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    Sunday, May 25th, 2003
    8:35 pm
    Summer Vacation.... FINALLY!!!
    Today is the second full day of Summer Break!! *hears angels singing* That means that I am officially a sophomore!!!!! No longer the bottom rung of the social ladder, i am now in the third best class! The only bad part about not being in school is the fact that I'm not going to be able to see my friends much over the summer. Especially not when I go to Europe. Note to self: REMEMBER TO WRITE POSTCARDS!

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    Wednesday, May 14th, 2003
    2:29 pm
    My Regular, Boring School Day
    Before School: Valerie was getting her retainer (hahahahahahahahahahahahaha) so she wasn't in Tobin's room this morning (*angry mom voice* Where were you this morning? I was so worried!). I took a picture of Megan, Brian and Stacie (haha, you can't hide from me!). Extremely boring, actually.

    Spanish: Sra. Lopez is on speed. That is the only justification that I can come up with to explain her amount of work that we are expected to complete every day. 5 worksheets (completely and totally uncomprehensible), reviewing the 12 pages of homework from the previous class, and reviewing indirect and direct pronouns. There aren't enough minutes in a class to do all of the things necessary. Other than that, no change in the normal workings of Spanish.

    Driver's Ed: This class should be outlawed. Williams is the stupidest teacher in the entire school (he's the baseball coach, so he has an excuse) and insists on singing during class. I swear, if he starts singing "Moon River" one more time . . . . I feel so bad for Miller and Shotwell (M-I-ILLER and 'He shot so well') but at least they find it amusing.

    Geometry: Petitt is retarded, Tobias is a dumbass, nothing new there. Petitt: "Tobias and Chris are a married couple . . . ." Yes Ms Petitt, they're both nose-pickers. When is the Geometry test, Eddie? My friend was talking on the intercom today, but at least this time he wasn't telling us that there's a fire drill *coughBOMBTHREATcough*. Megan, Priya is not part of the wall . . . . Yes, I get to keep Chris's mp3 player until tomorrow!

    Lunch: Spent the entire period looking at yearbooks and trying to convince Stacie to stay in IB (you're the smartest one, why are you leaving?!). We melted yet another DiaBar, so on Friday we'll have one waiting for us in English. We really need to try to mass produce those things . . . .

    English: Turned in Vocab packets, graded grammar tests, reviewed vocab packets . . . . I looked at my grade at the end of class, and I finally have an A! Granted, it's only a 91% but hey, that's still an A! We played vocab bingo and learned that Matt needs to learn how to PROJECT his voice. Eddie finally got Matt to say hollow ball. Meahl needs to chill . . . . I don't think that she acually realized that we get out of school on May 24th until about a week ago. The only good thing about her planning is that we get a "Free Day" next Tuesday. Yearbook signings, picture taking, fun stuff. Message to Meahl: GIVE US OUR ARITS GRADES NOW!!!!!

    After School: The Senior Day was today, so we had to deal with the water balloons, shaving cream, silly string, buckets of water, and whatever else the students brought. It is possibly the least mature thing that Cypress does all year. Of course, once I'm a senior, it will be the best thing to happen all year. Even some of the IB seniors came back (they got out of school yesterday) so they could participate. The bus ride home was uneventful, Erin didn't ride (as well as Diana) so it was pretty boring. Joan and I made fun of everyone's yearbook pictures. She doesn't think that Evan is hot, so we didn't talk for about 15 minutes. That's okay though, she thinks that this really ugly guy is cute, so we agreed to disagree. She still won't let me hear the end of who I currently like, though, so she still has one up on me.

    I need to go finish homework, so I'm going now . . . . More when I get back from tutoring. ~Leah

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    2:08 pm
    I now know how Rory feels.... Studying for finals is the hardest thing to do. You don't get as much review time, because teachers have just realised that hey, there's only one week of school left and hey, we still have to do an entire unit on poetry! And now, since it's so close to finals, you might as well not study for all of the good it'll do for you. If you don't know it by now, why bother? And if you have a retarded english teacher like I do, she doesn't grade half of your crap until after the school year ends, so you can't even prepare your parents for the F you'll be getting. Finals cause too much stress . . . .

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