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    Wednesday, February 18th, 2009
    11:43 am
    bored talk to me!
    Why is this section called the event?
    Nothing eventful happend...
    I'm just sitting at home sick today. My throat is sore and I'm have horrid cramps.
    Calling into work is fun but not so fun when you realize they could possibly fire you for that shit. I don't do it that often though so I'm ok right?
    I can barely talk and breathe sooo they gotta give me that.
    I'm soooooo bored right now ....someone talk to me before I go insane!

    I'm reflecting on my last relationship ...I do that a lot
    I miss him bunches... and wish he was here now... smileing his beautiful smile.
    He will be missed and I'm sure he's watching over me from above.
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