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the reason is you... [14 Apr 2004|07:57pm]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | alan jackson--ain't no cure for the summertime blues ]

wow i have a had a surprisinly upbeat good day for it being so crappy outside today. how does that nursery rhyme go about the man that bumps his head? does it stop raining in the morning, b/c if it does than i am sure willing to bump my head before i go to bed and that way maybe it will actually stop raining for more than one minute.
we had group pictures today and i think that they will actually turn out pretty good, but anything has to be better than the pictures that we got in ninth grade, those were absolutely attrocious. and i was happy b/c steve was like you look very pretty today so that boosted some endorphins, lol, that psychology im tellin ya. but then solomon was like pull up your shirt and it went back down, it wasnt even that low, i guess since i never wear really low shirts it must have seemed like it was low.
oh yea and surprise these performance assesments that all of the teachers have been talking about are coming up next week and today we were informed that these tests are either a part of, or all of our final exam. yup it was nice of the board of ed to notify us though wasnt it? i mean it was probably a lot of trouble on their part...
babysitting was nice today. seraphina slept for an hour so i finished my math homework, and studied, and then the chef came so we all talked for a while lol it was back breaking labor! so it was pretty good and the baby was happy so it was pretty easy and i got some really good chocolate, mmmm.
now i am once again at the library because our internet is still malfunctioning, but as soon as i came me, nina, and ms.perdue talked for a while and it was so funny b/c ms.perdue was telling us about some wierd book that someone requested and she was cracking up it was the funniest thing that i ever saw, like when marys mom cracks up. adults are hilarious when they have a laughing fit, i think they should do it more often.
but now i am researching the sout beach diet, as the chef told me tonight that she has been on it for one week and has lost 6 lbs. i think that tops my 5 lbs for all of lent (not to mention the 2 i gained back already lol and its only been two days) so im not like officially signing up and all this crap but i want to do it, it'll be fast and hopefully effective, and since i will just do the first phase and keep eating healthy (which is two weeks) it'll be easier than just suddenly eating healthy b/c i can tell myself alright anna 7 days left! great motivation.
well i think that i will be going now, i need to finish some research and such and be home to catch the recap of am. idol and cant miss the OC! hello!
alright, until next time....

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