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[07 Aug 04|15:07pm]
Sam is a backstabbing two-faced bitch who pretends she is friends with people but then bitches about them secretly elsewhere, she also has a problem with bisexual people but tries to act like it doesn't bother her because the most popular person on Caleida is bisexual and she wants to remain friends with her to boost her ONLINE popularity.

Don't believe me? lol she bitched about my friend Lou about her being bi and a "two timer" on her LiveJournal. For the record Lou is not a two timer Sam, not like you and your "OMG I LOVE HIM BUT IM GOING OUT WITH HIM AND I KISSED HIM CUZ HE IS FIIIIT!!"

The only two timing backstabbing btich is you Sam, get over yourself, you're not clever, you're not popular and
you can't keep a boyfriend for as long as a week! Whore.
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[24 Jan 03|17:54pm]
What element would you rein over? (For Girls)

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The end of one era [23 Dec 02|21:56pm]
The end of one era Ok well MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone. I would be like Lou and do some sort of graphic, but i'm too lazy. Well i probably won't update till next year so thats that over and done with.

Well Christmas see's the closing down of my journal dark_angel, i am no longer going to write in it, theres no need, Lou has snapped me back to my senses, no more dwelling, i will be using another account, but i'm not going to say what it is, is there really much point? Only online friends can read it. I don't have anything against you lot, i luv you all, but a girl needs her privacy.

Well what have i been up to recently? Well as you probably noticed the new layout, if you haven't check it out, its quite girly. What do you all think? I've jsut about mastered the basics of creating styles. I've helped some people with layouts, made a couple of icons for my new journal and one for Hels. I wasted alot of time on making a style for dark_angel.

I suppose everyone knows i told Jack to fuck off and get out of my life. You may think that was over the top, and i was being a drama queen, but i do have my reasons, not that i'm going to share them with you.

I haven't updated about my cousin for a while. She got out of intensive care about two weeks ago, she was put on to Respiratory ward for some reason, can't remember what, she's still very thin but she should be going home tomorrow. i think Connor and Jess will be really happy to have her home.

I'm kind of ill at the moment. Sore throat, occasional dizzy spells, stomach ache, horrible cough, and head aches. I hope i'm better by Christmasm don't think its going to happen thoug, pain killers don't seem to be doing anything.

Yaay its nearly Christmas!!! Alcohol list: Vodka, Bacardi, 2 bottles of Malibu, 2 bottles of Cinzano, 4 orange Bacardi breezers, 4 lime Bacardi breezers, 8 Smirnoff ice, 3 bottles of Whisky, Brandy, 12 cans of John Fosters, 12 cans of Stella Artois, 2 bottles of wine, i can't wait to crack it all open.

I was watching the film Dirty Dancing earlier. Its a good film (oh my god i can't believe i just said that). Id love to be able to dance like that. It looks so much fun. Well not with Patrick Swayzy (how do you spell it?) anyway, not my kind of guy. He's so showy offy.

Well i can't be assed to write any more, have a good christmas, and a great new years.
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[14 Dec 02|13:41pm]

This journal is now friends only. If you want to be on my friends list you will need to comment! I am not taking request for icons or layouts, go to lay_me_out or iconmakers to request. I will still be doing premade layouts. One per user. No sharing.
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[14 Dec 02|13:12pm]
I thought i'd say that i have around 8 communities, you can find them on my user info. I newly created claim_me
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[13 Dec 02|16:55pm]
Well its been quite a long time since my last update. What have i been doing recently apart from the odd bit of random icon making. Ummm... coursework, studying, exams, dull weekends, so not alot really. I really don't want to write in here now due to the fact that i have dark_angel and bleeding_within on LJ which i use more than this one. Don't worry, i soon will be doing some layouts, premade layouts and icons
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[29 Nov 02|11:35am]
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[25 Nov 02|19:02pm]
Hey i have a new journal. I'll still be using this one. My new one [dark_angel] will be totally friends only. I will only have a few selected people on the friends list as it will be full of unsent letters.......
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Layouts [24 Nov 02|17:50pm]
Layouts Right i'm currently doing layouts for the following:
Ayashi no ceres, 800x600
Air, 1024x786
Ah my! Goddess, 800x600
Tupac, 800x600
JLo, 800x600
Burn up w, 1024x786
Cardcaptor Sakura, 800x600
Final Fantasy VII, 800x600
Gals!, 1024x786
Kamikaze kaitou, 800x600
Parasite Eve, 1024x786
Pretear, 800x600
Seraphim call, 800x600
Kelly Osbourne 1024x786
Kurt background
Jimmy Fallon
Tigger 800x600
Eeyore 800x600
Piglet 800x600
Christina 800x600
Buffy 800x600
Queen Adreena 800x600
Wolf 800x600
Colour wave 800x600

Well i hope i spelt all those right. If once they're made and you would like i'm a different size i can do that for you.
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[24 Nov 02|14:05pm]
New community. [anti_pop] Check my user info for all my other info.
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Air premade [24 Nov 02|12:04pm]
Air premade Taken
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[23 Nov 02|14:04pm]
Ok i got a new icon, as shown above, i have re-done my user info (soz lou i stole your layout from your user info), and i've done a new layout, anyone like?
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Ayashi no ceres layout [23 Nov 02|05:26am]
Ayashi no ceres layout taken
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[21 Nov 02|13:03pm]
Ok well due to the fact that people i don't know are adding me to their friends list i am now cutting it down completely. Now i will only have people i actually know in person or from other journals.
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dunno where 2 put it [19 Nov 02|14:55pm]
dunno where 2 put it

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