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Monday, August 9th, 2004
9:38 am
1st Semester
1) Trigonometry
2) Anatomy
3) Physics
4) Free
5) Modern History
6) God in Lit.
7) Acting I

2nd Semester
1) Java-Math
2) Advanced Art III
3) Physics
4) California History
5) Christian Life.
6) Ind. & Society
7) Acting II

I know I have sucky classes but please tell me if you have any with me!
2~WeePinG WounDs |~SouL MaTeS NeVeR DiE~
9:38 am
1st Semester 2nd Semester
1) Trigonometry 1) Java-Math
2) Anatomy 2) Advanced Art III
3) Physics 3) Physics
4) Free 4) California History
5) Modern History 5) Christian Life.
6) God in Lit. 6) Ind. & Society
7) Acting I 7) Acting II

I know I have sucky classes but please tell me if you have any with me!
~SouL MaTeS NeVeR DiE~
Friday, July 16th, 2004
10:32 pm - ccccutte!

~SouL MaTeS NeVeR DiE~
Sunday, July 11th, 2004
12:01 pm
ohhhh man the concert last night kicked assssss

Me, Kt D, and Angy took the train to SF and had many good talks on the way

New Trust was the first band and they were really good, the drummer was amazing
someone in the crowd asked if the lead singer could move out of the way so she could
see the drummer and everyone was like OOOoooOOOO which was funny

the second band was Thought Riot
as the lead singer was setting up, a little asian girl pushed through the crowd and
said "hey mr. could you sign this?" while holding up a Tsunami Bomb CD
and he said "I'm sorry lil girl I'm not in TB." and she said "OH" and just ran away
I felt bad for the guy but it wwas so funny
we were the closest to the stage so the singers spit and sweat got all over me
and his mic chord kept hitting me

then Tsunami Bomb was up and was amazing we were at the very front
and center so Agent M was in our facces
the crowd was going crazy and then Agent M held the mic to Kt then to me to sing!
she didn't do that to anyone else the entire night it was awsome
some crowd surfers kicked me in the head and
this drunk/high girl next to me and Kt would'nt stop hitting on us
she even asked for Kt's number so I pretended to be Kt's girlfriend hahaha
it was an awsome night

current mood: happy
2~WeePinG WounDs |~SouL MaTeS NeVeR DiE~
Saturday, July 10th, 2004

current mood: excited
1~WeePinG WounD |~SouL MaTeS NeVeR DiE~
Thursday, July 8th, 2004
11:40 am - ahh terribly appropriate song lyrics
from the way that you acted
to the way that I felt it
It wasn't worth my time
and now it's sad cause all I missed
wasn't that good to begin with
and now that I've started you begging
saying things that you don't mean
it isn't worth my time
Goodbye to you, goodbye to you
you're taking up my time
I'm about to see a million things
I thought I'd never see before and I
I'm about to do all of the things
I've dreamed of and
I don't even miss you at all

well this time I'm not going to watch myself die
I think I made it a game to play your game
and let myself cry
I buried myself alive on the inside
so I could shut you out
and let you go away for a long time
I guess it's better you trapped yourself in your own way
and if you want me back
you're gonna have to ask
nicer than that
I think the chain broke away
and I felt it the day that I had my own time
with my foot on your neck
I finally have you
right where I want you
1~WeePinG WounD |~SouL MaTeS NeVeR DiE~
Sunday, July 4th, 2004
11:59 pm
oooooo one thing I wanted to add
KT D, KT B, & me had a girl's day of the beach
it was soooo fucking funny
we drove to Santa Cruz and made alil fire
KT B went to go look for firewood and found a crucifix hahaha
she carried it over and I said she looked like Jesus
and she was like "look at me I'm falling for the first time!"
it was soo funny b/c when she put the cross on the fire,
a piece of glass cut her foot and blood went everywhere
she was like "damn it Jesus is cursing me!"
I almost died
we all sat on a log and ate food which was nice
KT D couldn't stop laughing for some reason...
but that was stilll funnny cause we didn't know why she was laughing
<3 klingy
I bought them all curly fries and wee had a great day =)

KT... aka JESUS

the BLOODY foot of JESUS

aww heehee
~SouL MaTeS NeVeR DiE~
Tuesday, June 29th, 2004
1:09 am
wow today was long but interesting
me, kt davi, and kt burns hung out all day
we had good bonding time
we had many revelations and are now enlightened haha
I really realized who my true friends are and I'm soo much happier now

current mood: bouncy
2~WeePinG WounDs |~SouL MaTeS NeVeR DiE~
Monday, June 28th, 2004
9:28 am
so yeah, going to england/scottland
with Angy was really awsome
we had fun and it was cute seeing my grandma
it was nice showing him where I grew up
I also had good times with Hananah

on Sat me,John,Angy,and Joey all went to the beach
it was hot and lots of fun toooo

