08:05pm 21/08/2005
music: Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer
How 16-ish have I been lately? Staying out late, passing MY DRIVERS TEST, making out (in the park, in a movie theater!), sleeping in until 10am! Seesh. 'Tis quite exhausting.
I've got a calender engraved in my brain right now... so many days to keep track of.
Sarah, Gena and I are getting married soon.
Soon because Sarah leaves soon.
And apparently Caleb turned 17 without me knowing it, so we're all celebrating on Friday.
Elisia starts work with me soon... if that weren't the case, I would have taken the entire week off.
Everything is happening RIGHT now.
White Stripes in a couple weeks!?!!
SOAD + Mars Volta... a MONTH!?!!
And supposedly there will be a Wiggles concert in there somewhere... Addy's turning 2:)

This is what I will dub hecticity.
oh, you and your.. personality.   
08:08pm 14/08/2005
mood: superior!!
music: .. Spy Kids?! Wtf?!
Today is the first time quite some time that I can remember the concept of "imaginary friends" crossing my mind. If I weren't just so goddamn cool, maybe I'd allow myself to indulge in such a world. (*dances around with the word "Sarcasm" stamped across her forehead*)

So, I believe Margaret Atwood can call herself a good author now - she has offically affected me on a personal level. She has convinced me that my last name will become a roadblock and I must change it.
"If she were to discover a country which had never been discovered before (and she fully intended to do this sometime), she would of course name it after herself. There already was a Greenland, which wasn't at all the sort of place she had in mind."
Now, what shall I change it to?
I'm open to suggestions, you imaginary friends of mine!
Maybe my last name(s) should be "The Stargate".
Or "Hell"!

Oh yeah, and I was blessed today.
I'm still kind of reeling over that event in my head.
Four KIDS show up at the monestary door seven minutes late without a clue in the world.
I almost sat on a V.I.P's pillow.
I almost approached the hmm.. "blesser", maybe?.... without an offering...
Almost was the word of the day.
I almost *thought* about pushing someone in front of a car.
Down a waterfall.
Onto jagged rocks.
Anywho... I am ashamed now that the thought crossed my mind that the Buddhists may have beat the shit out of us. They were such nice people..<3

Now I'm all.. blessed and stuff.
and the uhms fade into ohs   
06:30pm 03/08/2005
  The noise isn't intentional.
Did you break down the dam inside me that used to hide the "mmm"s and "aaah"s?
Or did you plant some kind of seed inside that has sprouted?

Grocery shopping would be fun with you.
Doing laundry with you would be a dream.

Washing -our- sheets.
Buying -our- food.

I don't need you. But I am totally in like with you.
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