JUNE 6TH, 2003 » 3:40p

Oi! Ah've been.. doin' nothin' in particular. Lurkin', mainly an' bein' a lazy gadge. Ah'll be around more often sooner or later, though, ah promise.

Stupid Alan! Yew needa get offa th' Scottish thin'. Tha's MY gig, Nightcrawlerboy.

:( Yew ladies still luv me, right?

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MAY 19TH, 2003 » 1:20p

Ah have a cold! Bloody hell. Ah hate bein' sick. There's nothin' fun aboot it, an' I want th' cold tae go AWAY. Anyway.. sorreh ah havenae been on AIM or anythin' tae chat. As ah'm saying, ah've been sick. Ah'll be around more often soon, though!

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APRIL 24TH, 2003 » 3:17p

mood :   happy
music :   Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough

Ooooh.. th' whole AIM name thingie wis really great. Thank yew fir doin' tha'! Makes me life so much easier.. but now ah gotta alphabetize th' thing! Wot can ah say, ah'm obsessive.

Also, shameless plug. *coughcough* Go see Down With Love comin' out this May. Ah only neglected tae tell anyone aboot it because.. well, ah like bein' mysterious. SO. Say hullo tae me an' th' lovely Renee an' go see it! Ah promise ye'll 'ave yerself a wonderful time, wot wi' two gorgeous people such as us on yer movie screen. ;)

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APRIL 20TH, 2003 » 7:30p

Wis gone fir th' weekend. Had some fun. Aye. An'.. sorry if it takes me a bit tae answer yer comments. They aren't gettin' emailed tae me, fir some reason.

Ah'm in a weird mood.

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APRIL 13TH, 2003 » 1:42a

music :   Ladytron - Zmeyka

Ah went tae this discoteque thing last night. An' ah met this girl! An she's nice, but ah dunno. Ah sortof want tae.. chill, tae use a southern california word. Chillin', brah! .. Or, yeah. :)

So.. that's me post!

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