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Iiiim BAAACK [17 Aug 2005|10:58pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Well, its been FOREVER since I wrote in here. I know I know im not very good about it. So whats happened since December 10th? Lets see, stopped talkin to Jenna for good!! Finally! Every time we talked, my bad memories with her gained a little more ground on the good, so it was definately time to stop before all I had was bad memories. I've had a hell of a 8 months! Partied too much, worked too little, but I've since then straigthened out my ways, since school starts again in less then 2 weeks, and then im done! I dated Stephanie during the first part of the summer, had a lot of great times, but I'm afraid I've been through too much shit to be in a relationship right now, but we're still friends and Im very happy about that. Went to Warped Tour and a 3 Doors Down Concert, both rocked. Got a new(to me) car(Honda Accord), n love it(tons)! Getting slightly stressed about finding a 3rd roommate. Been reading a lot of books.

I guess I still have a lot of soul searching to find myself, and when I do finally find me, I will be sure not to misplace me again. If only I weren't such a good hider! Thank you to all my friends who have not failed in being friendly, except momentary lapses, in which case I'll forgive you once you kiss my feet.

And one thing I ask of you God! Bring peace on Earth! If you still have time when you're done, bring me fullfilment and complete happiness:-).

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Sad sad and stressful day [10 Dec 2004|01:57am]
[ mood | drained ]

Okay, I haven't written in here in a long time. No one is going to want to read this, but im not sure if anyone reads them anymore anyways, so its okay, Im not boring anyone. Today my ex's mom msged me, and we talked for a while, which was nice cuz I always thought the higest of her, and miss her, but it made me think of my ex, and that has become a very bad thing, as I get very depressed. I sat in front of my computer for 2 hours flipping through like 20 different pictures, just looking at one picture after the other, trying to remember how it felt to have her hands in mine. I've come to the realization that we will never be together again, no how matter how much I wanted it so, and this realization has made it slightly easier on me, but some days it just bites me right from the inside of my heart. I don't think I will ever truly stop wishing things had been different, but I am trying so hard to move on. I try not to think about her too often, but every now and then something reminds me too much of her, or a picture will fall out from somewhere, and a feeling hits me like a brick in the head, how much my life has changed, wondering how someone could go from being so completely in love and completely envious of myself, to just being satisfied and forgettint how it feels to have someone at the other side of your thoughts, thinking about me as much as I thought about her. Well, I hope no one reads this, if you do don't message me about it. I just want to bury it all.

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Elections [03 Nov 2004|02:22pm]
[ mood | worried ]

Okay, so Bush won with a little over 50% of the vote...although I believe Kerry would have done a better job, over 50% of the USA isn't stupid, and I dont think George Bush is a fucking moron. Alot of things won't go the way I wanted, but I believe Bush wants to make this country better and hopefully he will. I disagree with alot of things he does, as does most of the world, but I believe if he does anything totally stupid, he will realize it and correct it, or if not, the people will and he will not be in office for long. Good luck Bush, please don't fuck up my country.

Now on to things I am even more disappointed on, even disgusted.... What was it, eleven States that decided to put a ban on gay-marriage??????? WHAT THE HELL is going on, you stupid religious idiots(yes I am religious, but not an idiot), have you heard of the seperation of Church and State, first off, or how about taking a little read into the Constitution, all people created equal? I don't ask anyone to attend a gay marriage, or to even in their minds approve of gays, but it is not your choice how other people choose to live their lives, you stupid fucking morons. If you voted on banning gay marriage, I think you should take a second and look at our past in the USA. Was slavery correct; was it right to treat African Americans the way we did simply because God(or evolution) made the color of their skin different? If you answer yes, Im quite suprised you are not too ignorant to even be able to read this post... Now I argue, in a sense being gay is no different then being black, or white, or asian, or hispanic(WOOT), or being christian or muslim, or short or fat, but the USA does not put up with discrimination here.... Some argue, 'well, being gay is a choice'...... Maybe again you should educate yourself, read some of the studies that have been done, say by Freud, who showed that gay people who underwent therapy of some sort or another most often did not all of a sudden turn straight. BUT, even if being gay was a choice, what is wrong with choosing to be gay? I choose to not eat onions, should I be out cast? I am quite ashamed to be an American today, a country where we are 'free' from opression, from tyranny... On a final note, many who hate gay people do so not exactly because they hate that other people are gay, but that they have had gay thoughts or tendencies, and are totally freaked out by this and therefore project their hate for this in themselves on other people. If you voted to ban gay marriage, you are either extremely ignorant and closed minded, or you....... nevermind, you're ignorant.


