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[xOx] Friends Cut [xOx] [20 Sep 2003|06:07pm]
[ mood | restless ]
[ music | yellow card *//* october nights ]


[XxX]I'm having a friends cut to get the people who never comment/update and/or have a new journal off my friends list.. yeah.. ANYWAY!! SORRY if you're one of these people but yeah, i've gotta do it :] if you really even care enough to be back on it then comment and i'll add you back for a 2nd chance... Pz#@! <3

evie * lynn

=-carebear_angel; never update or comment.
=-crazeenolan; never comment... who are you anyway?
=-dusty_wusty; never update.
=-gosh2brunette; never update, new journal.
=-lexified; new journal.
=-lolita; never comment.
=-o314; never update, new journal.
=-sam_owns; new journal.
=-stellarx21; never comment.
=- t0xiccandii; new journal.
=-_dawko314_; new journal.

*please remove me from your friends lists*

14 can * r0ck on!@$#@!

./!/.FrIeNdS oNlY./!/. [14 Sep 2003|05:17pm]
[ mood | full ]


My blurty is now friend's only.

WHY!? Well it's simply because...

[xOx] i feel like it
[xOx] i want to control who's reading my journal, hehe. im a very controling person if you know what i mean *grins*
[xOx] i dont like when dumb bitches comment anonymously talking shit :]

To be added:

[xOx] comment and add me and i'll add you back, simple as that! ^.^

but... there are some rules...


[xOx] you have to update your blurty atleast once a week, unless you're out of town. otherwise, what's the point of having a blurty if i cant read it? haha ^.^
[xOx] you've got to comment on my blurty atleast once a week or so... otherwise i feel like no one's reading it at all and then whats the point of having you on my friends list if you're not even reading my blurty?
[xOx] if you fail to do one of the above then i will remove you off my friends list, no bitching about it ethier, they're simple little rules. BUT, if you're special and you actually know me then you have another chance, i will add you back if i feel you deserve it and if i care about you that much, all you have to do is IM me :]
[xOx] feel free to express you opinion of me, i love it. tell me my faults or my good points, i'd like to improve myself since i know im not perfect, and no one is, sorry. (and plus i love to know when people are jealous of me or envy me, it makes me feel good. hehe it feeds me confidence haha)
[xOx] dont diss on the lesbians, gays, jews, germans, japs, chinese.. or any race for that matter. it REALLY pisses me off because i know people really well from some of those catagories and i probably will take it offensively.
[xOx] no pissing me off! im pretty easy to get along with but if you get on my bad side, you're gone bastard!
[xOx] no bitching when i sit and talk about my boring day! remember, YOU'RE the one who wanted to be aded and read it ^.^
[xOx] i'm a fucking goddess, think non-other!!

haha! alright, well thats about it. comment if you want to be added!! MUAH$#@#$ love yaz!! Pz <3
evie * lynn

4 can * r0ck on!@$#@!

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