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Sunday, January 2nd, 2005

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    2005 is looking better than 2004
    Ive managed to make it to 2005 without jumping off a bridge....lets review the last year of my life shall we.

    January:we move into our new apartment it doesnt seem as nice as our old ones but we get over the fact that we now dont have one extra bathroom. Im in love with my boyfriend Greg hes the world to me. We talk everyday and are planning on getting married soon. I still have my job that I got last month and am loving it.

    Febuary:Me and Greg arent getting along very well its almost our year ann. Hes still everything to me. I find out my cell bill is a little to much and plan to pay it off. They keep me at my job and Im hired fill time. Plan to go to school in the summer.

    March:The first came and went Greg and I had our ann. on the first and that is the day he decided to brake up with me. That also happends to be my birthday. I dont remember much else but that in march I turn 19
    and I just remember wanting to turn back time and be 18 again.

    April: My sister turns 16 and I have a fall out and I try to forget Greg. I slowly turn into one of the regulars at work and realize that they drop people like flys there for one reason or another.

    May:I meet Edward and a guy named Chris. Edward becomes a good friend and Chris becomes a boyfriend for about a month. My life goes on and I still cant forget Greg.

    June:Renee turns 21 and she gets a of those little puppies that dont shead fur cause it has hair. She calls him chance. Renee by the way is a good friend.

    July: Inventory again at work. Josh a guy at work makes going to work eaiser by being my comic relife. I get placed in one department.

    August:Zach turns 16, I get tired of my job and start looking for another one and then like my job again. Chris is out of my life. Edward becomes a really good friend. I never started college...plan to do it next year.

    September: My mom plans to get married. We all have a big fall out and one of those big fights that I hate so much. I get a raise at work nothing big but Im loving it. I shot up to a burgandy star and still have greg on my mind but meet a while deserveing guy named Jeff. I like him right of the bat and we start to date well kind of ...I think. Hes a bit weird and doesnt like to talk about himself.

    October: Jeff tells me things he has never told anyone and I try to help him and I find that Im becoming impatiant with guys all in all. My grandma has an accident. I try to be strong for myself and others. My sister admits to takeing drugs and we try to help her.

    November: thanksgiving goes by ok better than last year. We find out Renee is Pregneant four months already. Im almost at my job for a year.

    December : I get my year at work and become a dimond star. We find out Renee is having a girl. We planed to move intogether and made plans and got an apartment. I stopped talking to fault and I miss him like crazy. I still miss Greg but this month we talked for the first time since we broke up. He isnt the person I fall in love with nor will he ever be. I finally find myself accepting that and getting over him. I meet a guy at work just recently actually his name is Ben...all I can so so far is I like him.

    Januray: Me and Renee are set to move into our apartment on the tenth...cant wait.

    Current Mood: blah
    Current Music: Forget it by breaking Benjamin.

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