P.S. To all you grammar freaks, hehe(Katie, Katherine, etc), I only waste time with getting my grammar correct when it matters, so HERE'S 2 ya!!! I hate grammEr A LOT A LOT A LOT!!

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What the hell? [04 Sep 2004|05:57pm]
Soo i've been trying to figure out how something that seemed to be so good, just sort of totally falls apart. Everything will just be going swell, and then one day it starts to fall apart, and from there it deteriorates into nothing, and all of this right under your nose, yet you do not understand what the hell is going on.. Sort of makes you weary of anything 'good'. Always in fear that the shit will hit the fan. Anyways I suppose all you can do is forget about it, and move on. No matter how good it was, sometimes trying to salvage it is futile, as is often learned the hard way... So, it was very good while it lasted, but I guess there is nothing I can do about it now, so cheerio.
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YEEE [17 Aug 2004|12:33am]
[ mood | satisfied ]

This weekend was one of the greatest in a long time!! Started Thursday night where I went to a party and had a kick ass time. Painted my passed out buddies face and had alotta funny ass convos, and of course got drunk off my assie. Work went by quickly friday, and I went to pick up my friend. That night we went to the East Lansing Folk Festival, which was tons of fun. Hott girls all over the place, heard some carribean, celtic and other music, was SOO much fun. I dont remember if I got any pictures of that or not. Then Sunday my friend and I went to WARPED TOUR, which was SUCH an insanely AWESOME concert. Watched New Found Glory, Good Charlotte, Sugarcult, Taking Back Sunday, Anti Flag, Flogging Molly, Yellow Card, Story of the Year, and many more... Crowd surfing was AWESOME, did some mashing a few times, FUUN! Was usually right up in the front of the crowd, with no room to move and fighting to stand up the whole time, and passing on crowd surfers every 5 seconds, getting kicked in the back of the head. Intense adrenalin pumped through me as I fucking rocked like there was no tomorrow. By the end of the show my whole body was exhausted, and we topped off the day with some Hungry Howies pizza on the drive back. AND no stupid girls to complicate shit, just me and my buddy!! :-P, just playin girls. Anyways, this isnt a funny post because I had to share my great weekend. Check my online journal periodically, pictures should be posted eventually.

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Trippy [10 Aug 2004|06:54pm]
[ mood | drunk ]
[ music | You cant have me back ]

Yooo whats up foolishios! So I drove 14 hours to Massachusets this weekend, 14 hours back. I will now recount my epic, heroic tale, and you will spread the story through word over the generations until I become a legend, or more of one I should say.

Okay, so I get up at 5:45am, take a shower, eat some breakfast, and go to that supermarket on Harrison and Trowbridge to buy a disposable camera. And them im off, on 69, toward Flint and past it to Canadia, the land of the wannabe Americans with detatchable head tops. Got in and out no prob, got to Niagra Falls, where I went to visit the falls. I've never been there alone and had the opportunity to search around, theres a street on there SOO full of attractions, it was awesome, and all on a hill San Francisco style. This hott chick was staring at me quite intently, but I decided it would be pointless to talk to her, so we just stare flirted. Her body was like a canister of fuel for me in my tired, weakened state. Anyways, then I left and got in a minor jam crossing over to New York, where I spotted this MILF with SUCHA fine ass, and her husband looked like a swollen up dog ass, it was very sad to see her waste her beauty on such a pile of moldy horse vomit. Anyways, game on, crossed the bridge to New York, where for about 3 hours I traveled with 2 cars, we swerved in and out weeving through traffic together. I got off at a rest stop and lost my lovers. So, with my heart broken, I forged the strength to continue on. Fueled by coffee and blind with sorrow, I began to drive, well.......I was in New York, and well, when in Rome... So I guess I pissed some people off: One man, probably Sicilian in his 60s, as I passed him started to wave his hands in a crazed rage at me, and at this sight all I could do is laugh like mad and wave to the silly man. As the dust settled from me blowing past him, I saw he had not composed himself and was screaming and shaking his head, as he became but a dot in my mirror. Later on, down the road a few hundred miles or so, I came across another man towing a large boat. I was in the right lane driving responsibly as far as I could tell, when the this truck laid his horn down for about a whole minute as I passed him. But there was a slow car infront of me, so I slowed down, moved over two lanes to the left lane, and passed the truck on the left, where I laid my horn down laughing at this new crazy New Yorker as I passed him. You could tell he was pissed as hell for some reason, and I again waved and laughed very very hard as I passed by him, when he threw a small piece of trash at my car. I continued to laugh as I pulled away into the distance.

