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♥ SPEAK EASY Wednesday 042804
Mood    satisfied


SEXY SEXY! Saturday 042404
Mood    calm

hey babes ♥
think your pretty?
which most of you are :)
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Love yall



...ALL MY DREAMS Monday 041904
Mood    chipper

hey babes ♥
i gotta give ya the rundwn about prom!
it was so much fun =)

B4 Prom On Friday;
in school, everyone was so excited!
i couldn’t wait! when i got home
i jumped in the shower, cuz Mike
was coming over =)

he got to my house just after
i was done getting ready…
the parents talked; which was soo
embarrassing!! my mom was like talking
to our cat..i so wanted to die right there!
when his parents left we went to wendy’s
& this kid who i don'tlike walks in,
im like omg! Mike got all mad; it
was so funny, he called him a cracka lmao!

we got home & i gave him a little present
it was the Miz shirt, from Mike from real world,
he really liked it & i was super happy he did =)
after that we started to get dressed, it took me
forever to do my hair, rose called and asked if
we were ready im like holy shit give us 20 mins!

everyone came over & when Mike was done,
he came in my room; my heart stopped!
he just looked so gorgeous!! we took tons of pix!
Michele came with Chris & we got more pix &
our car ride..jesus christ we all were so smushed!
my ass was like to the side, Ray was like in the air
it was so funny! & Chris drove so fast! i was scared!

@ Prom On Friday;
we walked in, it was a pretty nice place,
we said hello to the teachers & we took
pix in the BiGchair! woo we found our seats,
we ate dinner & everyone thought i was weird
for putting sugar in my drink haha

it was time for dancing!! ahh it was soo fun =)
Mike actually danced, he is pretty good too!
we got dessert with Rose & everyone stole my
fruit, we lost Ray & Chris too lmao we danced
some more cause toxic came on & Mike predicted
it would & it came on, crazy shit right there…
so we’re dancing & kissing & this spanish
teacher came over & taps Mike & goes
“no tongue on the dance floor” LOL!
i was like what!? omg it was so funny!!

they did the king & queen & Chris grabs
my arm like “it’s her, it’s her” im like NOO!!
lmao it was so funny! i would feel weird if
i won & had to dance with someone else!

wen we left, Mike had the idea of me
sittin on his lap in the car, which was fine
but omg, everytime Chris would make a
turn i would hold on for dear life! lmao
now that’s scary shit!! we went to nifty
50’s & ate, then it was finally time to
go home ahh yay! we got changed,
& chilled in the basement together;
it was cool to be able to sleep with
Mike by my side =)

we woke up late, we were so tired!
we went to the movies & saw the punisher,
it was pretty good =) except my eye was killing
me, i went blind like last thursday in school the
day b4 prom, it was all cause of my contact &
my eye was bothering me again, but i tried
not to think about it and not let it get in my way

after the movie, i wanted to buy sumthing
cuz i had money & so i was gonna get
the britney spears DVD & i went to pay
& Mike woudnt let me! then we waited
for Tom [dad] to pick us up & i read the
note he wrote to me..honestly…it was
so sweet! i had tears! he was like aww
& he hugged me, it was so cute =)

then we went to eat & i made him
try my chicken mushroom pizza
lmao he wouldn’t eat it! but he did!
he made me try his burger, ew haha
then rose called me & she almost made
me cry, cuz she was upset over asshole
but i wont get into that! we went over to
wal mart, and then my parents were gonna
feed my aunts cat, but i told her me & Mike would
feed them, i get in there & Tina calls me & tells me
her boyfriend was being mean & she was about to
kill him! he is trying to quit smoking, i told her
“get the gum!!” lmao we fed the cat & i showed
him the house, we made ourselves pretty
comfortable in my aunts room lmao
we went home & hung out & didn’t
go to bed til very late ♥

we woke up so early cuz he was leaving
i told my parents to wake us up, but they
went out! we got woken up by Mike’s phone
we got changed, cuz he parents were outside!
we had to wait for my parents to come home
b4 they left cuz they wanted to say bye & all…
me & Mike said bye in my room & i cried,
& you know how in movies, guys wipe the
tears away...he did that, i was like ahh!
& he said “don’t worry im not going anywhere”
how freakin sweet, i love him =)

he left, my parents went to home depot
i was all alone & watched tv & got bak in pjs
Mike calls…im like omg, he forgot his shirt!
he had to come all the way bak for it!
it was good to see him again tho haha
he called me wen he got home =)

it was a super weekend!
i definitely love him so much ♥
i'll try to get my pix on here if i can =)

check this out, i found these pix
it’s a Britneydoll its so realistic!
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i hope youu dancee! Thursday 041504
Mood    excited

hey babes ♥
my prom is tomorrow!! yay!!
im super excited! hehe
i will update after my weekend =)
love yas! muah xo



