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[04 Mar 2003|04:32pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | ICP- chicken hunting ]

last time i updated was sunday, i think. well, not much has happened since then. i didn't get to go to value village because my mom fxxking blew me off. shes like ok i'll look it up i nthe phone book and stuff and so she does then she's like no im not going. i'm going out with jamie to limited too. byeeee. im like wtf! so yeah sunday i didn't leave the house. monday.. ditto. teacher work day. no one was home until 4 and of course it just so happened no one 'could' come over. i was so bored all day. didn't get out've my pajamas. ended up that rob and robbie didnt go to school either so at least i had people to talk to :] saw robbie on webcam woot woot. missed adam<3. talked with james for the first real time in like.. months. my omaha buddy :] not much else happened. as usual school was boring. laura left after 2nd period which sucked.. that meant math would be boring 4th period. in chemistry i have an 88 wooo. but i had a 91 so oh well. i saw beth this morning but then i guess she left because i didnt see her all day since which made things ever boring-er!. tucker and his new girlfriend, whatever. i dont think he knows how to be a boyfriend but hey, freshmen love, right? DUDE CAN ANYONE TELL ME IF ACNE IS CONTAGIOUS?! reply if you know.. like by kissing or something.. i know it sounds shallow but.. i need to know because.. i just do. alex sent me a text message 2 nights ago it made me feel good . "not much just chilling listening to music ::kiss:: i wish you were here right now so i actually could kiss you but next time we can go all out lol, i luv you!!!" i was like aw. then he was like "i think im the most attracted to you that ive ever been attracted to anyone".. wait did i say it right? well you get the picture. he just makes me feel good i guess. i'm talking to adam.. he's like the nicest kid ever. i just hope he wont do anything stupid.. well this is long enough. laterrz

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[02 Mar 2003|12:23pm]
[ mood | lonely ]
[ music | beat on the brat- the ramones ]

lets see. its sunday morning. well, afternoon really. no school tomarrow :] that means ill be home alone from 7-4 so come'on over <3 no really, please do. i'll be bored out of my mind. well ill update you on my weekend so far. friday i went home with beth on her bus, and of course that had to be the one time drew didnt ride the bus. we got off, and her friend alex was there. he looked good :] lol. short, just like me and he had really nice blue eyes woop woop and his hair was like in spikes all over ; yummay. lol. so we walked around his school for 5 mins and then we got picked up and me and beth went over to the mall. it was neat. then her parents drove us over to startime which is this arcade/movie theater place. we met alex there. and he all thought i looked good or something, he must need glasses. well needless to say, we ended up 'kissing' like 5+ times thru out the night. and later i felt like i was being -so- easy. i unno. so then i went back to beths and spent the night and i got dropped off in the morning. oh yeah we got kicked outta the startime place 2 times by the same cop. :\ the first time was because there was an 18under curfew of 10:00 but we didnt really know that. quote unquote. and he was like you better get outta here, curfew was 30 mins ago. then after alex left<3, beth and i had to go thru the arcade to get to the car. so we walked all fast through there and the cop like blocked the path and he was like didnt i kick you guys out an hour ago?! and were like uhh.. she needed to get a drink from the movie part and hes like you better get out or else blah blah and he followed us out. BUT ANYWAY, the next morning, which was yesterday morning, this girl stephanie was like alex says he really likes you and ill bet you $5 he'll ask you out and im like no way so we bet and so far im winning. lol. she keeps saying he will but he won'tttt. lol. anyways, me and drew were talking about "doing it". ahah it was funny stuff. i'm his ho and he's my pimp. i was like how about in a parking lot and hes like no it will give me road-burn so im like okay.. on the grass? and he's like yes! it's better for pushing@! you dont mind grass stains do you ? ahaha i was cracking up. then he was like you got my horny and im like woo woo. lol. iunno ive never seen that side of him. lol. so like iunnnnnnno. im going to value village today! woo woo its a cool thrift-store ish place. oh yeah one more thing..Adam. he told me yesterday that nikki and her boyfriend broke up and he's maybe going to try to go after her.. again. sxxt, i felt so stupid when he said that actually thinking that i had a chance or something. i just hated the way he said it to me like that. it made me feel like sxxt. but its alright im over it. not like he lives anywhere near me anyways. wow this has become very long. maybe ill stop. laterrz

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first entry. [27 Feb 2003|08:51pm]
[ mood | lonely ]
[ music | misfits - last caress ]

wow. this is my first entry post thing. how amazing. i always seem to make these journals, but never ever write more than like 5 things in them without abandoning them. i'ma try to beat my record woot. wow this'll be fun. first entry and all i do is bitch. mister rogers died yesterday/this morning and its fruckin sad. i grew up on that show. death scares me so much. i cry. its fruckin scary. fear of the unknown i guess. anyways. school sucked. i sat next to drew in the black history assembly thing. because we both had the third one. all his friends were sitting with him so it was weird. i sat on one side while his little chinese punk friend sat on the other. i dont know what it is about him that i like. i dont know. anyways. nothing much to write. people suck. especially my dad. i wish he'd disappear forever. i dont care. the few friends i have at school arent much of friends at all. yeah theyre nice and all, but i mean, when you really need them, will they be there? and i ask myself that always, and the answer i find is no. i dont get it. im so nice to everyone, its not like i act a bitch or anything, i do things for people and im there for them. but when i need it? nope. not at all. i guess its just something ill never figure out. well.. tomarrow i actually have plans for once. im going home with beth, who rides the same bus as drew so thats neat i guess. then were going to go by the mall, then to the movies and meet up with her good friend alex so supposedly thinks i look good. then im going back to her house and sleeping there. thats all. g'night.

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