2003

3:40am: wrecked shop
tonight was sweet good amount of people showed up but fuckin shit this dumb ass jock was beating my friends up in the pit and like i was all windmilling in front of him and the bastard tried to shove me to the ground so i pushed him back and he went ape shit no fists flew though but i walked off and the idiot pulls out a fuckin knife i thought i was gonna get shanked and my friend busted his ass into the corner and was gonna tear the shit out of him if he didnt get rid of his knife man i could have fuckin died i cant believe it...but damn the show went on and we danced our hearts out the broken promise kicked ass and five stars red did to check out their websiet i tjhink super nice guys...we kicked ass too damn tomorrow night we have a show too....and i am tired as fuck so im about to head to bed.....i saw porsche tonight kinda weird....i just got a weird vibe....i thats all i can say...hmm the future i wonder what it could hold only time knows time consumer time consume me please...

21st November 2003

11:16am: hopes dont always fall...ready to wreck shop
hope sometimes thats all i feel i have...hope for her hope for the future i cant lose it...oh yeah show tonight...whoo hoo...check the site for directions... ...... man i think this might just rock everyones sox we are totally ready well im not on one song but improvision can be so much fun just to let lose on whatever comes to your mind no set lyrics just pure emotion that is grand.....ill update tonight with hwo this show goes...damn anticipation is a bitch...gosh i thought all thsi bull with exxit was gone until the bassists girlfriend ims me and starts talking a bunch of crap what a ho....and then he starts talking junk on iw ish theyw ould just stay away and play their pop wanna be punk and leave us alone...i really dont wanna play a show with them....but iw ill for my band....gosh me and porsche hardly ever talk...i know she is busy and i willbe patient shes the best thing i have right now besides my band...friends have kinda been scarce lately but oh and hope can keep the heart beating.....wreckin shop will commence at 8 pm tonight be there

17th November 2003

9:06am: nothing ever changes
well we had a pretty interesting practice last night...i was drunked up a little and belted out on this new felt friday ohh yeahh check for directions....i hope my band takes off and we can get out of here....things kinda suck right now....i am feeling lonely....i man i have my friends but its something more i need....i really cant say much more than that...but yeah....i dunno my emotions are just messed up right now.....well im out
Current Mood: emotionally distressed

14th November 2003

11:17am: Emos are Evil
Yeah last night was fun prolly one of the funnest shows i have beeen to...except for all the trend whores that shows up and squashed my guts out in the crowd thanks to my friend dom he saved me from hyperventilation you know it pissed me off so bad....i mean i wanted to be in the crowd to sing in the mic like how it is at real shows but no all these dumb fucks that prolly cant even name a pmfs song or hopesfall song had to come out and take my space up and act like idiots and not the crowd back and forth...but oh well i got in the back and got to stand on the side of the stage and sing my heart out with dom and got some sick pics....and talk to the guys and made a friend with the bassist of the go reflex i think he wanted my nuts just ask josh...hehe....and i gots ome inspirational words from the singer of hopesfall...gosh his words are still touching my heart at this moment....i just wanna thank the gore(hehe) flecks....hehe aaron your a stud.....and hopesfall and pmfs ...and fuck the ataris

13th November 2003

9:07am: no wings to speak of
Tonight is the night ahhh makes me want to cry i have wanted to see this band for like 5 years...i will be screaming my lungs life feels really weird at the moment i cant put my finger on what it is something doesnt feel right....i miss minnesota really makes me sad when i reminice about my times up there...i miss jacob and charity and alicia and jason and a whole grip of other people....i miss the streets and the java jointa nd my boys from the tat shop and the electric fetus record store....i am missing my mom and dad just sucks sometimes to think about it....i wouldnt go back though i love my friends here too mucha nd my band but someday i think i wanna live there again....every weekend was jam packed full of stuff....oh well....i am beating a dead dog always thinking about it....damn i am so ready to have a real girlfriend one that i can hang out with alot and do nothing with haha....i miss those days...i miss that feeling of knowing you have someone....and you can trust them...someone that says they love you...damn i need a chick....yeah hmmm i should be asleep right day off...and i am in front of a fuckin computer...i just felt i had to get this out...hopesfall planes mistaken for stars take me away

9th November 2003

1:09am: the places that you come to fear the most
My heart is warm.....even though tons of shit is going down....i hope this is not the end of a journey i have longed for for so long...we will find out tomorrow....or today yeah....i saw the texas chainsaw masacre tonight with josh haley and was funny.....porsche was freakin out i tell was so cute though....finally a girlie kinda girl....i love it....shes lights up my heart....i have been so sick and down because of the band....and then i see her and it mends things....she doesnt even have to do anything and it makes me feel better....she has a healing smile i guess....i hope i never lose her.....goodnight all

2nd November 2003

8:19am: im a wishful thinker with the worst intentions
man this weekend kinda blew....i guess it does when you have to work....went to band practice last night i think our stage presence is getting more aggressive...i think we have a good chance at the battle of the bands....last night was cool but i was tired...i went to humpsters with porsche...talked for awhile then we got kicked out they were closing so we went to dennys and talked some more...gosh she has he most infectious smile...shes a beauty...i would like to keep her...if she wants to keep me....yeah......damn i cant wait to see hopesfall gosh i have wanted to see this band since i first started listening to them like 3 or 4 years ago or longer i dunno but they kick....i hope the bastards let me off that day so i dont miss the go reflex...but as long as i get tehre for pmfs and hopesfall

28th October 2003

9:32am: never going back
its really weird....the way that i have been feeling for the last few not as sad as i used to seemed when i hung around a certain person i dwelled on my never stopped until i cut myself from seemed as though their unhappiness bled onto me...and now i am doing well they seem to be doing the same...gosh one thing though that does bring a bit of unhappines is the band...i wish we had full committment by all members....well i should say 2.......i get so frustrated with them.....and it also seems we are havong artistist conflicts as well...sometimes i wanna quit but that would be throwing away my goal.....
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