I got to my destination successfully, ate and went to sleep, next day went to my Grandmas memorial service. My dad got up to say a few words, and he, as composed of a man as he is(if you know him you know how composed I mean), was fighting back tears and choking back weeps as he recounted tales of the past. Many other people spoke and it was a very nice memorial service. Then we took my grandmas ashes and hiked them up Mount Chocorua. The walk up was 3.8 miles of pretty steep trail, VERY VERY tiring, as my very fit cousin who is living in China led the pack in a sprint. It was SOOO beautiful and peaceful, and we buried her ashes at the same exact spot as my grandpas 7 years earlier. We reached the top, where it was SOOOOO incredibly beautiful, seeing the distant mountains and rolling land. We enjoyed the cool breeze as my uncle told us a story of hiking it one day alone and doing some dope at the top. So we walked down, drove home, ate, crashed, got up next morning and left at 7am. When I went through Canada and tried to enter the USa, I encounted a nasty 2 hour traffic jam, where I grew very impatient in the 95ยบ heat. My car kept breaking down every 5 seconds during the last 30 minutes of the jam, so I was ready to kill someone. Luckily no one fucked with me, and I got through and a few hours later got home finally. BUT I had forgotten my keys in my dads car in MA, so I called Max to see if he was home, he wasn't, he driving down here but would be 2 hours. So I went to the movies and watched Bourne Supremacy(Not even nearly as good as the 1st one), and finally came home, and we celebrated returning back home. And then the 3 hott girls from upstairs came down and laid us. And then I went to sleep. Or wait, did I go to sleep THEN the girls came down? I dont know, it may have been a dream, so thats about it, now im eating chips and drinking my Coors.


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My weekend [01 Aug 2004|11:08pm]
[ mood | relieved ]
[ music | Wayne Wonder- Anything Goes ]

So this weekend I went to Grand Haven to watch Rachel in the Miss Coast Guard pageant. She won third place!!! But I easily thought her the most talented and most beautiful, she got jipped if you ask me! It takes alot to impress me, and she did it quite well with her talent of singing/acting/tap dancing. Sadly, winning meant she was very busy and I didn't get to see her much, but I had a great time with her parents. Got nice and drunk Friday night(John, Rachel's dad, makes an AWESOME dark home brewed beer). I think Davey, their cat, has started to like me even more :-). I usually hate cats, but something about him makes me like him. Maybe its just that it's Rachels :-P.
Moved 3 things into my new apartment today, but still staying at my old one for a few days probably. I cant wait until everyone comes back to MSU. Until then all I can talk about is what has happend, as my humour is as dry as....... as dry as a very very dry thing.
Oh yes, another thing, Rachel wrote something for her platform for the pageant, and not only was it real good, it actually made me realize something. This is part of it: "If you're fat, sick, stupid, uncomfortable or unhappy, it's your own fault. You will never manipulate your environment to provide total comfort and happiness. If you want to change the world, change the part you have control over. Yourself' Made me realize that, as I have been okay lately, but not completely satisfied, I shouldn't continue to torture myself trying to make people change for me and upsetting myself when they wont, but I should be changing myself, changing my outlook on things. I need to simply move on, and let things happen as they will happen, and accept things as they come.

