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Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004

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    Hey. This is a new journal. I have a dead journal and xanga and live one also. I guess you can call it a 'collection'. lol But anyways this journal is just for really close friends to read. I have alot to say so listen up.

    Nobody take this personal cuz its not directed toward anyone. First of all let me give the definition of friend-"a person who knows and likes one another" "a person who favors and supports" "a person who belongs to the same side or group". In other words you should be loyal and trustworthy. Not tell lies or bacstab. I've put up with enough of this and thin its time for a change...

    Guys also suck. I liked this kid since the second week of school and I think he knew but Im not sure. I heard he liked me back but he never got to the point where he was gunna ask me out. Now Im not sure if I like him anymore because he flirts with this other girl and talks to her more than me. The theres this other girl who likes him but I cant stand her. I dont think he likes her too much. I just dont know whether or not he still likes me. I wish he could just tell me yet again I dont cuz it would hurt too much. Now theres this kid who likes me and he doesnt know why and I dont like him back. I told him that and he got upset but then I started to like him. I just dont know about guys.

    Life for just doesnt go so well. I have so much acne it makes me ugly. Fuck you pimples, die! I have so much that goes on in my life that no one knows about. Nobody will ever understand. I think simple plan's song pretty much explains alot of stuff. You should listen to that song.

    I must be off on my journey. Peace.

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    Current Music: TBS- this photograph is proof
    I dont want to be alone
    Hey. This is a new journal. I have a dead, live, and xanga one also. I guess you can say I have a 'collection'.
    I probly wont update this one very much cuz Im so busy with other stuff.
    Im so bored and cold.
    My birthday is in 18 days
    Taking Back Sunday concert in 23 days.
    I cant wait for that cuz it will be my first moshpit/alone/first concert. Yea big event for me. = ]
    School really sucks. This year everything counts because it goes on my transcript for college.
    Check out my dead journal at

    I got to go. peace to all my homeslices.

    Current Mood: curious
    Current Music: TBS- this photograph is proof

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