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updation!!! [31 Jul 2003|08:19pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | sumtin by Jewel =P ]

Dude! I haven't update in forever! Haha, I don't use this site at all...I use DJ or Xanga....three journals is waaaaay too many! Ahaha, erm...but anywho...I don't really have anything to say soooo...I'm out!!!!!! Ciao!!!!

Break My Heart

new journal [31 May 2003|02:11pm]
[ mood | discontent ]
[ music | Imaginary |x| Evanescence ]

This is a journal where I'm gonna be talking about anything and everything that bothers me/ pisses me off/ makes me sad/ makes me mad/ makes me happy/ etc. So if you don't like me, don't read it. Later.

Break My Heart

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