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[15 Jul 2004|11:22pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]
[ music | Lifehouse- Sick Cycle Carousel ]

Finally I've been heard! Nothing really has changed, but for some reason, things are looking up. I've found some new attitude hidden in me, so now life is looking pretty together! I still have no idea where anythings going, but it'll work out, and Steve is coolio now. So, now I can go back to my awesome stories.. I actually had a serious talk with someone I never thought I would with today, it was pretty weird. She actually came through as a person, not just a walking organic humanoid. Hah, nah dont get me wrong, I have nothing against this she, just shes always seemed to keep things inside herself. Even now, she changed the subject as fast as Moses through the Red Sea(Sorry, BraveHeart). Heres a joke:

Three Indian women are sitting side by side. The first, sitting on a goatskin, has a son who weighs 170 pounds. The second, sitting on a deerskin, has a son who weighs 130 pounds. The third, seated on a hippopotamus hide, weighs 300 pounds. What famous theorum does this illustrate?...............
Naturally, the answer is that the squaw on the hippopotamus is equal to the sons of the squaws on the other two hides.

Hah, sorry, couldn't resist, its the nerd in me. So I met this dude the other night at a party, well didnt really meet him, but I was there, he was there, and I looked at him like a few times, and he looked at me deeply in the eyes, we had this sort of connection....... nooo thats not what happened, he was quite, real quite. Then when he was leaving, he said 'Well, it was(talking while laughing) really great meeting you guys, illlll see ya later(again said while laughing gently). I was so confused, it was like the first thing he had said the whole night, and his gentle jolly laugh and good bye made me feel like I had known him all my life, and that I would see him again, and that we would go flex our necks looking at girls together some time. But no, he was an imposter. I actually tripped him on his way past me, I was drunk and it pissed me off that he was playing with my mind. I played it off as if it was an accident, but I am evil, it was on purpose. No, that didnt happen either.

Sometimes my mind goes off while im doing something, and I've just realized trying to fight with my mind is pointless, so I'll let it have its way. Theres a white paper plate laying against my brown shoe and it should probably be picked up. I wonder if next year is going to be fun. I hate wires. Man, I wish I was in Costa Rica, like my parents and sister.... I wonder what that one girl is up to(I know the name, just refuse to share it with you:-P). If I was in the desert and could have 1 thing, I'd have a watermelon, because its a food and a drink at the same time. I think I've actually finally gotten over something! Its so exciting! Gosh, this is too long, I think ill shut up

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Tired [07 Jul 2004|12:21am]
[ mood | weird ]

I've been bitching alot lately........I dont want to break my trend. So much in my life seems so unsure right now. Its so hard to not know what tomorrow has in store for you. Of course, no one ever does, but they usually have some safety net to fall into. I know I have one, but it seems so thin right now. There are just so many forks in my life path right now, how can I possibly not stray from the correct path? Thanks to those who have been my light in the dark woods though, my safety net. You may not know you are, but alot of the most important things in life go unknown. Hopefully things will straigthen out sooner or later. Pretend like I'm talking to you, and pretend like I say the most thoughtful, perfect thing anyones ever said to you. Or if you lost your imagination, ask me, and maybe you'll just hear it.

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My temporary bliss [06 Jul 2004|12:21am]
A perfect moment
Like silk to my touch
Her skin rising in reply

A soft pleasant smell
Taken in long and deep
Total complete bliss

Her perfect body
Flawless and tanned
Amazingly beyond compare

One gentle kiss
Rested on her center back
Taste sweeter then any nectar

The room serene
Paradisiacal relaxation
Only broken by soft moans

But moments pass
And reality returns
And alone again I become
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Poem [23 Jun 2004|11:12pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | Total Tranquility ]

I lived a life so good and high,
Full content shone in my eye,
And then one day it went awry,
Now my smile is but a lie

At night I dream of times gone by,
Laid with her neath twilight sky,
And as I stir and life draws nigh,
To my babe, with tears cry bye

In love no more I can rely,
My mystic heart has run to dry,
I sit in pain let out a sigh,
And wait alone till day I die.