Puffy Daddy! Saturday 041004
Mood    happy
Music    SHOWDOWN || MiSS SPEARS ___*

hey babes ♥
i hope you all have a very happy easter!
eat lots of candy!! haha =)

Happy Easter! )



Peep Peep! Wednesday 040704
Mood    contemplative

hey babes ♥
this week was short & good!
spring vacation for me yay!

i got back my english project
guess what i got a 107!
wow i know it was really good
it was a poem about my grandmom ♥
@ lunch we were all walking to lunch
& cathy got in trouble for skippin class
on friday & made up a fake name &
we saw the teacher who wrote her up
& we all started laughing & cathy just
disappears! me & michele were like
where did she go!! she ran in the
bathroom it was funny as shit haha

we had church in school &
i was walking w| my friends
& this girl krissy, we used to talk
but we’re not really friends & so
i see her & i go “omg!” & laughed
cuz i was happy to see her AND
SHE GOES “LIKE OMG!” & laughs all ditzy like
my face was like HOLY SHIT! haha
she just did not make fun of me!
cathy was laughin so hard cuz i was in shock
i really couldn’t believe it, she is so mean grr!

THEN in math, we got to sit wherever we
wanted, so im excited cuz i can sit with cathy,
so i save the seat in front of me for her &
this kid matt sits behind me so he could talk
to will so matt goes you move, now
im like no so im sittin there &
he goes wen i tell you to move u jump
i told him i wasn’t moving & to leave me alone
so i told will to move bak one seat so they’d b
next to each other, BUT will is like
no why don’t u move like we told u to
he was all mean about it so im like why don’t
you stop fuckin talking to me like that
they were like damn & i turned around in my seat
our teacher asked everyone to move up
towards the front so im like im, moving, HAPPY?
i go gimmie my fuckin book cuz it was under
my desk lmao it was great he was like okay..
i was proud of myself, no one tells me what
to do jeeze! cathy was like DAMN no need
for the attitude!! it was funny cuz 10 mins into
class the boys got kicked out for talking HA!

then in computers cathy was pushing the
# 7 key and it kept saying 7! she was like
WTF!! LMAO someone switched
the keys! i was crying it was so funny!!

i went tanning after school & jesus christ
i had to wait for like 15 minutes & i had
a appointment! people come late & get in
thats messed up! & afterwards we went to
this at&t place for my sis's by, he needed
a charger, and we bought one the day b4
& it broke, so the guy was like "let me show
u how to do it b4 u break another one!
im like damn! there werent directions, how
are people sapposed to know how to work it!

good day, very short school day
thank god! we did nothing all day in school
it was great, omg in computers i went online
& there was a site with these pictures of
someone’s kid & the whole family like by
the pool, at the park like WOW
so i made a power point slide of them
lmao it was so funny, i find it sorts scary
to put ur child online sittin with the easter
bunny, i mean its cute but that’s a little weird!
& we found out our teacher was divorced
thats a little sad but he seems pretty happy
so im like so u be gettin ur flirt on right!?
lmao he was like oh yeah haha & cathy
was like go ahead, dust off ur shoulder!

in math me & cathy were talking about
her cousin's friend & she has a boyfriend
who has a im like WOW!
how awesome, cathy is like damn i know,
its not everyday a 3 sum comes along!
lmao it was pretty funny, lucky girl haha
so we start talking about a show &
im sittin there like yeah ...
im still think about this 3 sum lmao
she's like me too LMAO

i dunno what im doing today but
9 days till prom woo woo =)
take care, i will check in b4 easter yall!

PS: has anyone had "my band" from D12
in their head for the past week lmao i have!




BRiT = GOD! Thursday 040104
Mood    energetic
Music    PiMP MY RiDE|| MTV ___*

hey babes ♥
i have a britney hangover haha
it was such a awesome concert!

we got there, parked, i got a shirt off
a dude outside & the ppl next to us in
our parking spot were drinking & getting
drunk, lovely right! we got inside,
it was so crowded!! i bought a program,
it’s got gorgeous pix ♥

we waited for dennis to get there &
this dude starts talking to me & he was old
he's like is this ur 1st time seeing her live
im like yeah & he's still talkin to me
im starting to get scared he's like it's
gonna be a great show.. im like yeah..
im thinking, can we please move away
from here!! i looked at my sis like
help me! & we walked over & thank god,
we met up with dennis & his friend, we
said hey & we found our seats they were
really good, we could actually see her!!

