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    Saturday, September 27th, 2003
    6:07 pm
    Last night was fun i hung out with Cheri at my house for a while. Which is kind of weird, because usually it's never just me and her hanging out. Usually there is always someone else with us. But it's cool. I use to be head over heels for Cheri. But now things have cooled down between us, i still wouldn't mind a relationship between us. But for now just being friends with her is fine. Maybe one day it'll happen.
    After that we went to the pool hall and shot some pool with Cheri's friend Rose. Rose is a really really sweet person. That was fun. After that we came back to my house and chilled there since my mom is out of town for the weekend. They all stayed here until about 3:30am. Then everyone went home.
    I was suppose to go play with Missy today, but.... i'm kinda... weird about hanging out with her. I'll get more into that later....

    Current Mood: mellow
    Current Music: A Perfect Circle-the outsider