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Summer [14 Jun 2004|02:59pm]
[ mood | discontent ]
[ music | Some song on some station on this black radio ]

[Edited and cut out a potion because I no longer feel like being mean, if you read it already, please report to me in 1400, and I will wipe that portion of your memory clean, and insert in its place an image of me doing the tango].

My supervisor is a hottie:-). Too bad shes 28 or so and married, but she still wants me of course, just like you do probably, cuz im dead sexy. Actually im at work right now, SOO bored! My main computer crashed so I cant do much... Roses really smell like poo ooooo. Did you notice girl rhymes with hurl? And chick with sick, female and fail, bitch with bitch! No coincidences here! I kid I kid, or DO I? Anyways im too bored and tired to even be entertaining right now, so im done, peace in the middle east!

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Bad day [23 May 2004|09:36pm]
[ mood | discontent ]
[ music | None ]

Bad bad day today, bad day today. Today sucks, and that will be what this journal will consist of. Me bitching, about this bad bad day, because it is a bad bad day. It should never have existed, the whole day should be deleted from time. A bad day it was, such horrid things you wouldn't ever want to imagine. Badness to the bone! Yesterday was good though.. Actually its not THAT bad, like 'bad bad', but it is kinda shitty. Yea, its bad. Shitty, not bad bad, but not good.

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:'( [01 Apr 2004|11:01am]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | Phil Collins- Cant Stop Loving You ]


So I have so much to talk about, and no one to tell it to. I just need to get some of it out. I've learned of something that makes me so incredibly sad, and soooo incredibly mad. I might have broken the paper towel dispenser in the EB last night hehe.. Why must bad things happen to good people? I pray to God to next time let the bad things happen to me, and spare my friends and family from the torment. Im not typing this to make you guys curious, and entice you to ask, I just needed to get some stuff out, and couldn't do it alone. Please dont ask me what this is about, because it is not my place to tell anyone, and I wont. What I do ask is that if you pray, to pray for whatever this thing is about.

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Out of tact [22 Mar 2004|06:59pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | O.A.R.- That Was A Crazy Game Of Poker ]

Rough times, turbulent events, unrest in the gloomy darkness, an emptying of my essence, deep internal turmoil, and other bad stuff. That itself would be enough for this journal entry, but I cannot leave my audiance in such a foul mood, as I am sure it has left you all. Something troubling arose in the last few days, but I do believe it might turn out well, although all is still unsure, and very fragile. Ha, you poor people, few of you know what im blabbing about, MWAHAHA(THAT is a CORRECT evil laugh). I bet you miss me, and wonder what has happened to me, worried, staying up late at night with thoughts going crazy, what has happened to our beloved Steve. Let me tell you. Okay so since last, what has happened, some fun bar nights with me friends, who I shall again neglect to mention due to the fragility of my followers, groupies. I was in no way directly refering to the bar nights with Andrew, or Christine, or Scotty. Anyways they were the typical bar nights, men dressed in kilts, slamming green beers, apparently wearing thongs(I requested to not be proven this fact), being called an asshole for stealing some guys chat gals, scoring big at cricket(yep), eating popcorn with my wife, stumbling about a mile to my 'friends'(:-P) place to crash the night, and waking up the next morning at 7am to move my car. Great times. This weekend was interesting(i'd use italics if I could, which you probably can iwthh HTML but oh well). Had its downs(very down downs), and it ups, met some really cool people, and some really umm umm, some really ummmm, some other people, but that is to be discussed at a 1st come 1st serve basis(jp). Oh it has come to my attention that some girls take their shirts off when chugging from a beer bong, and drink in their bra, so I will now go buy a beer bong,

Be fruitful and multiply,


P.S. That fuc*er has you whipped!