~SouL MaTeS NeVeR DiE~
Saturday, June 5th, 2004
11:41 pm

Angy and me areee leavinggg forr Scotland and England nowwww
<3 everrrryoneeee we'll miss youuuu

2~WeePinG WounDs |~SouL MaTeS NeVeR DiE~
Tuesday, June 1st, 2004
10:28 am
last night everyone got wasted (including my parents) and were puking till 3 in the morning
everyone except me was wasted
so I was cleaner lady for like the 5th time

"Kevin, are you eating black people?"
--My drunk mum

"Go with the flow...of the wind...*fart*"
--Carrie's drunk mum

"Charlotte, do you have a special song in your heart?"
--Carrie's drunk mum

My mum: "Kevin you have a coat hanger still in your shirt!"
Kevin: " I don't?"
My mum: "OOHHHH buuttt youu DOOOOO!!!"

"Carrie why don't you come here for some cuddle time?"
--My drunk pedophile dad
~SouL MaTeS NeVeR DiE~
Tuesday, May 25th, 2004
9:06 pm - YAYYYY
charlotte is a radioactive squirrel!!


~SouL MaTeS NeVeR DiE~
Sunday, May 23rd, 2004
1:09 am
2~WeePinG WounDs |~SouL MaTeS NeVeR DiE~
Thursday, May 20th, 2004
9:58 pm
after school today Oakly visited me for bonding time
I had a goood time and we had good talks
thanks for visiting me!
then the lovely kt davi came over
and we painted for like 4 hours
god she helps me sooo mucchhh and makes me sane and helps me to see
I woulda died without her thanksss sooo much too


1~WeePinG WounD |~SouL MaTeS NeVeR DiE~
Monday, May 17th, 2004
11:14 pm
you had all of them on your side, didn't you?
you believe in all your lies, didn't you?
the ruiner's got a lot to prove
she's got nothing to lose and now she made you believe
the raping of the innocent you know the ruiner ruins everything she sees
now the only pure thing left in my fucking world is wearing your disease
you had to covet what was mine, didn't you?
the ruiner's a collector she's an infector
maybe there will come a day when those that you keep blind will suddenly
maybe it's a part of me you took to a place I hoped it would never go
and maybe that fucked me up so much more than you'll ever know
what you gave to me
my perfect ring of scars
you know I can see what you really are
you didn't hurt me nothing can hurt me
you didn't hurt me nothing can stop me now
1~WeePinG WounD |~SouL MaTeS NeVeR DiE~
Wednesday, May 5th, 2004
6:24 pm
yesterday me and kt went to 711
and you'll never guess who we ran into!!!

...heehee that rhymed
3~WeePinG WounDs |~SouL MaTeS NeVeR DiE~
Sunday, April 25th, 2004
4:54 pm
well prom was awsome
I felt loved
the limo that the Higgins got for us was awsommmmeee
and we went to santana row for alil appetizer
and then at prom we ate again
and danced alll night
the dj was actully good compared to previous dances
like 50% of the music was rock which never happens
the guys looked cutte in the suitttsss
and the best part was we were all eating dinner
and I go and sit on Stef
and the chair broke! we went crashing to the floor and 200 people saww
it was soooooo funnny
and thenn afteer prom the limo drove us to Denny's at like 2
I was surprised soo many people eat at Denny's at two in the morning
we ate tooo much
SO yeah, it was a great time...
1~WeePinG WounD |~SouL MaTeS NeVeR DiE~
1:20 pm
I was looking through all my pics and found old pics I was bored so I put them in here:

This is Angus trying to surf my boggy board in my pool:

WOO my old carrrrr and I hadd blackk hairrr :

Me and Ryan in Hawwii:
~SouL MaTeS NeVeR DiE~
Wednesday, April 21st, 2004
2:17 pm
poo break is overrrr *death*
I had alot of funnnn
the last few days were greattt
went to the beach
and had a SLEEP OVER with ANGUS,John,Oakly,
Christina, and Stefie...all in a big tent outside
it was awsome...haha truth or dare is SO 8th grade
annnnd now I have a research paper to write allll tonight.
1~WeePinG WounD |~SouL MaTeS NeVeR DiE~
Sunday, April 11th, 2004
11:32 pm
my knife it's sharp and chrome
come see inside my bones
all of the fiends are on the block
I'm the new king
I taste the queen
in here we are all anemic
in here anemic and sweet
so go get your knife
and come in
so go get your knife
and lay down
so go get your knife now kiss me
I can float here forever
in this room we can't touch
the floor in here
we're all anemic
in here anemic and sweet so

current mood: depressed
3~WeePinG WounDs |~SouL MaTeS NeVeR DiE~

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