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Melissa's Journal

21st July, 2003. 5:16 pm. Who knew horoscopes are true?

Today has been great, I got a letter from Immaculata and they are putting in a scholorship lottery thing for $4,000, which is great. I want to go that school and all my friends are asking about seeing guys in school, I have never thought of college as a hook up scene and high school guys in my high school were and still are pointless. My mom thinks I will get the scholorship considering what I have been through this year which is good, it doesn't matter if I do or don't, but for sure, I guess I am smart enough to get a scholarship for my PSAT score which I thought I failed or did horrible on. I want to go there cuz it is close to my friend in Deleware County and they have so much to offer for someone who wants to be an art teacher in elementry school. Yesterday I read my horoscope and it said I would be either lucky or unlucky and now I have a great feeling that for some reason I am lucky. This might be my last three days of medicine, which sounds great to me. I never had a problem with college, I just knew I would go to one sometime and now I get to go next year and that makes me so happy to still be around on earth, when I first came out of my coma I thought how eaasy it would be to have died but now I guess good things were on my shoulders. This week might even get better because I am meeting with a docoter from where I used to be in the hospital and he might sign it and give premission for me to practice and drive again. I have just realized how many wonderful things have been happiened to me. I am blessed with good luck.

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