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This is so messed up [01 Mar 2004|06:54pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Brand New- Sic Transit Gloria ]

Yo me,

Whats up? Nada y tu? Cool beans. Yea! Sooooooo what is NEW with me? Yay, finally warming up, went for a run after a long winter of no running, my legs are SORE, then worked out next day and so the rest of my body is sore too, im a big sore now. I have a confession. A pizza place I will not mention, had their door held open by a HUGE can of refried beans the other day when I went to get pizza with one of my buddies. Guess what we did!? We found a rock and put it in front of the door, then oh so gracefully I snagged the can of beans lol. The moral of the story, dont fuck with me or i'll steal your refried beans! How'd they F with me you might ask? They didnt give me my pizza for free, plus there were no hott girls working! Thats all the reason I need! I am so crazy dangerous, be careful around me, keep your friends close by, your enemies closer, and can of refried beans EVEN closer! Mean while, Im killing a part of me, drowning it out. Well my mind just drifted, so my journal will drift with it. I wish I was in some beautiful tropical beach, with only a handful of people sharing its beauty with me. With watermelon and hamburgers cookin on a grill. Did I mention theres naked hott girls walking around? Probably not because they are all clothed:). I just bit my fingernails, HAHA to you! Fingernail clippers are for the weak! Im about pooped of this journal for now, because Chunky soup calls my name, and junk. Ten dollars(not guranteed) to the person who leaves the funniest comment!


P.S. I want to be 5 again

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Hehehuuuhu [18 Feb 2004|12:47pm]
[ mood | geeky ]
[ music | Flogging Molly- Saltydog ]

Once again i've kept my loyal fans anxiously awaiting my return, me bad. Thats all I have to say about that.. So WHATS NEW Steveorino you might inquire!? Well I've been really busy lately, working alot, sleeping little, having the time of my life yay. First I will refer to some of my loyal fans as to pay them tribute for their loyalty, which has made me arise to my current standing of greatness and utter fame. In alphabetical order of my regular readers, actually I changed my mind, no references to you, sorry, I wanna talk about myself. So I have discovered a new exciting game, sadly its on the worlds dumbest system, Game Cube. But Pikmin is fun, 'weee'. Now you're saying okay Steve get funny or i'll stop reading you, you stupid punk ass bitch. Chill the hell out, I have to get in the mood. Okay now I'll start complaining about dumb stuff, :-). First off, my W2s for my taxes. Im waiting on one of them from my job at Polo, get your act together, im in college and need money! I had a dream that I killed Ralph Lauren last night. I wont go into detail. I took a knife and gauged his left eye out, cutting the optic nerve with the dull blade, then putting lemon juice in his eye socket. When he begged for mercy, I stapled one of my polo shirts I wore as a uniform to his ass, and then I watched as he bled to death. Actually im not that messed up, I just made that up, get me my W2s Polo. On to my next, and last complain due to the length of my journal so far. If your name is Barbara, change it, because she is the most annoying lady in the world. No Barbara I dont want to see what you've worked on for the last hour, because I basically want to get my stuff done, and could definately not care less about your work. Yes you're nice, and since im nice I act nice to you, but underneath it all, you are a boring boring lady, and you are like 35, and you should not be flirting with me. You also need to comb your hair, and learn to dress. And im smarter then you, so I really dont need to 'learn from your mistakes'. Okay my friends, im done,


P.S. To any of you who are feeling sick or have sinus infections, may you get better in haste. To those whose initials are RKB, You are Really Killer da Bomb. If you have red hair and went to high school with me, be happy, but remember to factor in the initial lie period. To those who give me fun drunk calls and write sweet lyrics, I expect you to write again and party with me. And for the rest of you, eat my shorts.

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Daareeams [03 Feb 2004|12:43pm]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]
[ music | Mae- This Time is the Last Time ]

I had quite the odd dream the other night: My teeth were falling out, one after another. My bro's girlfriend said that usually means you're stressed, so I need someone to volunteer to give me a massage:). Then LAST night I had a dream about being in World War II. I was kicking some ass, and was in a trench that I jumped in to get more ammo, and some fuckers killed all my compadres from a balcony, and there were Germans all over so I pretended to be dead, then when they were all doin something else, then I got my ass up and booked toward friendly lines, where I stabbed a few assholes nazis in the back with my bayonet. Scary thing is I wasn't scared, it was really fun... scary the mind of a man is. I finally got a decent amount of sleep feels so good, last 3 nights before last night I had gotten about 5 hours or less a night. Ohh you want something funny, okay. Well we learned that Freud defines sex as pleasure in any organ... so anyone whose given or received a massage from me, has had sex with me! Im sluuuutty.. Actually if you're laughed at me before, we've had sex! You were good by the way;). No funny stories of me walking today, i'll try to produce some:).