Syke Sweetnam opened up for her
& i only knew one song from her,
no one else knew her haha i felt bad,
everyone was screaming “milkshake!!”
& finally Kelis came out! she wasn’t bad
this guy in front of us was like “yeahh milkshake!!”
im dancing thinking, WOW
did he just say what I think he did!

we sat there waited til 9pm
for britney & i had butterflies,
i was so excited & all of us were
like its 8:46..8:47..just watching the
clock! & waiting for britney!
i had to go to he bathroom but
i didn’t wanna miss anything
so i waited haha

it was 9pm & it was time!
the tarp went down & the lights went on
& BOOM it was time for britney!!!
i had tears in my eyes, now that’s a fan!
i was super excited, toxic was the 1st song
i was screaming & dancing it was soo awesome!
she is soo amazing, seeing all the dancing
be so in sync & right on point was so cool!
the dancers were realllly good!

my fav songs were def all of them but
i really liked “everytime
she sang it so well & it just was so emotional!
touch of my hand was very sexual
the dancer guy was seriously humping
the pillow & bed hahaha my sis looked
at me like HOLY SHIT!

breathe on me
she hooked up with the dancer on stage
their tongues were going at it! ahh!
my face was like OMG!!!

shadow” was really good too!
her outfit was pretty & the dancers did trapeze!
i’ma slave 4 u” HOT enough said!
the host type guy of the tour was really funny
he did the “shortyyy” in “boom boom
& he went into the crowd & made fun of the girl,
it was great! there were some winners around
me, the girls were saying hi to there friends
across the arena…yeah they can hear you
...what dumbasses!! ppl behind me were
like “shut the fuck up they cant hear you”

the dude in front of me put his head bak &
i accidently hit him with my knee lol
almost fell over lmao!

when britney did boom boom,
i knew it was the end of the concert
confetti was all over too haha
i was like damn it! but i couldn’t wait
for "me against the music"
it was fucking amazing, she is so talented!
screw what people say, she is a true entertainer!
i like the brown hair too haha!

we went to leave & it was a mob scene!
we got to our car & the freakin drunk ppl
were all on it!! my sis was like “that’s nice
get off my fuckin car!!” hahahahaha
we were in traffic forever & we sang shania
in the car, like in crossroads!
people are crazy drivers, this lady had
her lights on, about 50 cars behind her
& she wasn’t moving! like umm hello!

we got checkers on the way home,
i still had to go to the bathroom
since 8…it was now almost 12!
@ checkers we heard ppl doing karaoke!
this guy was doing "faint "
cooool right! haha he was screaming too!

we dropped off my friend rose,
teagan was sleeping over &
we got home i couldn’t walk right
cuz i had to pee! i went to the bathroom
finally! alleluia! then i ate my chicken!

we got changed & started watching
how to deal but we were too tired!
we went to sleep! my cat kept buggin teagan!
haha we woke up & teagan went home
i ate breakfast & went tanning! fun day off!
i think im getting a little cold & my throat
hurts but what a night i had at the concert
it was so a dream come true!

thank god tomorrow is friday!!
woo i gotta make up my tests!
wish me luck! have a fun weekend!

check out Lauren's journal
& also Teresa's journal
all sexified by me!!



ONYX HOTEL TOUR Tuesday 033004
Mood    excited
Music    BURN || USHER ___*

hey babes ♥
concert tomorrow!!!

i'll be checking into the ONYX HOTEL!
ahhh im sooo excited
i'll give all the details thursday!!



SHOWTiME! Sunday 032804
Mood    chipper
Music    iMA SLAVE 4 U || MiSS SPEARS ___*

hey babes ♥
make sure to watch:

Britney Spears
live from mami
on showtime

@ 9 pm



"YELLOW" Friday 032604
Mood    chipper

hey babes ♥
i haven’t updated in forever!
im sorry, my computer was messed up!
but guess what…we got a new computer!
it's really nice =) its got so much stuff!
& aol will only let me sign on as guest!!

my life’s going good haha
it’s 5 days til the britney concert!
i cant wait! last weekend i went to Mike’s
woo i love him sooo much hehe

i started going tanning for prom
wow the 1st time i went i was so scared
haha i felt so claustrophobic! & wen you
see ppl u know they totally ignore you
& its like u sit there like umm hello!

this week in school was good,
me & cathy listened to dane cook
from the front of the room haha
so we had to lower it hahaha
& one time im walking dwn the hall
& this kid bangs into me & i got flying
into the wall! right into a statue of jesus!
it hurt soo bad! he’s goes u okay?
im like umm yeahh ouch!! & my religion
project was so good, my teacher asked
if he could read it to the class! woo!

me & my sister went shopping for pans
to make cake & we went to the dollar store
words of advice, don’t get frosted flakes from
the $ store! lmao they are sick! i dunno what
possessed me to get them! & my parents went
shopping for easter decorations & the blow up
bunny was soo tiny!! It was so cute, then i
accidentally made a hole in it lmao & so i see
my mom, she’s jumping im like mom don’t kill it!!
& then my sis tells us she is going to Indiana for
xmas we’re like nooo way! cuz her boyfriend’s family
lives there & my mom’s like “over my dead body!”

it's so nice out today it’s like 70 degrees woo
i dunno what im doing tonight yet, but teagan
is coming over, i will check bak soon! luv yall!

EdiT: NEW SCREEN NAME: Piink Babii 7l28



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