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On vacation.. [03 Aug 2003|09:13pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

...and no computer at home! My old mac kneeled and will not be resurrected from the dead yet. I´m doing some reinstallment and a lot of praying, so hopefully I can fix it again. And then connect with the internet.

A thunderstorm broke my modem and even with a new one it won´t work. *cries*
Since I´m staying at home these two weeks, I´ll probably be dropping by my workplace to check on email and livejournals etc. Me, addicted? naaah...

The last week my tiny apartment have been filled with people. My mother, sister, nephews and nieces, my kids...at the most we were 7 people crammed into 2 small bedrooms. Next week some of them will be back for a few days, so I´ll enjoy the silence while I can. Read a book, watch tv, go for walks in the woods. It gets on my nerves to have to constantly entertain people. I´d rather cook, or clean, or even do the dishes while talking to them over my shoulder, sort of...

And I´m off to the beach! Much as I hate to see myself in a bikini, I love to swim in the sea and lie on my back in the sand getting all warm, while listening to the noise of kids yelling and people talking around me. It´s peaceful in a weird way.

So, off I am enjoying my two weeks away from the slavery....

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Oh brother! [23 Jul 2003|02:38pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Break your heart - Natalie Merchant ]

Weekend already! Not that I complain, but being broke with a house full of guests isn´t my idea of a good time. Luckily I have plenty of Chablis....

So, what have I done today? Nothing. I´m at work, but work is completely dead. Nothing happens, because everyone except myself are on holiday. I´ve been updating my journals, making icons, chatting on the phone endlessly, writing emails to everyone I know with an email-adress, and oggling Till-pics for hours.

I´m reading an interesting book, written by swedish manly man Jan Guillou. It´s called the Witches` Defenders, and is about the witch-trials in medieval europe, -vs. witch-hunts of today.

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Summertime [21 Jul 2003|03:07pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]
[ music | megaherz - an deinem grab ]

It is so quiet at work. Hardly any people left, they´re all gone on vacation. I´m working in slowmotion, enjoying that there´s no stress, no telephones, no sales-personell and no colleagues whatsoever. I can take three weeks of this, no problem! And then I´m off on a two-week vacation myself. Yay.

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Quiz [21 Jul 2003|02:25pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | marrakesh night market ]

You are Psychic!

What's Your Magic Power?
brought to you by Quizilla

I knew that...

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one of those days [18 Jul 2003|02:53pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | Shtil. Till und Richard ]

Yesterday when I came home from work, there was a thunderstorm coming in. Lightning and thunder, wind and rain, -it was pretty violent. It actually broke one window-pane in my daughter´s bedroom, glass-splinters all over the front yard. It took me hours to pick up the glass, and my neighbour removed the window-frame for me. Worse still, was that my modem went ka-poof!! and that I now have no internet-connection at home. Crisis! I contacted the phone-company, and they promised to call me up today, but I haven´t heard anything yet.

I also tried to log on to Rammstein fanarea from work, and my password was refused. Seems they couldn´t renew, probably because I´ve changed my visa since I signed up. Have tried to contact management, but no reply yet. Grrr! I feel left out in the cold. I never post on the forum there, but I DO want to be in the fanarea, to be on the inside of what goes on there. Flake´s logbook, possible concerts, and what if all of a sudden they offer a fanarea-concert, on short notice?? (as if..)

My ex wants me to pay Simons train-tickets, as he seems to have forgotten to send money with him. Another grr! I just paid my bills and there´s hardly money left to live off the rest of the month. Simon and Terese both have b-days on july 19th, and I doubt I will have money to buy the presents they want. I have to think of something...

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Bye bye LJ [16 Jul 2003|08:29pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | computer-buzz ]

I´m letting my LJ go. I don´t like it, in fact it sucks. And I don´t know anyone over there, as I find it hard to contact people. Still, I feel a need to keep a journal, even if I´m no good at writing or coming up with interesting topics. I do have things on my mind tho, sometimes too much, and intend to keep this journal as a kind of practice-sheet.

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New journal [16 Jul 2003|03:30pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]
[ music | Tango to Evora ]

Like I need another one. Have some sort of an idea of starting fresh, after feeling my LJ became a little stagnant. Or I stagnated in my LJ. Whatever. I´m here now, and I hope to make this a good one.

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