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Friday, October 3rd, 2003

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    you make it so much easier to believe in miracles
    Close your eyes
    The dark outside can't hurt you
    And I will never desert your bedside
    So close them tight
    The stars are so glad that they've found you~great line
    And on the blankets that surround you
    They shine their light
    They shine their light
    So rest your head
    And I will be watching from the doorway
    As you slip into a perfect, peaceful sleep
    And morning will come
    In all its simple glory
    And you will find the light
    And I will be there
    Standing in your shadow
    Knowing that you once were mine
    All mine, my baby
    My baby, my girl
    My baby

    sheesh i love that song

    anyhoo..we started moving into the new house room is so small and cozy and warm im excited to feel like a happy little groundhog in it...i hate groundhogs...perhaps a munk of chip....anyways, last night austin and sean stopped by and that made me really happy..kinda makes up for today since i cant see him..grr moving is so tedious. it was all a bad deja-vous because i feel like ive moved too much in the past couple is too life-y..i want to have something normal and dependable for a little while at least...well i have austin but i mean i want something at home to be normal...maybe i dont, i wouldnt know how to handle a rambler..ramble ramble ramble...

    the dashboard show is in progress as i speak...ahhhh now that im sitting home alone it makes me miss the fact that i could have gone and i was this close <--> maybe the static lullaby show would work go so cah-razy if i saw them and my chemical romance i wanna go i wanna i wanna! shiza shiza in the mood to lay on my back and laugh really hard...i mean a gigantic belly laugh...i belly laughed yesterday...haha those are precious

    i got to go to steak n shake tonight and have good food...i wasnt as hungry as i would have liked to be though because i wasnt a clean-plater :/ there's always next time! i want a haircut badly badly badly...i want it short too im surprisingly serious about it..i have to find pictures of what i want though..

    im lonely right now! i want to talk to someone about stuff that matters to them and stuff thats bothering them..i feel restless because the only time i get to be myself is on weekends and this weekend im too so boring and quiet at school..everyday someone new asks me if i had been doesnt bother me that much..i just know its not the way i am and its an injustice to my personality to surpress it for 5/7 of the week..gosh its freezing outside lately and i love it! i ran outside and played in the rain..i almost forgot it wasnt snow...does anyone know where i can purchase the nightmare before christmas soundtrack???i need it in my life...i need a lot of a nap byebye love, me

    Current Mood: relaxed
    Current Music: letterkills~clock is down
    Commander Venus Conor
    you're conor oberst in commander venus. His first
    real band, the one that started saddle-creek
    and lead on to bigger and better things for the
    man. without you there would be no Bright Eyes
    and no critics snaping at your heals. congrats
    for being an overachiever at such a young age.
    you rock.

    which conor oberst are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    haha :P

    Current Mood: yeedleponk! it means joyous
    Current Music: starting line~ motivating seperating

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