The Stevenator

P.S. Its my hott body I do what I want
P.S.S. Comment and I'll have 'sex' with you!

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And another day of crazes [28 Jan 2004|01:36pm]
Okay so Im in a writting moodish. I was walking into my psychology class, I entered the back way, and there was a girl in front of me, who was having trouble with the door for some reason, so I helped her out and held it open for her. Then when we were walking down the hall, her still in front of me, she slipped but managed to catch herself, then slipped almost immediately again, but caught her self again. We both kinda laughed, her out of emberassment probably, and me cuz it was funny. And so she kept walking, and then went to get a drink at a water fountain. When she finished, she straightened herself, turned her neck and flung her hair back, and looking at me, she seductively said, "come stabilize baby". So I walked over to her and put my arms around her waist, where she then kissed me deeply....noooo that didnt happen..some of it happened, dont remember where reality ended and fantasizing started... Anyways then I went to class, where I continuously bowed my head and closed my eyes, praying of course, as if id sleep in class! And now im stuffing my face with doritos trying to think of something else to say.. Well this morning, I couldnt get my car out of my parking spot, but thats not quite interesting nor funny, just annoying, damn snow, if it had blood I would kill it. Dude doritos are so good. Journals are such good listeners. Say, should I eat nachos or a sandwich? ....Hello....asshole. Okay i've wasted enough of everyones time, to my loyal fans, keep in touch, you will be famous one day for reading this,

The Stevenator
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Im back [26 Jan 2004|12:52pm]
After popular demand(mainly Christine, who by the way turns 21 tomorrow!), I decided to write another journal. Okay, so I guess I'll tell you about my day, which already has lots to tell about, even though ive only been up 4 hours or so. So a very very deep secret of mine was almost revealed today, but I believe it is still safe in my closet of skeletons, atleast to the general public: my insanity. First to set the mood, I was walking to class this morning, cold as hell, and far more tired, walking across campus with nothing to do but think, and observe my surroundings. Then something I found to be quite amusing entered my field of attention, the chorus of snow crunching. People were walking everywhere, and under their feet was the noise of the snow being crushed. I theorize that the heavier people created the louder, higher-pitched crunches, as they crushed the snow quicker and deeper. Together it was a very amusing orchestra of crunching snow noises, and actually paying attention to it almost made me bust out laughing in public for no APPARENT reason. And then after my last class, outside again walking to where I would get on the bus, I encountered another funny thing. A girl was walking toward me, so I tactically decided to go left to avoid collision, but she chose to go right, and if you're smart enough to realize it, that means we both moved in the same direction, so we would have collided, but I thought quick and readjusted and went right...but she was as good a tactician as me and went left, so now we were on a collision course again. Finally I won the day and went more right, while she gave up and let me make the move. As we passed we both smiled and laughed, not because there was an attraction, just because it was quite the standoff(Although she did have quite a nice smile). That brings up what I will call smart walking(Id call it obvious walking but its apparently not too obvious). When you walk, you dont make subtle movements to avoid traffic, you make obvious overly exagerated movements to avoid collisions. If you are approaching someone, go way right or left, so they can tell you have your mind set on that side, and you wont move(which i wouldnt unless you're a girl ;) ). Anyways, onward, so then was my bus ride home. The bus was pretty full, so I made my way to the back of the bus, as did the kid behind me. So there was this kid already seated, with his feet up on an arm rest. The kid behind me had no choice but to sit on that seat with the armrest. The rude ass kid didnt even move his feet, ass.. But you think that would put me in a bad mood, you think wrong! Because I had my backpack on the seat next to me, and when I went to move it to make room for others, I noticed the kid on the other side of my backpack doing one of those looking at you through the corner of his eyes. I think thsoe are SOO funny, it was quite amusing watching him watch me, thinking I didnt see him. Anyways, thats my day so far. This journal goes out to Christine who turns 21 tomorrow, and to Ernie the can man, who has left us:(. RIP.

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