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[10 Oct 2003|05:19pm]

I went and saw the Blood Brothers Wed. night at the Modified in Phoenix.. It was such a great show.. the second time i've seen them.. they get better and better each time. Jordan was looking so hot..

i could feel the spit fly out of johnny's mouth and hit my face as he was screaming so close to my face if i stuck my tongue out i would have licked him.

[04 Oct 2003|10:22am]
[ mood | mellow ]
[ music | the station at work constantlyplays the same 23 oldies songs ]

hey loves. i'm new, doesn't make me particularly speacial or anything, just thoght i'd mention it. love an ponies. -Maria.

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[21 Sep 2003|10:08am]

[ music | none--waiting to go back to sleep-silence makes me tired--AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! ]

hey i love the layout---yes totally and i just wanted to say whats up im new and you all seem rad so i HAVE to be part of this one--anyways im tired its a sunday and im up at 10 am what is wrong with me?? ill write laters--just wanted to say hi and much love<3333 night all--if any of you lazy bums wanna come sleep with me jus jump in haha ill keep you warm---just u cant be a rapest or scary thats all i ask--anyways *yawn* laters


[01 Sep 2003|01:37pm]

I changed the layout. Have a look, f_that_noise

Yes or no?

[21 Aug 2003|07:59am]

i'm new here. so yeah, hi.

[03 Aug 2003|12:01pm]


best new community ever.

[01 Jul 2003|02:23am]

hello i'm new .... i just wanted to say hi. and stuff.

[25 Jun 2003|06:10pm]

This was an entree I had put in my journal awhile ago. Just felt like sharing:

The fucking Fall are amazing!! I got this anthology recently. It's The Step Forward Years, it's an anthology of their stuff on Step Forward from 1978, 79, and 80. It has this really cute picture of Mark E. Smith on the back, and it has really neat band pictures inside. The pictures aren't the point though.
The Fall are fucking awesome. I had heard some stuff, but it was just a couple of songs someone put on a mix CD, but I was never really impressed with them. All the songs are awesome. (Yeah, I need a new adjective.) Mark E. Smith's voice is so weird and different, but awesome. (Wow, ha ha, I should be a music critic. "His voice is um, like ya know, weird n' shit.")
But, anyway Live at The Witch Trials is amazing too. Both definately a high recommendation.

fair? [22 Jun 2003|11:21am]

Alright, well, I'm not sure what I want to talk about, but I want to talk, that I do. I'm ranting and blah blah blah.

Back-stabbed and left to die. Those were my feelings of late. I trusted a "friend" and she let me down. I can only describe it as this; she is a parasite, an unwanted tapeworm who got too comfortable in my skin. It would seem she has no personality on her own, so she copied and pasted mine, along with countless others. Maybe to hide her own ugly face? I don't know. For whatever reasons, this is what she has done, and I am over that much, but now I feel irked with a new problem. In this whole situation it feels like she should be the one to be punished and to feel bad, and that came out really selfish and hard, I know, but it doesn't make sense to me that I'm the one hurting over it; that I was the one left behind.

I guess all I'm really trying to get across, is that I hate how a person can be themselves for their entire life, correct? and never be noticed for how unique and interesting they are, but someone else comes along and imitates those qualities, and suddenly they're the greatest thing ever, with no credit payed to the deserving.

[22 May 2003|08:26pm]

happy birthday Morrissey!

[17 May 2003|05:52pm]


This is marriage.

sorry for cross posting [13 May 2003|08:53pm]

[ mood | happy ]

compliments of my boyfirnd who i modeled for. heh
tell me what you think of his work!!

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boredom leads to... [23 Apr 2003|03:44pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]
[ music | Azure Ray = Displaced ]

the internet, then to blurty, then to a community. i wonder whats next...



[10 Apr 2003|09:09pm]

this aint an add me community. but imma a bitch and i want you to effin add me motha trucka!!!!!!! now! hahaha.....

[01 Apr 2003|09:47pm]


That's right.
I stole the whole album.

I swear I'll buy it later.
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have you ever tasted skin? [01 Apr 2003|10:49pm]

[ mood | indifferent ]
[ music | eighteen visions - overdose ]

would you mind if i broke right here?
i didn't mean to break the windows with my screams.
i'll pay you back for those and replace the carpet.
carefull not to step in that puddle of blood.
i didn't mean to scare you when i scrapped out my eyes and put them on the necklace i made for you.
when i opened my mouth the words escaped and strangled you.
the blender is a bit messy from the heart-shake i made for you.
did it taste good going down? was it refreshing? did it quence your thirst for me?
punch me again, daddy. this time i sware i won't spit blood on your face.
do me a favor. break me. bruise me. fuck me up.
cause it's ok when you do it.
but it's not ok for me.

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*frowns* [25 Mar 2003|09:13pm]

[ mood | jealous ]
[ music | grrrr i hate the green-eyed monster *pout* ]

Am i such a jealous i can't even remember the last time i've been jealous. Well my boyfriend's ex has a "hold" of him. My friends tell me i have a "hold of his heart, and she simply has a hold of his hand" they were together for 3 months maybe, then he went awhile without dating, then I came into the picture,(we've been together for two 1/2 months, inseparatable). I'm also the first one he's ever dated that was younger than him, he's 17 and im 16)(that counts for something huh?)She is unreachable, meaning living far away. I .....and I think I may love him. I have never loved a guy that i've dated in the past he is the first. We don't say I love you getting off the phone or what not. i've never told him i loved him, i'm afraid he isnt ready to say it, and i dont want to scare him. I'm scared to death of loosing him. I am a very independent person, i dont need to relie on someone to keep me happy or what not. I just am afraid she's going to pop up one day and go " o hey lets get back together" and he'll leave me in the dust. He's very sweet. I've never met anyone like him, maybe thats why i feel the way i do about him. *frowns* i'm very jealous of this girl. I'm ashamed to admit it as well. If any of you girlz have been in the same situation i'd greatly appreciate some words of wisdom.

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Haha, dumb sluts. [21 Mar 2003|09:46pm]

I really hate teenage fasion magazines and all the "do's" and "don'ts". It's pretty lame that they give a guide on how to look. I'm thinking that people should decide for themself.

Dumb fuckers. I'm going back to my European fashion magazines.
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[21 Mar 2003|09:44pm]

I thought that this was solid.
Stability and safety sitting in my hang.
Just take a look at your life.
You're all alone.

Who'll be there when I need someone?
Count on nobody, and no one will let you down.
I don't care, just let me go.
I don't need this anymore.

Love is not forever.
Friendship is not forever.
There is nothing set in stone.
You're on your own.

Dependence is followed by weakness.
Don't be your own hostage.
If I know so many, why don't they know me?
They don't know me.

Now I know what we're made of;
Confusion, complication, and uncertainty.
I thought this was real, I was wrong.
So I don't know.

"...Not Forever" - Tsumani Bomb
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now isn't that ironic. [17 Mar 2003|06:53pm]

[ mood | cold ]
[ music | "all warm" armor for sleep ]

isn't it beautiful how your body covers you in small bumps when you get cold? and isn't it gorgeous how you shiver to move, to keep warm?

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