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[ cradle ] [23 Jul 2003|08:02am]
Steal My Pictures And die, just ask me for my permission

Toinight Ashli[lilashliurine], David, Billy and myself all went to Bogarts for the Cradle Of Flith.

KillSwitch Engage was first. they were good. i could only snap one good photo of them. They were very good. I was pleased.

Next up was Shadows Fall. I swear i creamed when they came out on stage, i snapped tons of pictures of the lead singer, only because he was very attractive and i fell in love with his dreads. He'd spin his head around n around, i said ouch just looking at the 360 of hair flying around.

+1 more Shadows Fall )

Then there was Cradle Of Flith. they Put on a GREAT show. i wasn't to fond of their sound, i was quite annoyed and so was everyone else(us 4). So we missed out on Sworn Enemy and the rest of Cradle. Oh well, it was so awesome, they had people on stilts and like a swing and like, IT was like ...whoa...

yes i did take that with my digital camera, trust me Billy had to lift me up for it.
Seriously, check these out, hot chick on stilts crazy looking shit, trapese shit, awesome please look, i want you to enjoy what i did lol )
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[ Manda saw eric ] [06 Jul 2003|03:59am]
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Today was cool. Eric Picked me up and we went to Dom's[saint_dom]. Billy, Mat, Dom[saint_dom], David, and Amanda[churchraver] Were there. It was werid not talking to her at all.
Billy and Amanda[churchraver] left then we went and got Ashli[lilashliurine]. Took a food break and then went back to Dom's[saint_dom]. Me and Eric left and went back to His house after stopping at two people's Houses. I enjoyed my Eric time and now he is on his way back to Chilicothe. :( oh well he will be back on Thursday!!!

Oh yea!!! Does any one know what those little chocolate filled koahla bears are called? Me and eric search Krogers and Meijer looking for em. i wanted them badly and it was driving him nuts that he didn't know what i was talking about.


You Must Over Come Your phobia.
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[ Friends Only ] [05 Mar 2002|11:51am]
[ mood | happy ]
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Friends Only

If you Add me and I will add you back.

+| requirements |+

Try to post frequently. I don't mean 26 times a day. try posting at least twice every few weeks or some shit.

fo peepz hoo type lyke dis! Yoo feelin meh dawg? pEoPlE wHo TyPe LiKe ThIs will immeadiatly get taken off...if i kant read it whats the point in having you on my list?

If all you do is write meaningless 2 sentenced paragraphs and quizzes/surveys, then I will take you off my list, since no one really kares about your quiz results.

Dont add me because you and your friend are having a contest to see who gets 1000 friends first. Please.

If you do add me, please leave a comment, or know that you're there!

i love comments. who doesn't

i also post piktures with lj cut. you should do the same.

Even if i hate you, and you ask to be added you kan, i just like to kno who is and isnt reading my journal.

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