oh, you and your.. personality.   
08:08pm 14/08/2005
mood: superior!!
music: .. Spy Kids?! Wtf?!
Today is the first time quite some time that I can remember the concept of "imaginary friends" crossing my mind. If I weren't just so goddamn cool, maybe I'd allow myself to indulge in such a world. (*dances around with the word "Sarcasm" stamped across her forehead*)

So, I believe Margaret Atwood can call herself a good author now - she has offically affected me on a personal level. She has convinced me that my last name will become a roadblock and I must change it.
"If she were to discover a country which had never been discovered before (and she fully intended to do this sometime), she would of course name it after herself. There already was a Greenland, which wasn't at all the sort of place she had in mind."
Now, what shall I change it to?
I'm open to suggestions, you imaginary friends of mine!
Maybe my last name(s) should be "The Stargate".
Or "Hell"!

Oh yeah, and I was blessed today.
I'm still kind of reeling over that event in my head.
Four KIDS show up at the monestary door seven minutes late without a clue in the world.
I almost sat on a V.I.P's pillow.
I almost approached the hmm.. "blesser", maybe?.... without an offering...
Almost was the word of the day.
I almost *thought* about pushing someone in front of a car.
Down a waterfall.
Onto jagged rocks.
Anywho... I am ashamed now that the thought crossed my mind that the Buddhists may have beat the shit out of us. They were such nice people..<3

Now I'm all.. blessed and stuff.